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Here We Go Again
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Here We Go Again By Ronald Ragin'

Well here we are on the cusp of a new season, whilst mayhem reigns on the streets of our capital, and in some other provincial cities. This now has a direct bearing on whether our first match at White Hart Lane goes ahead on Saturday.

Everyone and his/her dog will have an opinion on the rioters, the cause, the effects, the vigilantes etc, etc, but what is clear is that decisive action needs to be taken now, not just to deal with the current issues, but to prevent further happenings in the future. It was prophetic of the present deputy Prime Minister to predict that, if a tory government was elected, there would be riots on the streets of this country.  I wonder what he makes of that statement now?  Or, what does he make of anything?

Anyway back to the footy.  What do we have to look forward to this season? (All views welcome) Surely, when last season ended we all hoped against hope that the guardians of our Club would buck their usual tried and trusted trend and actually display some courage, conviction and ambition. There was that remote hope that they would provide our Manager with some decent transfer funds - not megabucks, but a decent wedge.

As it seems that the likes of Wigan, Wolves, Stoke, Sunderland et al have transfer kitties, then the immediate question arises why don't we at Everton? Unfortunately, our optimism was totally misplaced and the silence from the boardroom has yet again been deafening.  Yes, Robert Elstone put out a statement some weeks ago to attempt to explain where the money goes at our Club. It was hardly satisfactory, and convinced nobody. 

Personally, I'll just be content now if we can keep hold of all our best players. It's clear that I, like every other supporter, could bang on about all the failings of our Board now and in the past, but I think it's obvious that if anyone actually still believes the utterances of "Mr 24/7" aka Bill Kenwright, then they should immediately take a trip to the bottom of their garden to check for fairies!!

Let's hope our match against Spurs goes ahead, and our Blue Boys return safely with all three points - C'mon You Blues!!   

Comments about Here We Go Again
I think its time these protest groups got a grip and realised that harmony is the way forward. I say no protest banners at Goodison Park. Just get behind a great club and thank goodness we are not getting in a bigger debt like that lot from across the park.
JJ, St Helens, 5:14 PM 12/08/2011
Well said JJ. I am utterly bored with the constant moaning about 'the Board'. In difficult financial times we need a steady hand on the tiller. Now is not the time to push the boat out and splash cash we don't have. Get behind the team, stick your protest banners where the sun don't shine and behave like proper Evertonians.
Tony, Birkenhead, 12:06 PM 11/08/2011
Who's to say Stoke Sunderland etc aren't just doing a Leeds and going down the road to being bankrupt? Maybe just maybe Bill is steering the club in the right direction.
JJ, St Helens, 8:42 AM 11/08/2011
Robert Elstone came out and said there's no money. I heard it, he said it on National Radio. In addition, I think it was he, that rang in. How clear is that? We have to be careful what we wish for. It strikes me that Bill Kenwright is a better bet than having owners like Portsmouth, Notts County, Derby Co, Birmingham, Newcastle, to name a few, have had. If Mr Kenwright received an offer from a proven mega rich source, he would sell at the 'drop of a hat' but until it happens we have to be patient. That doesn't mean we have to stop dreaming, but it has to be the right move. I agree, I'll be happy to hang on to everyone. We'll be okay if that happens. Phil Jagielka, please stay. Finally, I don't give a toss, if the game doesn't go ahead. If there is any potential danger, then call it off. Remember, the game is a family game nowadays and we don't want our youngsters exposed to cowardly attacks by the knob heads causing all the trouble.
Steve , Wirral, 11:43 PM 10/08/2011
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