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Now it's pretty certain that most of us have had a little moan amongst ourselves, after the last two home matches against Stoke City and Wolves, about the tactic of starting with one striker against very average opposition. It's been quite clear that Moysey's starting line up has encouraged Stoke and Wolves to fancy their chances of grabbing results, and that is exactly what happened with our two home draws. But before anyone gets carried away going overboard with criticism, lets count our blessings and simply cast a cursory glance across Stanley Park at Analfield's favourite Beach Ballbag - the Rafatollah.

The Bulbous One has an inflated ego to match his gut, and is currently bleating about the "severe" injury crisis affecting his squad.......well, the only ones who matter, namely St Steven of Huyton and El Nino (sic)!! What would this overgrown child do if either, or both, of them were out of action for six months or more? Maybe fix it for the combined forces of the FA, UEFA & FIFA to arrange another "special dispensation," and abandon all Premier League fixtures until such time as they were fit again?

It is surely no shock to any supporter of any club in the country to hear this morning that their angelic skipper is set to make yet another Lazarus-like recovery, and play against Lyon tonight. Injury crisis over before it began eh? The fact is that the Gammon-faced Bulb has no style, no grace, no class, no dignity, no character and no idea! The reality of the situation is that he is totally devoid of any significant qualities, and that is surely why he is manager of Afterbirth FC - long may he reign!!!  Ronald Ragin' (21/10/09)

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