Luis Suarez's Dad Played For Liverpool!
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Luis Suarez's Dad played for the redshite y'now?

Did he?

No, Doddy!

Sid, Lydiate (Sydiate)



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Comments about Luis Suarez's Dad Played For Liverpool!
empty fuckin cabinet 9 league titles 4th highest in english football 5 fa cups wouldnt call it empty somehow now f--k o-- back to norway
jay , runcorn, 4:42 PM 6/12/2013
Henrik, Sweden - L - Lifeless F - Fuckin C - Club At least we look at websites of our own team, get a life. Although as barry shite's second comment at number 11 pointed out, thats probably very difficult when all you have to do all day is pick your arse. Maybe it should be L - Limp F - Feable C - Cunts
Bored, Work, 12:21 PM 5/12/2013
must be hard for henrik though in a freezin cold, overpriced country stuck in his ikea clad log cabin with matching liverpool fc curtains and couch cushions watchin his beloved shite on his 17 inch portable tv in his liverpool fc onesy, no wonder they come on here tryin to wind us up because most of them being from scandanavia havent got anythin else to do other than picking there arses and sniffing the shite similar to who they support, fuck off the citys all ours ,,,,,moyesys face yesterday btw as well
barry shite, liverpool, 8:26 AM 5/12/2013
Tell you what Henrik ... Come back and talk to me, when you've got an L in your postcode!
njr1330, Liverpool , 3:22 AM 5/12/2013
Lovin' barry shite's comment!!! COYB
Gary, Wirral, 12:38 AM 5/12/2013
How tickled I am. Doddy,Tarbuck,and now John Bishop, so glad none of them are Toffee's.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:05 PM 4/12/2013
look a kopite from Scandinavia called Henrik. There's a fuckin first
barry shite, liverpool, 6:02 PM 4/12/2013
Henrik, 3, what you doin on here eh? Come to have a look at what genuine fans talk about? Shove your viking horns up your arse and fuck off!
Spud, Liverpool, 5:35 PM 4/12/2013
The Daily Mash have a classic piece on the RS at Hull:
Jim, London, 1:29 PM 4/12/2013
Ha Ha Ha Ha Absolutely Hilarious!!!
Ezza, Derby, 12:33 PM 4/12/2013
E - Empty F - Fuckin´ C - Cabinet
Henrik, Sweden, 9:51 AM 4/12/2013
Oh look! Another bucked toothed comedian in a Liverpool shirt.
Terry, Widnes, 9:40 AM 4/12/2013
PMSL!!! Nearly spat my brew all over!!! Genius!! COYB!!
Phil Dicky, Preston, 9:05 AM 4/12/2013
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