Moyesy Lost The Plot?
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Has Moyesy lost the plot at Manure already?

Roy, Allerton 

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Comments about Moyesy Lost The Plot?
This is an Everton site, so why do we care about Man U and their problems. Moyes has gone to pastures new, so let's concentrate on our own club.
JH, Wirral, 5:55 PM 29/07/2013
Why all the chat about Moyes, he's gone so get over it and support Robbo.
Sammy, Maupertuis, France, 2:54 PM 29/07/2013
Mr Moyes wanted to move onwards and upwards. He's Man Utd's manager now. He had his day with the supporters and now he's gone. Martinez is our manager, let's just get behind him and leave Ginger Dave to the mercy of the Mancs.
200mpg, Southport, 11:57 AM 29/07/2013
Moyes stopped us losing matches and proceeded to get a team paying about the 8th highest wages in the league to finish on average 6-8th every season. He admitted himself that he played 'not to lose' on many occasions and, notoriously, pondered whether Everton were a 'half-season squad' last term. Stunning revelation seeing it was almost entirely his squad. Moyes was a decent manager...better than O'Neil, Pardew, Redknapp and that vague peer group of British managers. Never going to be a good or great manager though...and had nothing left to offer us. He had his ovation off us, gratitude was shown where it was deserved and now we can be pleased he's gone.
Jonesy, England, 10:36 AM 29/07/2013
He was great for Everton but in his own words he's gone on to "bigger things", forget about him. If I see any more stories about him on this site, other than us stuffing Man U and him getting a cob on, I'm switching off for good.
AJ1878, Liverpool, 11:07 PM 28/07/2013
Who cares? He left like Rooney, so what?
Paul, Warrington, 10:28 PM 28/07/2013
Let's not talk about other clubs managers. It's nothing to do with us now as Evertonians.
Gary, Liverpool, 3:22 PM 28/07/2013
David Moyes is doing the same at ManUre as he did here. He tells the board who he wants and they go and do the dealing. Moyes has never got involved in the actual deals. (And neither did Fergie for the most part!!) There is plenty of time left for every team to get players in. Its only the clubs willing to pay silly money, such as Shittehand Cheatski - who were bringing players in before they agreed a deal with Jose agreed to come back so does he even want them?! The fact that Evertonians seem to feel the need to slate a manager who did great things for us is just sad. The fact that they want to talk about him now he is not at Everton is even worse. The focus is now on Martinez and OUR team. We should be looking to keep all our players and maybe stretch to one more full signing and possibly another cheeky loan or two and crack on and have a great season. And rather than keep staring over at Old Trampford and laughing we should focus on US. Our manager just splashed a hefty fee on a 29 year old who has pace and power and seemingly little eles. Jela gave Martinez and Kone two great reasons why the signing of Kone was a mistake when we already had Anichebe and Velios. But he is here so I wish the lad great things and hope beyond hope he is playing with a squad that still includes Barkley, Baines, Fellaini etc come the deadline day window!!
Rico, Goodison, 12:28 PM 28/07/2013
Well said Richard. Pathetic!!
Bazza, Crosby, 11:12 AM 28/07/2013
richard. cape town. jealous of moyes??? are you mad?? a lot of evertonians wanted moyes out for about 3 years before he finally left. so i dont think jealousy comes into it. the fact is 12 month ago he called utds 12 million offer for baines insulting, then he offers 12 million , now thats insulting and disrespectful to everton
fen, uk, 10:18 AM 28/07/2013
Just to reiterate Moyes done a fantastic job for us at Everton on a limited budget and low expectations initially after years of shite. He installed some belief and raised the expectations from the fans and I was gutted he went. On the other hand I think Bobby is a great replacement and a true gent. The Utd job is too big for Moyes and the expectations are to high (They always are because they think they are the best team in the world, ever) BTW I heard we were in for Heskey coz he used to play for Wigan....lazy tabloid bollox everday! Its that easy I could do it!
Andy, Kidderminster, 9:14 AM 28/07/2013
Mark Strabane - Myself and undoubtedly most Everton fans on here couldn't give a fuck what you think, he's yours now, go have your whinge on a Utd fansite. In reality it's no wonder you are whinging so much though, Strabane? Sheesh, what a shithole.
Al, Brisbane, 3:11 AM 28/07/2013
I really hate all this. Moyesy was brilliant for us so let's have the dignity to wish him well. I hope he has loads of success at Man Utd - but I just hope we do even better!
L, London, 11:48 PM 27/07/2013
Richard 11, Great managers win trophies and get their team playing good atacking football. Moyes done well, but great? I don't think so.
