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Time For A Change
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According to reports on Sky News, Shitteh have expressed strong interest in Landon Donovan.  If the rulers of our great club had any gumption whatsoever, Landon would be getting kitted out in his brand new permanent royal blue shirt, by now. 

Am I the only one who is somewhat sick of the excuses made for, and by, Bill Kenwright now?? If he, and the rest of the muppets on the board (is Jon Woods actually Statler or Waldorf?), can't manage to secure the signature of a player who clearly wants to join us, and who wouldn't cost the earth, then it really is time that they stood down.

How much longer is Moyesy (alias Merlin the Magician) expected to pull £1.5m bargains out of the hat? Even leaving aside the Gosling debacle, it's hardly any wonder that the future presence at the club of Mikky and Peanut looks decidedly uncertain.

We have everything in place with a superb manager, some great players moulded into an excellent team ethic, terrific support, and yet we are still hamstrung with the old, old problem......a shite board!!!!

Ronald Ragin'

Comments about Time For A Change
Another round of "Beat up Bill Kenwright" is again having to be stopped by proper fans. Look at the state of our great game, Players are demanding almost a quarter of a million pounds a week in wages and teams are still willing to throw cash at "Knob Heads" like Craig Bellamy. At least Kenwright doesnt chuck his Dollar at Wasters. Everton have spent wisely this season and full marks to Kenwright and Moysie for not being drawn into a world where Aquilani (glass legs ! to his mates) costs 20 mil. Stop buying and stop selling now fella's cos we might just have found a squad that can push us on. COYB p.s. Adios Mr Torres. Them Yank's across the park are a prime example of what we dont want for a chairman. I would rather have "Blue Bill" in charge than Waldorf & Statler
baz, warwickshire, 8:55 AM 26/07/2010
I believe that if we could afford players like Landon Donovan, Blue Bill would not hesitate to support David Moyes with high profile signings. My belief is that David Moyes would not still be at the club if he didn't know Everton's full financial status; and felt that the board were not supporting him in the best possible way. Tempting as it is, lets not pressure the board into making signings that could jeopardize the future of the club. Even if a new ultra rich owner muscled his way in on the act, I'm not sure I'd want us to do a 'Man City', luring players who are more interested in their own personal greed, becoming the hate figure of football transfers and simply buying short term success. For me; success doesn't come at any cost. Lets instead get behind Blue Bill and the board and just hope that they are doing their best (until we can prove otherwise). Money is destroying the game and it's very very sad!!! COYB
Simmy Soccer, Leeds, 8:03 PM 24/07/2010
Wish the teal bill kenwright soul go on the tv and tell us what's going on! Topics- gosling, arteta pienaar and where all the revenue goes and how we can be fully borrowed when we we have spent nothing on a net basis for at least 3 years. Suspect we threw money away looking at Kirkby...
Dj, Wigan, 10:57 AM 24/07/2010
What a load of ignorant wankers you are both bluekipper and you knobheads posting on here remember peter johnson oh yes and who bailed us out of that mess...blue bill yes it was and he has us in this current stable position yes we do have a great manager but if you believe he does it alone you are stupid ...how can he step aside when there is noone offering to come in dont say he is turning investors away as if someone had the money and was trying to buy the club it would be all over the press if he was refused so wake up support the club and stop sounding like winging Kopites
john, maghull, 9:06 AM 24/07/2010
Rant Rant Rant. I love this site reading all the horse shit that you moaning twats regurgitate from each other. When will you learn that you have no control over your own lives never mind a football club. I love this line WE MISSED OUT ON A FEE FOR DAN GONEFLING who is WE. The football club EFC (a business) lost out not any of you. It would be good for the blues to have a good season and more importantly play some entertaining footie. I'm sure the redbacks of Stanley Park will be more hopeful with Englands captain twatastic staying and Joe Cole pulling on the red blirt. Oh ya it's a game nothing more.
