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All Evertonians will be more than well aware of the infamous occasions when our Club has been shafted by referees, not only in this country, but abroad too. 

The antics of Martin Atkinson, during last Saturday's match against the Mancs, bring sharply into focus, once again, the question of refereeing standards.

If you were to buy shoddy goods or receive bad service, after making due payment, you have recourse to complain and seek recompense.  Unfortunately, the FA and its ilk, are above the law and the poor, long suffering football supporter has absolutely no way of challenging the woeful performances of some of these characters, who operate under the guise of professional referees.

The simple fact of the matter is that Atkinson is a typically weak referee, who was quaking in his boots at the prospect of being hung out to dry by Ol'Rancid Nose if he'd allowed play to continue, with the possibility of an Everton winner at the end of it.

I'm as certain as certain can be that, if the roles had been reversed and the famous Red Devils had been on the attack, then the move would have been allowed to continue. Geez, it comes to something when the likes of John Aldridge and Graham Poll announce in the press that we were badly treated!!

Apart from certain exceptions, such as Mark Halsey and Phil Dowd, the referees in this country are a lily-livered, inconsistent bunch of overpaid incompetents, who are allowed to ply their so-called trade under the umbrella of a secular organisation which should have gone out with Noah's Ark.
David Moyes and Steve Round should be commended for their actions at the end of the match, not condemned.

Ronald Ragin'

Comments about Referees!!
Referees have always been crap. Martin Atkinson should not be a referee, he'd have enough trouble waving a train out of a station. He is absolute rubbish and everybody knows it.
Jed Smith, Tuebrook, 6:29 PM 18/09/2010
TV replays for important decisions is the only way forward to take the big decisions out of the hands of these incompetent muppets. Introduce a system with calls similar to the tennis at Wimbledon. Each manager gets 3 calls per half. If the call shows the ref made the wrong decision, you still have 3 calls and the refs decision is adjusted accordingly. If the ref is proved correct, you loose a call. When a ref is proved to have made a certain number of bad decisions in a game, he should then be reprimanded. Thats the only way to sort these bastards out.
Mick, Maghull, 12:08 AM 17/09/2010
As a referee and a massive Everton fan, as much as I agree with Moyes opinion what David did at full-time was wrong with the manner how he approached the referee which has done him no favours. Personally I was just buzzing we managed to get the point which we deserved.
George Farr, Chelmsford, 8:13 PM 16/09/2010
Moyse was in the wrong on this one, but its a highly charged atmos and he'll take his slap on the wrist, the fact that too many managers think they're Alex Fergie on a Sunday and start berating match officals like myself needs to be put right, and Moyse is one of the few managers who rarely disses out abuse, he needs to keep it that way, we're better than the likes The Arse and Mark Hughes
Chris, Essex, 7:52 PM 16/09/2010
A fair point and we do repeatedly get d*cked on by refs, but I think it's more or less the same for everyone who's not Chelsea, Arsenal, the Mancs and inexplicably, still, the Shite. Just as an aside though, against Norwich in the cup over a decade ago, I saw us get every single decision. It was like a light from heaven shining down and I finally thought 'ah, so THAT'S what it feels like to be thought of as the bigger side'. It is pathetic, and it makes it even harder to compete with the 'top' teams, but even though we know how big a club we are, refs just don't. It's depressing, but they've bought into Sky TV same as almost everyone else...
Rory, Portsmouth, 6:27 PM 16/09/2010
In the light of an under 9 game being abandoned somewhere recently because of crowd trouble over a tackle, I don't think we can condone David Moyse and Steve Round, their act was emmotional and highly charged, but, not right. I can understand why they did it, but to do it so publically sends out a very wrong impression to millions of people round the world, watching the game live on sky or on MOTD on the BBC. Some of the refing in the premier league is very poor, I dont think that it is any worse than it ever has been, it is scrutinized far more in the media which makes it appear worse. If however, on the other hand Atkinson had have blown the whislte berofre the united corner and they were going mad, would we have all said, well once time is up he should blow. The danger with lamenting officials is that when it happens in our favour which over the course of the season, it will, would we just say hard luck!
Daniel, Newton-le-Willows, 12:16 PM 16/09/2010
well said, but this has been a problem for many years. Clive the book to Clattenburge to Atkinson in the lastest fiasco. Other clubs suffer top 4 syndrone, but just cos I'm a bitter BLUE dosnt mean I'm wrong. We seem to get shafted more than most.
DarloDarrel, darlington, 8:08 AM 16/09/2010
So true. brings to mind a ref i actually admired until his swansong performance, Collina!! Will never forget a disallowed goal against the shite, but worse still, that hateful man lawros response to whether it should have stood.. Dismissed with one word. I know the bbc are so against us in general ie lineker, lawro, hansen. So biased, wheres the level ground here? How do others cope with this frustrating injustice to our team. COYB
Pat, dublin, 11:24 PM 15/09/2010
Well said mate! The old hairdryer has had his way with weak gutted refs for far too many seasons. Cos make no mistake when Utd are chasin a goal then the Ref is expected to maximise extra time to satisfy the olf gits desire for a result. A just listen to him bleat if he cant have his own way
Bluesbro, kent, 7:09 PM 15/09/2010
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