Roberto Had A Dream...
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Sung To the tune of "Sloop John B" by 'The Beach Boys'

Roberto Had A Dream..
To Build A Football Team..
We had no money so we got our players on loan..
We play from the back..
With Ross in attack..
The School Of Science is on it's way back..

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Comments about Roberto Had A Dream...
Roberto had a dream to build our football team, We had young Ross so he brought M cCarthy along, With Stones at the back and Ross in attack, The school of science is on its way back
alan hayes, bcup, 2:42 PM 11/06/2014
Oh Roberto Oh Roberto Oh Roberto Martinez. Everybody wants to sign him and he shits on all the Reds
Doug, Epiphany St, Liverpool, 1:13 PM 14/04/2014
Mike. You mean... The CataLoanian Evertonian?
Frank Lea, Speke King St, 11:26 AM 14/04/2014
im sure they sing 'we're BOSS in attack?'' not ross?
robertop, southport, 9:31 AM 14/04/2014
Follow, folow, follow, Everton is the team to follow, So get your brown shoes on, As we go marching on, Evertonians love Roberto.
Paul Livesey, Eastham, 9:01 AM 14/04/2014
To the old arteta tune "Follow, follow, follow, Everton are the team we follow, and there is no bigger genius, Than Roberto Martinez, He's the best Catalan we know". Simple.
Mike h, Ainsdale, 9:32 PM 13/04/2014
To the tune of oh my darling clementine Oh Roberto, Oh Roberto, oh Roberto Martinez then repeat or, a different slant on the old Ar'tater tune Follow, follow, follow Everton are the team to follow And no one can lead us like Roberto Martinez He's the best little Spaniard we know
Kevin, Waterloo, 6:57 PM 13/04/2014
Really? How about He's got the knack.So he won't get the sack? Or,To keep Romelu in the pack,will cost Blue Bill a stack? Or, Our defence ain't kack,We've Buzz Lightyear at back? I'm going back to my knitting now.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:38 PM 13/04/2014
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