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The Boy Barkley
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Talk is strong, even from Moyes that Ross will be on his way to the Championship and most likely Sheff Wed. This link should certainly not be seen as a slight toward Everton's hottest young property since Wayne Rooney. In fact I think it would be great for his development to have a season getting roughed up/tearing the arse out of the Championships finest. I have no doubt that he will look far too good for that level. This will be great for his confidence and he will return to us stronger and ready for regular Everton football.

One question raised by the talk of Ross' temporary departure; should he already be playing for Everton more regularly? I would say that the answer to that question is, 'not quite'. Possibly a compromise for Ross and Everton would be to send him on loan until January and then bring him back to use his new found experience in an Everton shirt for the business end of the season. He is very close to being ready and has shown his potential with some glittering reserve and youth international performances.

As Moyes mentioned in his press conference recently he was at Preston when a certain David Beckham came on loan to further his development and he didn't turn out too badly. He returned to Manure, worked his way into the first team then scored the goal that truly launched his career.  I look forward to the moment that will inevitably fall at Ross' feet and elevate him to the forefront of the game. He seems to have the correct grounded mentality to grasp such a moment when it arrives not to mention a vast wealth of talent within said feet. Even in the limited number of first team opportunities he has had up to now you can tell as soon as he touches the ball that he is capable of doing pretty much whatever he wants with it.

Ross may not quite burst onto the scene in the fashion Wayne Rooney has before but he is a very different player. He has come into an Everton team that is far superior to the team Rooney made his name and, because of the position and type of game he plays it will always be harder to make the same enigmatic impact Rooney did. Rooney was a fearless young striker were as Ross will eventually be a creator; looking to stamp his authority on games during the course of 90 minutes.

Regardless of where Ross finds himself this season he is in the early phases of what will be an exciting career. If he stays he needs to be given games and if he goes out on loan he will get those games but we could possibly miss out on a level of performance that would further our own cause. It's a high class problem we find ourselves with when we have too many other options in his position for it to be seen as a possibility to let him continue his development at another club and out of view of the Premiership microscope. Rest assured this is just the start for the boy Barkley and we will soon have a top class player on our hands.

 Rocky Balbluer (@johnsimms1878)

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It will do him a world of good. Especially if he goes to Dave Jones (big Blue) at Wednesday.
mike, upper bullens, 5:08 PM 19/08/2012
I agree totally it will great experience for Ross hopefully he will come back a better player and ready for the prem
mike , runcorn, 1:43 PM 19/08/2012
Totally agree with you Rocky.
Daz C, Stoke, 12:04 PM 19/08/2012
How anyone can say anything other than that Barkley was underused last season is beyond me. It was a waste of a year in his development. What was the point in playing McFadden in preference???
steve, ormskirk, 11:47 AM 19/08/2012
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