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Everton Boo Boys
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Boo boys.................who needs 'em?  Well, one thing's for sure, we don't want or need them at Goodison Park. 

It was noticeable when Bily was substituted during the Wigan match on Saturday, that there were some boos and catcalls from sections of the crowd.  Is this really necessary?  I know, throughout the years, that there always seems to be a scapegoat, set up to take the wrath of certain so-called "supporters."  Bily is quite obviously the current favourite target of these pea-brains.

When he was subbed, and Royston took to the field, he was hardly the worst player on the side.  There were at least three others who could've gone off before him.  Neither is he in the realms of worst players seen at the club.  So why boo the guy?  In fact, why boo any Everton player?  What good does it do anybody?  I may be naive, but I always thought that the idea of supporting a Club was to actually support the team, through all times good, bad and indifferent?!

I can only assume that the nitwits who indulge in such behaviour are sad specimens who are so downtrodden, in many different ways, that they need to vent their spleen at the match.  So, if they really must carry on that way, why don't they simply cross the Park and join the clown-suited, camera wielding tourists at Analfield and undermine the spirit of the red-shirted players?  They are neither clever, nor required at Goodison Park!!

Ronald Ragin

Comments about Everton Boo Boys
Paul H....Agreed with most of your comment, but Tony Cottee-shite? Are we on about the same player? Friggin' hell lad, who were you watching? Also, the comment about Keane thriving on booing-NOT from his own supporters, methinks. Billy's a decent player and whilst I agree that they're ALL paid way too much, booing a player is just tantamount to trying to fuck the whole team up, cos he's part of a unit and will fail to operate well with knobheads boos ringing in his ears! SUPPORT, or fuck right off!
Paul Newton, Bootle., 6:40 PM 7/10/2011
Why is it always the biggest, fattest f*ckers, with ale stains down their chest and a sayers pie resting on their ale gut, who are the loudest at shouting at some of the best footballers in the land about how they should play the beautiful game?
Sack the Juggler, Blue heaven, 11:17 AM 20/09/2011
Dave you said Billy is one of the worst players you've seen in a blue shirt. He cant have been going the game that long. Worse than Victor, Cottee(shite), Beckford, Bernie the bolt, Brett Angel, Oster, Farelly, Hottiger, Claus Thomsen, Burrows, Barlow, Milligan. Thats just a few. Lay off him blues booing him is not going to make him play any better is it.
Paul h, Childwall, 10:38 AM 20/09/2011
Ronald's opinion on support for Everton football club is obviously how he sees things. May i say that i think blind support for whatever institution is ill advised.
Man of the world, West palm beach, Florida, 1:17 AM 20/09/2011
Last time you had a bad day at work did you get booed? Probably not. If you did, do you think it helped you do better next time? No. Thought not! End of.
Bruiser ray, Donnybrook, 10:54 PM 19/09/2011
"Its called voicing your displeasure..." if he was playing totally garbage yeah, but I still wouldn't boo him. The fact was the whole midfield were having an off day and two of them probably should have gone at the same time, plus whilst Cahill was doing he best, he isn't a striker and we needed a striker on (or two). Any one of them could've gone, he looks nervous to me and booing him or getting on his case, isn't going to help and as someone else as said it's not his best position. The fact was, he was the only midfielder on the pitch at the time who can run at people and that's what we needed, he didn't need to be booed, it wasn't solely his fault.
Chris C, L18, 9:10 PM 19/09/2011
Supporters support. End of story. Anyone booing their own players is not supporting them. There is a time and a place for "voicing your displeasure". Any time you like in the pub or at home is just fine. More wine ?
Steve1985, Waikiki, 8:04 PM 19/09/2011
While I dont condone booing a player from your own team (Nyarko an exception)..I would go on record as saying Bilyaletdinov is one of the worst players I've ever seen in a blue shirt. Admittedly, he does show the odd flash of brilliance, but it doesn't make up for A) his disgusting performance away at Man Utd last season especially as well as any other time he's "played" and been absolutely woeful. If someone offered 5 million for the lad I'd bite their hand off, I'm sure he's a nice fella, but he's not good enough for EFC.
Andy, Liverpool, 7:12 PM 19/09/2011
He has scored some great goals for us, these idiots have booed Hibbert, Osman and now it looks like Bily is the target, if the idiots who boo the players had any skill they would be somewhere else playing football, just a bunch of losers who strike a match never mind a ball
scouser, liverpool, 6:42 PM 19/09/2011
Well fuckin' said!! There is alot of jokers who go the match nowadays that chat toffo & boo etc. When you are watching the blue men not playing well, its frustrating! The last thing me and the other lads around me want, is crazy strapons BEING strapons shouting all sorts of shit from the stand! As he said, go to Analfield and be a wool if you want to do shit like that!! EVERTON, EVERTON, RAA RAA RAAAR