Marko, Perth Oz, 1:49 AM 24/07/2010
We have no money and cant borrow anymore as we have leveraged all of our assets to securitise previous loans for players. We are effectively trading insolvent. I am sorry but Bluekipper have strung you along by saying Landon was a done deal. He never was, as much as Bluekipper would like you to believe. They have been lying on their previous posts and this sort of reporting is far from helpful
Bill Kenwright, London, 10:36 PM 23/07/2010
Yawn yawn. Same old cracked record. Get real and get a life.
Tony, Birkenhead, 10:24 PM 23/07/2010
the truth is, if we didnt have moyes as our manager i think we would be 16th 17th in the league, were are in a great position right now and that is only because of moyes, no thanks to blue bill tho, if he loves the club he will let it go because he is just a panto queen and we need some kind of investment end of, and as for peinaar, he should be lucky he had a manager that believed in him, if we dont have some kind of investment soon im afraid our best person at the club will leave, MOYES
Maz, Liverpool, 8:48 PM 23/07/2010
Here's how I see it... Pienaar offered a new deal that he's refused - sell him and quick. We won't get the daft figures first bandied around, but if a buyer at around £8 million can be found, use that money to sign Sessegnon. Mikel has made no secret that he'd like to play in Spain and with his sons' eyesight concerns maybe, and much as I suspect we all want him to stay, a deal should be sought for him to go back to Spain in return for certainly £12 million plus... no way should he be allowed to join another club in the Premiership. As for the comment from Rob re Yobo/Hibbo - I'd keep TH and try and realise £4 million plus for JY. Nett result, 3 out, 1 in, and a goodly amount of money to try and secure LD and maybe a left-back. With Felli on his way back and the long-term future of the midfield, the future would still look relatively good. Come on Blues, make the decisions and stop others pulling the strings that ultimately will work against us.
Andy C, Warrington, 8:20 PM 23/07/2010
You are naive. Manchester City can offer Landon Donavon considerably more than us, it is Donavon's prerogative to chose City. Manchester City can afford to pay LA Galaxy's asking price, over 10 million - which he's not worth. It is not Bill Kenwright's fault that he isn't a multi-billionaire. I would rather the club stays financially stable. Get real
dixie, bristol, 7:55 PM 23/07/2010
12 months on and nothing new...great manager , crap support from board and Ken. If Peanuts and Tats go I expect Moyes to follow shortly. Last summer I was crucified by some for my comments about Kenwight but repeat. We blues are mushroom men...kept in the dark and fed on bull****
M Murphy, York, 7:52 PM 23/07/2010
Well said Rob.Worra lowda Bollocks Brian(With respect & firm tongue in cheek).I respect and appreciate everything that Blue Bill has done for us.But whats the point?Within the next 2 seasons we will be struggling to keep hold of players(it started last season).We have a quality buy in Donovan but supposedly,we aint got a pot to piss in.....again.I'm not fucking having it again.Sorry.NO!Where's the friggin' £85m+ from Sly T.V?AGAIN?Where has the shirt sales revenue(kitbag were very clever about it...2 shirts selling well before the season is underway).Where is the corporate,sponsorship,Season ticket,Miscellaneous revenues etc?And we are to believe Bill cant pass over a PALTRY £20m for Moyesy to play with in a season.Not fuckn having it.No!We dont(really) owe anyone anything that would so much as raise an eyebrow.But,we can afford to fuck up a £4m players contract.If Danny boy was to be released due to his injury/poor future,for the sake of his £10k a week wages til next year(maybe sooner) we could have been quids in.Get Donovan in Bill,get Taters autograph on the pulp,Fuck Pienaar Superstar off and get a replacement.Or piss off somewhere.Its not fuckn hard.Gizzajob!I can do that.
