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Time To Change Our Ways
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In the aftermath of yet another derby day shafting from "supposedly impartial" match officials, David Moyes considers that maybe it's time for a re-think about aspects of the team's play.  Too right it is!

I hate to say this but in an age where the Premiership is all about high finance, greed, TV rights, sponsorship, mercenaries, and a succeed at all costs mentality, our players really do  need to drop this corinthian, fair play to all attitude.  Am I the only one who is heartily sick of our club being done over by some incompetent/corrupt/inconsistent/starstruck crank who is  paid good money to officiate FAIRLY AND EVENLY at Premiership matches?

It seems clear that the way in which our players go about their business on the pitch, is a hark back to a time when most teams recognised that was how the game should be played. And that is great, so long as everyone acts the same way.  Our players always get up off the deck after being launched up in the air by some dog's arse, and then shake hands.

They do not surround the referee and claim for every decision under the sun.  They do not try to con free kicks. They do not snarl and sneer at the opposition.  In fact, they do everything in the correct manner and in the spirit of sportsmanship.  However, just when you think they should be recognised for this sterling attitude, the exact opposite is constantly the case.  They are regularly on the receiving end of abysmal and high-handed treatment from officials.  Where does fair play get us?  Absolutely nowhere!! 

It's blatantly obvious that to survive in the game at the top level these days, you need to snarl, dive, cheat, abuse officials and just generally flout all the set laws of the game.  If any example of that was needed, Saturday's derby match was a perfect one.  The Liverpool manager may chose to not comment on the nonsensical and ridiculous red card issued to Jack Rodwell for a clean tackle but, by doing so he is epitomising all that is wrong with the modern game.  And, with his attitude, he is also condoning his own player openly cheating to get a fellow professional sent off. 
Therefore, I do find it sad to have to reach this conclusion, but our club needs to get real and, unfortunately, change its ways to survive at this level.