Jay Fearns, Walton, Liverpool, 6:30 PM 19/09/2011
Billy is technically our most talented player now Arteta's left. There's always been scapegoats down the tears who get abuse from these dickheads. Get off his back you dingbats
Syd Barret, Space, 5:52 PM 19/09/2011
Never boo and never will unless there is a blatant dive as Grongy said. Even in the early 80's when we were getting 13,000 at some games, almost everyone was booing.
Billy, Aintree, 4:58 PM 19/09/2011
The only time I have ever booed an Everton player was after a blatant dive by Yakubu against Middlesbrough a couple of seasons ago. I wasn't proud of myself, and I haven't done it since. I know that there are a few players who say they thrive on it, Roy Keane for example, but the vast majority find it detrimental. They start trying too hard, giving needless fouls away or attempting killer through balls and giving away possession. I wasn't a particularly good amateur player, but I always did better with encouragement rather than when someone was screaming and shouting abuse at me. I wasn't expecting praise, but how often is that kind of criticism constructive? Very rare to hear 'Unlucky'; much more likely to hear 'He's shit! Gerrim off!' Doesn't help anyone
Grongy, Salford, 2:36 PM 19/09/2011
Booing players from your own team is about as stupid as it gets. Only STUPID PEOPLE do it.
Paul, Warrington, 1:55 PM 19/09/2011
Bily has always said his favoured role is down the middle, off the striker, not wide left, and to be fair, he had never been given a chance in there. Now whether that is because Moyes deems him not good enough to play there, that's his call. Although Moyes bought him knowing his favoured position but that is another story. I think Bily does look a bit lost on the wing, and did so again on Saturday, but to always criticise a guy for having a poor game whilst continuously being played out of position is unfair in my opinion. If any of us were asked to do a different role in our jobs, we wouldn't be as good at it, regardless of how much we are paid. I agree that we should get of his back, but I also think Moyes (who paid a large fee for him) needs to play him in his correct position before we can make a true judgement on him.
Andy, Bed, 1:50 PM 19/09/2011
Completely agree with the comments regarding supporting the team. Tell my kid's at every match, no matter how we play, win, lose or draw you never boo your own team. They are your team and you'll support them through thick and thin. If you want to be a glory hunter support Man Utd or if you want to be a deluded moron, take a trip across the park. I was at the match on Saturday and saw Felli, Osman , Cahill, etc etc waste many balls with misplaced passes, with no reprise. The moment Billy did the same, it was met with shouts for him to be substituted. If you look at the 1st player to join Jags in celebrating the goal, it was Billy, that's how much it meant to him for the team to do well. I think we should get off his back, before he starts hiding in matches for fear of doing anything wrong. Support the team and the players that make it. COYB.
Darren Holt, Utopia, 1:27 PM 19/09/2011
What has their wage got to do with it. That's what the club agreed to play them? What has cotton wool got to do with it? That's something wrapped around a small stick that you have clearly stuck in your ears. What has playing shit got to do with it. Are you suggesting that a player decides to have a bad game? The last thing they need is Little Tommy taking out his personal problems out on a guy who kicks a football. I think I read somewhere that slagging off players shrinks their brains, so it's your fault Little Tommy if they have a bad game. Wasn't it was Freud who wrote somewhere that a sure fire way to get the best out of someone, to let them know you are behind them and understand when 'its not your day', is to shout and scream at them, preferably close enough for them to feel your spittle landing on their face. It make the person feel good about themselves and give their all for the badge, or something like that? Ronald, I couldnt agree more with you. There really are some sad cases that follow us now a days. I imagine they're the same guys that slag kids in the junior matches. It's the parents I say.
Harry Deane, Blue Heaven, 12:49 PM 19/09/2011
I must admit I have posted alot of negative comments on here but i have to admit Saturdays game is what makes me love the mighty blues and it was also great to see the new lads. I have heard all sorts of bull shit rumours about Denis but when he came on he looked the part got stuck in and set Drenthe up for his first. I hope Moyes sticks with the youth policy because we need to stop relying on ageing stars ie, Saha who throw their toys out of the pram. Looks like louis doesnt have that team spirit that we are famed for. If you want to see team spirit look no further than Phil Neville hasnt started last two games but he stays and shows his qualitys as a leader. It is not all doom and gloom providing we get some points off the red shite.
Bill K, Bullens rd, 12:05 PM 19/09/2011
Its called voicing your displeasure. Tell you what. If someone plays shit, why not just cheer them off and pat them on the back. Better still, wrap them in cotton wool and let them think its ok to earn £40k+ per week and not do a 2 hour shift.
Big Tommy, Litherland, 11:52 AM 19/09/2011
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