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I know the answer will not be easily sought, but why on earth did our Everton players not seize the best opportunity they will ever have to beat the reds on Saturday at Wembley?  I know a shoestring budget can only be stretched so far, and it's virtually impossible now to compete for any sustained period with the billionaire brigade, but they were there for taking and our team simply blew it. 

Why can the Blues manage to beat them in earlier rounds of the FA Cup, and yet continually come unstuck when reaching semis and finals?  Our team went into the game in superior form, above them in the league table, and supposedly fired up for the occasion.  They were even leading an admittedly patchy game 1-0 at half time. 

They simply needed to keep on playing the way they had in that first half, and a place is the Final was assured.  Victory was in their grasp, and was carelessly and recklessly tossed away.  They failed to build on the lead, seemed to lack composure and confidence, and paid the ultimate penalty for sitting back.

The opposition's third string keeper was given an easy ride, when in reality he should have been tested at every opportunity.  Particularly in the second half, far too many of our players failed to perform as they can and, no matter what anyone may try to say, yet again the Evertonians were let down by their team.  They simply do not get what they deserve.

The one shining light to come out of the whole occasion was the support of the Evertonians......It's very hard to find sufficient adjectives to adequately sum up how magnificent it was. There's no doubt that being a Blue gives you a respect of so many things in life, and I'm proud every day of my life to be an Evertonian.  I couldn't even contemplate for one second being anything else.

From early doors on Saturday, the Blues started singing and they never let up, despite another harsh disappointment. I felt so deflated, but being with the best people in the whole world is the perfect tonic in providing a lift for the spirits.  The streets of Wembley were awash with Blues, and when we went into the Bear Pub in Wembley High Road, on Saturday evening, I could hardly take in everything I saw there. 

The place was absolutely booming with Evertonians dancing, singing and chanting.  There was a huge circle of Blues in the middle of the main bar, and the pure, undiluted, 100% collective joy and spirit coming from them was something I will never forget as long as I live. I was bursting with pride.  I wish it could've all been recorded on film, and I wish the Everton players and directors had walked in and witnessed it.  They couldn't have failed to understand then, what this Football Club means to us.

It was in sharp contrast afterwards that, as we made our way to Wembley Park station, we saw small pockets of straggly reds wandering around aimlessly looking like they were on their way to a funeral. There is simply no comparison between their fans and our supporters. 
And, there simply isn't any justice!!!  Ronald Ragin                

Comments about WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY?
Everton fans are unique. Some games they are pathetic and sit down all the time. Even at Wembley the majority sat, yet when the big games come around Everton fans must be up there with the best in the country home and away. We deserve so much better.
Alex , Wirral, 7:43 PM 17/04/2012
Just like to say a big thanks to THE BEAR - Gutted about the result but a great weekend. The staff and management were great and the atmosphere was incredible it was great seeing so many blues and I think we only stopped singing to get a quick couple of hours shut-eye. Looking forward to seeing the Bear turned Blue twice next season. Once an Evertonian always an Evertonian
Chris T, Chester, 4:29 PM 17/04/2012
I have never seen anything like The Bear pub after the match. It may sound corny but we are blessed to be Evertonians. God knows what it will be like when we win something!
Ezza, Derby, 12:00 PM 17/04/2012
Tactics as mentioned before by everyone, plus we have never replaced Arteta. We need replacements for Osman, Cahill and the right side to be sorted. Get the balance right and we will be fine. If Pienaar stays the left is top notch. All down to money coming in but who do we sell?
LES, PHUKET, 10:55 AM 17/04/2012
First period of the second half, Liverpool had 82% possession against our 18%, What sort of half time team talk did Moyes give them? That said, it was an unfortunate back pass and a lucky flick header that could have gone anywhere.
Mal, St.Helens, 10:32 PM 16/04/2012
Comment number 3. Spot on. My feelings exactly
Gwladys, North Cumbria, 10:16 PM 16/04/2012
One of the reasons we got beat is that we lack a central midfielder capable of taking the game by the scruff of the neck and dominating a game. Cahill is finished, Gibson is a reserve team player (thats why he only cost £1m) and as for Fellaini, he should go down as the most overated player we have had for a long time. None of them were capable of dominating a half fit Gerrard and a Roy Kinnear look a like in the centre of midfield. Should be ashamed of themselves.
Bill Walters, Liverpool, 9:05 PM 16/04/2012
So true, had such a good weekend in The Bear, couldnt believe the atmosphere in there after the game, still a big party. Massive thankyou to the management and staff, they couldnt have been more helpful. I couldnt believe the atmosphere in there after the match. Lifted my spirits right up and made me proud to be an Evertonian. Even the shite fans on the street outside couldn't believe the party they could hear inside. If only the team had hearts as big as the fans!
Robin, Crosby, 9:03 PM 16/04/2012
Guys, I have a copy of the Blues celebrating and dancing in The Bear. I also have the footage of when the goals were scored from around the pub. Can I just say to all you Blues out there who were very kind enough to turn up to my pub The Bear. We had a great time here and hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you from both me and my wife Gwen, our bar staff had a fantastic day. There are supporters of diferent clubs down here but everyone of them said this was the best day. They had the world's best supporters all day Saturday. C.O.Y.B As a Blue i was so proud of the way you all conducted yourselfs, getting great reviews from the locals even the shite.
Chris G, Wembley, 4:26 PM 16/04/2012
Pity the team didn't show the passion and commitment the fans showed.
TRUEBLUE, BOOTLE, 2:58 PM 16/04/2012
This game was effectively lost a few weeks ago when Moyes made that horrendous team selection for the league derby at Analfield. Had we gone into that game with the best available 11, we would have won it easily. We know what really happened, and so leading up to the Semi Final, Stevie G La and Dogleash were quite rightly spouting on how they had already beaten us twice this season. Then to add insult to injury, Moyes was vocal in saying that the Shite were favourites to win. Psychologically this was all a disaster and as the game drew nearer on Saturday I sadly feared the worst. The Everton fans are alway's fantastic at these big games, but I do sense that patience with Moyes is starting to wane, and future historians of Everton will see this seasons 3 defeats by the evil ones, as the beginning of the end for this particular love affair.
Lennie Keight, West Kirby., 2:49 PM 16/04/2012
I love them so much it hurts. Its f*cking hard being blue!
me, here, 2:41 PM 16/04/2012
The answer is simple Mr Ragin..Because for reasons known only to him Mr Moyes has a massive inferiority complex when it comes to playing the shite..He knows what works to beat or contain the so-called bigger teams, just look at the games against City Chelski and Tottingham..We got at them and made things difficult for them..Yet bring on the shite and he resorts to sitting back and hoping for the best..I love what hes done for our club in his time here, but I'm afraid we need someone less defensive minded at the helm now before we stagnate...
Big H, Birkenhead, 2:12 PM 16/04/2012
I needed this article - Our fans WERE fantastic. I shall never forget how brilliant they were & it made me so proud to be a blue.
DK, St Helens, 12:08 PM 16/04/2012
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