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The Untouchable One
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Now, maybe I've missed something along the way, but does anyone else firmly believe that the "doyen of analfield" leads a completely charmed life?Whatever this obnoxious turd does, both on and off the pitch, nothing seems to happen to him. 

He is simply a law unto himself, and the authorities merely turn a blind eye to his crass behaviour, every single time. His hypocrisy regarding diving is legendary, as are his over the top challenges, and sly off the ball antics. His normal pattern of behaviour has been perfectly summed up in the past week or so with his two fingered gesture directed to referee Marriner, and his elbow to the head of Portsmouth's Brown!  So, what action do the football authorities take?  Sweet F.A., that's what!!

To epitomise this contemptible individuals cowardly and mean-spirited nature, one need look no further than his deliberate attempt to break Gary Naysmith's leg, whilst that player was prone on the analfield touchline.  This is the most glaring example of what an out and out scumbag he is, though there are several others over the years.  But, does he mellow with age?  Does he ****!!

In actual fact, there seems to be one set of rules for St Steven of Huyton, and one for everybody else.  If Duncan Ferguson had done even half of what he's gotten away with over the years, they'd have re-opened Alcatraz and had him sitting on Death Row!! Is it really too much to ask for this pond life dweller to be brought into line, once and for all, before he manages to do someone some really serious damage??

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Agree completely. Beyond comprehension, what he gets away with. Not only that, though, but no-one seems to mention it, much less deal with it. His dives are labelled 'clever', 'playing for it' or even 'seen them given'. I'd have used the assault on Naysmith during his trial, showing he is no stranger to purposefully going out to horrifically injure someone who is defenceless, the gobshite, cheating prick!
Jack W, Liverpool, 5:53 PM 21/03/2010
Well said Ron. I, as both an Evertonian and sports fan, am sick of seeing him get away with whatever he does. The blind-eye syndrome of the FA towards his antics is abismal. Apt reference to big Dunc, many of my friends refer him as a 'thug', I draw their attention to a certain Koppite t*** that is frequenting the tabloids on a weekly basis.
Sean, Litherland, 4:00 PM 21/03/2010
The Huyton Hitman is above the Law. Its in the rules! (apparently)
Mark, Wirral, 3:45 PM 21/03/2010
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