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Well, not for the first time, the Blues took a lamping at home on the first day of the new season. Unfortunately, this one was worse, as no less than six goals hit our net, with only one in reply. For the last few days, I've searched for reasons and excuses, but the hard fact is that it was simply one of the most inept performances I've ever witnessed from an Everton team. With the sole exception of Saha, Pienaar and Neville, the rest of them should have donated their massive wages to charity, as they just didn't deserve a light!

Now, there's no doubt that the ongoing saga over Sh*tty City's distasteful pursuance of Lescott has had a very bad effect on the team. Lescott's body language was appalling, and his lack of acknowledgement to the support of the vast majority of the fans was a disgrace. Up until that point, I was totally in favour of refusing to give in to that unprincipled turd in the manager's chair at City and keep Lescott, regardless. After saturday's debacle, I'm not so sure.

I firmly believe that our magnificent manager should receive the fullest support of everyone connected with the Club as, quite frankly, he is the most important person at the Club and I can well appreciate the stance he is taking over this whole sorry episode. However, is it worth setting this principle into stone, if it's going to have such a devastating effect on the rest of the team? It really is a massive dilemma.
What a pity our Board cannot show its teeth for once, and provide Moyesy with the cash to buy the best centre back available, and deposit Lescott into the reserves, for the duration - what price a place in the England squad then for this ungrateful and ungracious individual? I just hope he's nowhere near our first team squad on thursday night, otherwise we'll be on our way out of Europe again before the month is out - An Arriva bus could have been driven down the middle of our defence on saturday.

Please get well very, very, very soon Jags!!

Maybe David Moyes will acknowledge the effect it's having on the team, and therefore accept the next overpriced offer, whilst clearly stating the reason for doing so. Who knows? In that way, no one could point any fingers at the manager for backing down or making the wrong move, as we all know that the Board simply won't back him financially. Let's just hope it's all sorted without any further delay. In the meantime, I wish so many fans wouldn't act like pseudo-redsh*tes and bale out of the ground long before the end. None of us likes to see our team take a hiding, but let's see matches through to the end, come what may.

Finally on to better things, the major highlight of an otherwise miserable day on saturday, was enjoyed by everyone fortunate enough to be in the Blue Kipper Lounge after the match when a GENUINE Everton hero, Mike Trebilcock, was present to give an interview about his time with the Blues, with special emphasis on the famous 1966 FA Cup Final. What a respectful, modest, total gentleman who flies in complete contrast to so many of these over-hyped, over-paid and egotistical individuals in the game nowadays. Good luck to you, Mike, it was an honour to be in the same room as you"

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