Bobby Brown Shoes Babe
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Sung to the Neil Diamond tune "Forever in Blue Jeans"

Moyes fucked off,

All the pundits said The Toffees would drop,

So we raided Wigan FC,

And we took Bobby,

Bobby in brown shoes babe Naa naa na.....  


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Comments about Bobby Brown Shoes Babe
Second Verse Hes from Spain He loves to play the passing game Oh I much rather be... Without Moysie Bobby in brown shoes babe..Naa naa naa
Richie, Brazil, 2:39 AM 20/04/2014
Sung to 'singing the blues'.... We're all off to Wembley singing the blues in a nice new pair of Bobby's Brown shoes.........To Wembley wearing Bobby's Brown shoes. We don't want Rockport daisyroots , Brendan's high heels or his Chelsea boots. We're all off to Wembley singing the blues in a nice new pair of Bobby's Brown shoes ....Bobby's Brown Shooooes !!!!
Jimmy the one, Bang on Bootle, 11:42 PM 26/01/2014
I have invested in a pair, and wear them on match days ! !. I think we need some Bobby songs. As an early contender, remember "Bobbys girl " ? We could change it to, "Bobby's shoes ! yes we like, Bobby's shoes" and so on. Let me have a few more Chang and see what I can come up with.
LES, PHUKET, 5:15 PM 23/01/2014
Had this going at Swansea away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bTD0gVS3KI Get this one going at home, Bobby needs a new song.
Daniel, The Moon, 11:56 PM 22/01/2014
Oh we know we can't lose, Cos, our boss wears brown shoes, He's Roberto. Great music he makes, As the three points he takes, A concerto. And our team makes us smile As they win by a mile, For Roberto.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:33 PM 22/01/2014
Oh we know we can't lose While our boss wears brown shoes He's Roberto ! (Amore-Dean Martin)
Willy, Eckerslyke, 4:16 PM 22/01/2014
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