Big Tommy, Financial Bullshit Hell., 7:46 PM 23/07/2010
Hiya Paul D, just to explain rather than say you aren't allowed to disagree, we would have eventually created additional revenue just like Bolton, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Derby, Coventry etc with their new stadiums, we would have had concerts at our stadium, we would have had more commercial boxes at our ground (we currently have 16 boxes at Goodison, the next lowest last season was Hull with 105 boxes!!), we would do more business functions - the shite earn fortunes on that! You look at the 4 Premiership Midland clubs and their 'business' facilities and we are worlds apart from them, we need a new ground before we can even consider ourselves to be generating enough cash to buy 'big' players every year. The fact Kenwright and Moyes have kept us in the top 6 year after year with this lack of cash generation is incredible! The closest thing we get to creating summertime revenue is inviting 'Match Attax' into our tent outside the Park End to do a 'swap shop', where Bolton had Coldplay, Pink and many other artists playing in front on 70000 people at the Reebok this summer. Take the history, the fanbase and the footballing ability away from our business and we stink! That's not Kenwright's fault, he is working with his hands tied behind his back with facilities
Brian, Chester, 7:40 PM 23/07/2010
in a word yes! but there is no one to come and change it for us. Im as disgruntled as the next, the past 3 summers have been like this now. You get the feeling unless we win something or find investment in the next 12months moyes and a few of the squa might call it quits! Brian- kenwright has took us as far as he can fella, but there is no one to bring in to the rest of you! I really hope he can find some money- borrow it if needs be for donovan
dj, wigan, 7:13 PM 23/07/2010
Brian from Chester you are spot on. Slowly but surely kenwright haters are coming round as clubs go broke, get relegated and ultimately are destroyed by so called "saviours". I'd rather have Donovan and Seggeson than Piennar leaving for nowt next year.
Mark, Cheshire, 6:07 PM 23/07/2010
The only reason we struggle to sell out a 40,000 seat stadium at the moment is because of restricted views. Go on the Everton online ticket website 1 week before a match and see for yourself what's left. Front row of the family enclosure (I've sat there and believe me you can't see anything behind the advertising hordings which the Premier League demands that we use), and various views behind pillars in all parts of the ground. The club might help themselves by offering these tickets at a more significant reduction than the current pitiful one or two pounds offered. I agree that Kirkby would have been a mistake, because you would be reliant on a vastly improved public transport infrastructure, which would require local and national government funding. I don't know about you but I can't see that Tory shower of sh*te in that London helping in any way. We need a new stadium, not just to maintain current support levels, but also to be inviting to potential new supporters, from home and abroad. Like most people, if it were feasible I would prefer a redeveloped Goodison. Sadly, I don't see it working. I have been lucky enough to speak to Robert Elstone who, unlike his waste of space predecessor, is refreshingly honest. He will admit that the current situation isn't good enough and that the fans deserve better, and he dosn't hide behind all that political double-speak that used to come out of Keith Wyness' mouth. Nor does he speak of Kirkby as 'the promised land' in the way that Wyness used to. As for a 'sugar daddy', for all the money that a multi-billionaire brings, I can't see City finishing much higher than last season. All that money does is build egos, eradicate team spirit and togetherness, and build an even greater divide between players and fans. I would find it very difficult to get behind someone earning £100k-200k per week.
Grongy, Salford, 5:51 PM 23/07/2010
remember that all those sugar daddy's at the other clubs are in another form what has crippled the world economy, have rumours of criminality and human rights abuses and the majority will burn after their day is done, football is a very dirty corrupt business, read Tom Bowyers book, Broken Dreams and be careful what you wish for...
Dodger, Huyton, 5:36 PM 23/07/2010
Gareth - When you say 'not supporting the manager' do you mean by simply not overspending? If he does overspend then he will only have to seLl players the year after to re-coup the money if we don't get into the CL. Not a good situation. Kenwright does a great job, ok some players leave but they are replaced with what is availiable. Who would you rather have based on last years form Lescott or Heitinga? There are only two 'owners' in the premiership who have put money into their clubs Chelsea and Man City. If you think any of the others have then you have no understanding of how these things work. Don't take my word for it, get the company accounts off the internet for £1. Kenwright is the best chairman EVER!!! AND THE MAIN reason for this - HE RESPECTS THE FACT THAT WE PAY HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS TO GO TO THE GAME. AS SUCH HE DOESN'T SQUANDER THAT MONEY BUT LETS IT GROW NATURALLY. WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER OFF NOW THAN WE WERE UNDER JOHNSON.
