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It is heartening indeed to discover, courtesy of the Club's official web site, that the Chairman has worked tirelessly to get the best deal for the Club for Lescott, achieving a substantial increase on Chitty's initial offer. We are further advised that Lescott will now sign for them, subject to passing a medical and successfully negotiating personal terms.................erm, weren't such terms "negotiated" ages ago, hence the orchestrated move?? Well, it must have been a tough time for our benefactor-in-chief, as we've been reminded so many times that he spends 24/7 trying to find a buyer/investor for the Club. No wonder Lescott's transfer took so long to conclude. There can't be any time left to do anything else!

It's a pity then that adequate time isn't set aside to bring new players into the Club, and that some of the tireless efforts aren't channelled in that direction. Yesterday's mediocre showing at fortress Turf Moor highlighted, once again, the urgent need for new faces. Weak in defence (keeper apart), sluggish in midfield and ineffectual in attack, it's abundantly clear that fresh blood is required pronto!

With our great FA Cup run last season, and another 5th place finish, we should really have looked forward to this new season with at least a modicum of expectation. But no, yet again, the Club stumbles into the new season unprepared, and with not even any basic replacements in for three of its major players, who have been out through injury for months.

Every single day the supporters are fed more and more names of so-called targetted players. The press silly season is certainly alive and well when the Club supposedly obtains a work permit, against all the odds, for an Argentinean midfielder whose employing Club apparently remains in total ignorance of any such manouevres!
Only this morning, we are told that the Club is "moving in for" a Russian international winger........How many players has the Club "moved in for"? - Steven Taylor, Bentley, Hutton, Senderos, Dunne, Richards, Ledley etc, etc, etc, etc...........!!! The only players they actually seem to move in for are lads from the rarified atmosphere of the 4th tier of USA football!!

Oh for those heady days when you could pick up a newspaper, and see the manager alongside the latest major signing, having concluded a swift and painless deal for the benefit of all concerned. Now, it is a case of endless names being linked with the Club, but no actual meaningful signings being made. Is it not beyond the wit of someone at the Club, to actually come out and tell the long-suffering supporters what is actually going on at our beloved Club?? Why all the uncertainty? Why all the secrecy? Why drag potential transfers out to ridiculous lengths and then lose out on the players anyway? It's simply not good enough, and flies in the face of our famous motto.

When, oh when, are those clowns in the boardroom going to wake up to the fact that they are charging with running Everton Football Club, and not some tinpot, underfunded, backstreet enterprise? Pardon me for feeling somewhat lacking in optimism at the moment!!

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