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Ronald Ragin

Everton Season Ticket Holder Ronnie Tells It How He Sees It.

WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY? (16-Apr-2012)
I know the answer will not be easily sought, but why on earth did our Everton players not seize the best opportunity they will ever have to beat the reds on Saturday at Wembley?  I know a shoestring budget can on...Read More
In the aftermath of yet another derby day shafting from "supposedly impartial" match officials, David Moyes considers that maybe it's time for a re-think about aspects of the team's play.  Too right it is!...Read More
Everton Boo Boys (19-Sep-2011)
Boo boys.................who needs 'em?  Well, one thing's for sure, we don't want or need them at Goodison Park.  It was noticeable when Bily was substituted during the ...Read More
Here We Go Again (10-Aug-2011)
Here We Go Again By Ronald Ragin' Well here we are on the cusp of a new season, whilst mayhem reigns on the streets of our capital, and in some other provi...Read More
In view of the current clamour from redshite MPs, and assorted hangers-on, calling for the knighthood of their self-styled "King Kenny" what are we to expect next........Lord Aldridge of Garston?  Baron Spam...Read More
Wigan Athletic v Blue Boys By Ronald Ragin' On a fine, sunny day thousands upon thousands of True Blues made their annual pilgrimage to the DW s...Read More
Referees!! (15-Sep-2010)
All Evertonians will be more than well aware of the infamous occasions when our Club has been shafted by referees, not only in this country, but abroad too. The antics of ...Read More
Time For A Change (23-Jul-2010)
TIME FOR A CHANGE??  According to reports on Sky News, Shitteh have expressed strong interest in ...Read More
Now, maybe I've missed something along the way, but does anyone else firmly believe that the "doyen of analfield" leads a completely charmed life?Whatever this obnoxious turd does, both on and off the pitch, noth...Read More
DEAR SANTA BILL (13-Jan-2010)
Dear Santa Bill,We've all been good Evertonians this (and every other) year, so could you please do the following for us -1. It's as plain as the rather large nose on ...Read More
BE GRATEFUL!! (13-Jan-2010)
Now it's pretty certain that most of us have had a little moan amongst ourselves, after the last two home matches against Stoke City and Wolves, about the tactic of starting with one striker against very ...Read More
It is heartening indeed to discover, courtesy of the Club's official web site, that the Chairman has worked tirelessly to get the best deal for the Club for Lescott, achieving a substa...Read More
TRANSFER NEWS (19-Aug-2009)
The Blues today announced a major transfer scoop, with the signing of Weatherfield County's goalkeeper, Albie Shufflebottom, on a four-year contract. A clearly ecstatic Billy Bullsh*...Read More
DILEMMA TIME (17-Aug-2009)
Well, not for the first time, the Blues took a lamping at home on the first day of the new season. Unfortunately, this one was worse, as no less than six goals hit our net, with only o...Read More
MAD DASH FOR CASH!! (06-Aug-2009)
"Is it always the case that footballers try to earn as much money as possible? Are there any exceptions to this general rule of thumb? Every football supporter will have a view on this...Read More
A couple of years ago, following Sly Stallone's appearance at Goodison Park, one of the local (that's a novelty in itself!) red intelligentsia wrote to the Echo saying that he had been...Read More