Dave, Upper Gwladys, 5:27 PM 23/07/2010
we must have made some money year before with europe and fa cup final but we still had to waite untill lescott was sold untill we got any one in looks like it will be the same again this year with what ever money weve got just get the players weve got new deals this is the best squad 4 years hate the transfer window more worried about who were going to lose than who we sighn roll on august 31
paul, kent, 5:24 PM 23/07/2010
I disagree Brian, the stadium wouldn't brought in the revenue that you're quoting. All the stats that came out of the club were based on the idea that we'd be selling out a 50,000 seater stadium every week when we struggle to sell out a 40,000 stadium that IS in the city and far easier to access. How would attendance go up in Kirkby? That stadium would have been the beginning of the end.
Paul D, Wavertree, 4:47 PM 23/07/2010
Well said Ron and Rob. I am afraid that I have not been a fan of Kenwright since the Tranmere game back in 01. We could have been relegated twice thanks to this blokes so called loyalty to a manager clearly out of his depth. Add the NTL farce, Kings Dock, Kirkby and several seasons of not supporting the best manager in the business then seriously I would love to choke him at times! My only concern and small criticism I have of Moyes is that he has allowed the same situation to arise as last season, ie unsettled players remaining at the club who do not want to be here. Personally I would sell Arteta and Peinnar and sign Donovan, Defour and Sessegnon. Instead we are going to be left with a poor start again until these players are sold because like Lescott they will unsettle the dressing room.
Gareth Fieldstead, Gold Coast, Australia, 3:51 PM 23/07/2010
The fact is, whilst we are paying our players £50k+ a week and Goodison is not generating money, we are NEVER going to be able to make whole sale signings every season unless we generate Lescott-esc transfer fees every summer. We are not the only club like this, look at Villa right now having to sell Milner to buy again. Bill Kenwright has worked wonders with the club in turning us back into a club we can honestly be proud of again by doing things the honest, typical Everton way. We have no money, because we are not generating money - end of! There are no excuses from anyone, that's the way it has been since the 90's at Everton. We will sell Pienaar for a hefty sum... if an offer comes in and one hasn't yet. Moyes has slapped the 'not for sale' sign on him, but he did that with Lescott last year whilst telling Man City what the asking price was. I am getting a bit miffed with blues constantly raging about Kenwright, as if anyone else could do the job he has done in refinancing a company that was heading towards Sheff Wed territory, finding and keeping the best manager in the country in most people's opinion and ensuring that the working conditions at the club are perfect for all. He tried to generate money with a ground move that would have helped the blues afford future £10m rated players on a regular basis and you all went crazy on him for even thinking of such a scam. If you want a club with a sugar daddy, rather than a blue doing his best and bringing togetherness everywhere you look, go and support City, Utd or that shower of twats across the park, because we are different from all them - it's why we support us. Blue Bill is at the helm of a company that do make mistakes, like any other company around the globe, not least of all recently when they trusted some 21 year old prick's word before he went to the trophy-free zone in the North East on a free, but we are being run correctly with the best people in charge doing it the honest way and our time will come again
Brian, Chester, 3:46 PM 23/07/2010
sew a button on that!
razza, garston, 3:20 PM 23/07/2010
If you say so....
LBJ, Bootle, 2:48 PM 23/07/2010
Heaven Knows what is going on behind the scenes, but getting Donovan seems a no-brainer. The sounds from the US are that he wants to come to the Premier League: Everton or not. Furthermore, Neville's insistence that he does "want to come here" must be backed up by an all out effort to bring him "home". I am not concerned about our not having money; we have assets. Pienaar has only one year on his contract left. If he hasn't signed yet (I hope he does by the way), I don't see it happening. Keeping him means losing out on around £12 million. That is indefensible. We must find players, and none seem more ready to fit in at Everton than Donovan. Sell Pienaar, get Donovan. Open and shut case, especially as money left over could go towards another midfielder. Peronally, I would lose one of Yobo or Hibbert,too, in order to buy back up for Bainsey. We need three players, and can sacrifice Pienaar if it means two quality midfileders coming in.
Rob, London, 2:47 PM 23/07/2010
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