Markblue3, Huyton , 11:43 PM 27/07/2013
When AVB took over at Spurs last season honestly I was not happy but I refrained from passing judgement until the man had been given a season. Perhaps the half assed man u fans might want to do the same and give Moyes a chance... but the problem with man u fans is most of them no nothing about football and only support united cos of their success under fergie. Now they have a new manager, a couple of friendly matches played and a disgruntled rooney (disgruntled by fergie dont forget) yet they call for Moyes head? Fcuking idiots, football would be better off without muppet fans like man u's. Anyway, Everton, I think it's no harm you have a change in manager and Martinez will bring you more entertaining football than Moyes, which would be my only criticism of Moyes was that he often signed hard working athletic players over the more risky technical player... martinez will excitement back to goodison and moyes will maintain stability at man u... a shame really cos their fans are no nothing idiots
Aran, Dublin, 11:41 PM 27/07/2013
This negativity about David Moyes is pathetic. He was a great manager of Everton for over a decade and took us from relegation candidates to European hopefuls. Be proud of him - jealousy is a nasty trait that will get you nowhere.
Richard, Cape Town, 5:52 PM 27/07/2013
Man Utd say Rooney isn't for sale full stop, Spurs say a definite no to Reals £81M bid for Bale, Barcelona say Fabregas isn't for sale at any price, then why are we playing about with Fellaini do we really want to keep them or is Blue Bill after the money? if not why don't we say IT'S A NON STARTER?
Tony, Upper Bullens, 5:35 PM 27/07/2013
Mark I am absolutely made up the situation man united are in and I hope Moyes dries the goals out of RVP like he did to Jelavic!! About time there was no more fergie time and all the decisions going man utd's way!! Would absolutely love us to win at old trafford be the sickest away ever that!!! Moyes has lost the plot and hasn't got a clue at United. He seems to be all talk and isn't used to trying to sign world class players! Wish him all the best but I don't think he's the right person for that job.
wade, liverpool, 2:16 PM 27/07/2013
Mark,Strabane.Don't United have a web site then? WE are entitled to criticise Davie boy,but until he's done a while as boss at OT you faux Mancs probably shouldn't.
Win, Stafford, 1:53 PM 27/07/2013
Astaricus @#5 Take some syrup of figs,your vowels are playing up.
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 1:48 PM 27/07/2013
We are becoming a laughing stock by the day under this idiot Moyes. The man is out of his depth, he has not got a clue. I know Sir Alex handpicked him as our next manager but the United Board did not have to agree with it. Sir Alex decided to retire away back in December of last year. At that time Jose was available as he decided to go back to Chelsea in April, Pep was available, he decided to go to Munich at the end of January or beginning of February this year and Ancelotti was available. These are 3 World Class Managers and we end up with Moyes, an absolute joke of a manager. Every season I am always confident we will win the league but under Moyes we will be lucky to get into the top 4. No new signings whereas City and Chelsea already have signed 4 players each. Then in Europe Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, and Borussia Dortmund have all strengthened but all we here from Moyes is talk, talk, and talking tripe.
Mark, Strabane, 1:27 PM 27/07/2013
It jst man utd is to big for Moyes. Ihave watch preseasons and we r jst out of track. We jst need midfielders nothing else
Astaricus, Kenya, 12:39 PM 27/07/2013
It appears he has continued his poor form in the transfer window...will probably make some desperate signings late on as he used to with us. Hopefully it wont be Baines, but if he puts £20m down the banks will tell Bill to sell...the same with Arteta. It's going to be a nervous few weeks until 1st September.
Andy, Kidderminster, 12:26 PM 27/07/2013
When Martinez was asked what did he think of Manchester United's interest in Leighton Baines, he replied that any interest from other clubs for our players is a compliment! But come on now Bobby! Surely Moyes's £12m offer for Baines is an absolute insult to the club who stood by him all those years! El Bobby is too much the Gent! But the Evertonian in me wouldn't have it any other way! Hope Baines never leaves Everton but if he did, he'd go with my heavy hearted blessing!
Doug, Liverpool, 12:00 PM 27/07/2013
Wouldn't say lost the plot but going for unrealistic targets like cesc - never gonna happen more chance of Liverpool winning the league !
Adam Weidenfeller , Manchester, 11:36 AM 27/07/2013
Possibly and possibly not I am very fearful of a Transfer Deadline Day raid for Baines plus or minus Fellaini
PW, Ormskirk, 11:35 AM 27/07/2013
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