Comments about Time To Change Our Ways
At the end of the day we still support Everton FC not for glory, not because we follow the crowd or even because we are the best football team in the world. We are proud and we are chosen. We are not cheating, diving two faced glory hunting gobshites, we are EVERTON. COYB
Russ J, St End, 8:46 AM 4/10/2011
As much as I love Everton and believe me I do I am not totally convinced of some of Ronalds arguments. "They do not surround the referee and claim for every decision under the sun" Erm sorry to burst your bubble but I have seen a number of times when we have. "They do not try to con free kicks" Tim Cahill anybody? "They do not snarl and sneer at the opposition" Big Dunc? I am not saying we are the worst offenders as we are no where near but please don't try and make out we are the Waltons no football club is.
Emma, Blackpool, 8:07 PM 3/10/2011
A few things...I also felt that the ref couldn't wait to get his card out! Strange that? With ten men and an hour left there was only one result. Any bets on this game? More significantly, how come that Mr Ed is allowed to blatantly push two defenders in the back and not even get a talking to? On both occasions both hands were clearly used and there was no intent to play or get near the ball. I also thought that bellamy was impressive for ignoring the bottles-whatever we think of him-that showed a touch of class. Now what did Mr ed do when the same thing happened?
Martin, Kent, 7:48 PM 3/10/2011
Brian Labone would turn in his grave at the thought of Everton players stooping to the levels of the likes of Suarez. If we start going down that road that'll just about be the end of it for me. No money, no new players, no new ground I can just about accept but I'd rather we finished 9th and played by the rules (even if nobody else does) that 8th by cheating and behaving like gob**ites. And by the way, too whoever was throwing those plassy bottles. STOP IT!!
Degsy, Neston, 5:53 PM 3/10/2011
The day we start the same kind of dirty lying tricks as the redshite is the day I stop watching football.
Ste Phillips, Litherland, 3:42 PM 3/10/2011
Much sense has been written by my Evertonian buddies - the ref, the decision that ruined the game etc. What beats me is how the hell did Suarez get the Man of the Match from Sky ? He cheated - he conned the ref - holding his foot as if poleaxed. He is another example of everything bad in football. Souness the shite was almost right in his summary - Suarez is 'cute' he quoted - he won the penalty. He certainly did but he also got a fellow professional sent off. And then for nobody to comment on how Lucas stuck his Brazilian Beak in demanding a card was absolutely disgraceful.The cat has a square arse once again !!!
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hants, 1:56 PM 3/10/2011
Any prick that advocates cheating as a way forward, should spend the summer watching cricket, which though not completely bereft of 'sportsmanship', is played in a far more decent and honest manner than the embarrassing shite served up on a lot of footy pitches, during the professional season. Gobshites like that Plug lookalike, Suarez, should be severely repremanded for their behaviour. That they're not, is no excuse to crawl down to their level. As Stan Laurel once said; "honesty is the best politics"!
Paul Newton, Bootle, 1:21 PM 3/10/2011
Too many kopites in top jobs in the FA. Something definitely goes on to make sure LFC get help from the refs when they need it. Biased behaviour from refs against us goes back years...right back to Clive Thomas. Although, that Clattenburg game was the most open display of a ref cheating I've ever seen in my life. Last Saturday wasn't far short.
Sam, Cheshire, 12:28 PM 3/10/2011
Not for me, Everton hold traditional values dear and if you look at the big picture thats one of the reasons why players fall in love with club, why else would a proud scots man born and bred ever even consider tattooing our badge forever on his arm, why else would players that have left the club still talk about the club so fondly, we are an old fashioned club in sense of our morales and I hate the fact that so many players cheat these days, I hate the fact even more that horrible little foreigners like Suarez go down to get fellow sportsman sent off, it's things like this that need to change and change quickly, as soon we will no longer be watching the game of football but rather something that resembles a Christmas Panto with Christopher Biggins being our star player running up and down the wings as 'Widow friggin Twanky'
Chris, Co Durham, 11:29 AM 3/10/2011
Given that Daglish recently visited Mike Riley (a Red Shite fan) to "discuss" recent referee decesions against them are we suprised that they get all the decesions in arguably their biggest game of the season? Moyes can train the team all week and work on tactics for the game but you cant legislate for a poor referee decision which os what happened on Saturday. Atkinson could not wait to get the red card out. He was standing right in front of the tackle and how can he deem that a bad challenge. I have no doubt he wont turn over the red card and Rodwell will have to serve a 3 match ban. Up until the sending off we were in the game giving as good as we got. Liverpool can only beat us when we have 10 men (or less). Atkinson, Clattenburg, Poll,& Riley our all refs who have been biased towards them lot. How many more refs will do the same in years to come?
Chris Perez, London, 8:27 AM 3/10/2011
Carragher was a dissgrace on saturday throwing himself around like a fucking big tart and demanding a red card for any Everton player making a decent tackle. Everton play honest football not like them desperate, cheating gobshites .The great Brian Labone got it so right about the fans, one Evertonian is worth ten liverpudlians. I think after yesterdays game it goes for the players as well, but hey its only what we've known all along COYB
Steggs, Crosby, 3:26 AM 3/10/2011
I wouldent like us to sink to the level of the shite, Chekski, Manure. Same players all the time, must be practiced at training, well rehersed, but sad thing it works for them. Cheats do prosper.
Don, West Derby, 9:21 PM 2/10/2011
Never ever sink to their levels. We'd still get shafted anyways. We're better than them and that Ken Dodd look-a-like.
Bobbytron, Old Swan, 9:10 PM 2/10/2011
I have watched the incident several times. Atkinson couldn't wait to get the red card out of his pocket, he was almost drooling when he produced it. Jack Rodwell is one of the most honest and straight forward players in the game, but decisions like this will colour his future behaviour. Questions also have to be directed at the Uruguayan for his theatrical reaction and also Queen Kenny's "I didn't see it" nonsense.
Anto, Dublin, 8:58 PM 2/10/2011
Sorry, I understand the argument but I have to agree with Dave from Chester. If we adopt the the same attitudes as those pond life from across the park then we can't even claim the moral high ground. Let them spend £100 million and finish 4 points above us and again out of Europe and see how that feels - again. I'd also rather be in the Championship than have the club become some foreign chicken-plucking billionaire's hobby/self-promotion scheme.
Dave Whitehill, East Sussex, 8:53 PM 2/10/2011
I couldnt agree more. I've been thinking this since Villareal. I dont care about sinking to the RS level, we need to win games at whatever cost. Simple as that really.
Terry, Formby, 8:46 PM 2/10/2011
In the 07/08 season, in the aftermath of the Clattenburg derby - Hibbo sent off after a word from their captain, Kuyt allowed to get away with a high, two footed lunge on Neville, Neville himself sent off (fairly actually after a specatular diving save on our line), and Lescott denied a penalty after an over zealous cuddle by Carragher - Everton were fined for surrounding the referee and Moyes for complaining during the post-game interview. Almost immediately, Everton's bookings for dissent dropped markedly after a change in attitude and approach, and then again after McFadden was sold. We pushed on, had a great run in the Uefa Cup, and finished 5th. The other teams in the league now are too strong, and our squad too unbalanced due to our lack of finance for that to happen again. However, we still need to try to use this to spur us on
Grongy, Salford, 5:39 PM 2/10/2011
I'd still rather lose than lower ourselves to the level of the RS...
Dave, Chester, 5:06 PM 2/10/2011
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