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"Is it always the case that footballers try to earn as much money as possible? Are there any exceptions to this general rule of thumb? Every football supporter will have a view on this subject, but isn't it somewhat ludicrous when an already highly-paid professional seeks vast amounts to either stay at his current club, or move elsewhere?

What top class professional football urgently needs is a system that will curtail the worst excesses of players and clubs. Such a system could be the salary cap system, whereby every club would have a maximum limit on the amount of money it could spend on player wages, in one year.

If a club pays more to its supposed "superstars" then there would be less cash available for the wages of other players at the club. Therefore, it leads to a straight choice of strategy for every manager. Best of all, an equal expenditure on player salaries would mean more even competition within national leagues which, in turn, would undoubtedly benefit football.

Such an even playing field would also bring to the forefront the true quality of an individual manager. For instance, can anyone imagine "Bulbous" Benitez working under the same financial constraints as Davy Moyes? He'd be on the first plane back to Spain!!

Such a system is not some pie-in-the-sky idea. Only last year, UEFA President Michel Platini floated the idea. What he must do is drive the plan forward, because it is the best hope for bringing some sanity and decency back into the game.

Naturally, people with vested interests will say it can't happen, but they will be mainly player organisations, agents and the richest clubs, whose perennial domination would be seriously at risk. When a situation arises where "Lego-head" Hughes at Man City can simply bully clubs into selling their best players, it is surely time for change.

Change can be made, and a salary cap system could be firmly policed, with the penalty of automatic relegation for any club found guilty of bucking the system. Unless such a system is introduced, everyone should brace themselves for many more joyless transfer and contract sagas in a sport that is very rapidly losing touch with real life, and the common man." Ronald Ragin'!!

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