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Why Duncan Is Our Hero
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21st November 1994, Andy Hinchcliffe takes a corner. The perfectly arced ball sailed in at the exact trajectory to leave a 'what if' in the pit of 40,000 stomachs. Meanwhile, at its destination, a loanee Scotsman began a twisting leap that cut through the cold night air. The two were fixed on a constant bearing toward the same point. Their shared direction was about to change from curve and twist to sure and true. As the ball met the back of the net, Duncan Cowan Ferguson met Goodison Park.

In that single moment his permanent signing was a certainty. 'FERGUSON', '9' already adorned many a royal blue jersey. It was a moment of pure magic in a bleak period and sparked a new belief within the club; belief that 100% commitment and pride in wearing the Everton shirt could get you places. Not that Ferguson ever wanted for talent that is; great in the air, good eye for goal and tidy feet in a tight situation. He also showed imagination and no fear in some big games; never daunted by his opposition, any opponent, ego or reputation.

The passion he created was not just from performances alone but also a presence like no other player. He had a gladiatorial understanding of what the fans really wanted to see in their players; a menacing, unflinching, combative nature. Duncan Ferguson did not play football, he waged 90 minutes of war against all placed before him.  Images of altercations on the pitch will never win trophies or put the ball in the back of the net but they can light a fire in a football ground. The flailing Paul Ince, flying through the air after being tossed aside like a dog's unwanted chew toy. Or maybe Sami Hyypia grounded and cowering, consumed by the knowledge he is less of a man than 'Big Dunc'.

The memories that endure are not just the much loved assaults against anyone stupid enough to test him. He scored some great goals in big games against the most hated and daunting of oppositions. They shine as examples of the talent that was hampered by battle scars and an unjust penance paid. The countless towering headers, the swivel and shot against Manchester United or indeed the swivel and shot against Liverpool. Even in the dark days of Geordie exile I couldn't help raise a smile when he turned and dispatched a world class half volley against none other than Manchester United.

Every Evertonian dreamed of a 1995 Ferguson cup final goal to crown a fantastic season against all odds. It wasn't to be, but seeing him get on the pitch despite not being fully fit was a fantastic moment. During his time at Everton he was the embodiment of the fans' passion and desire standing tall on the pitch; never contained, always talismanic.

Why is Duncan our hero? Because he's one of us.

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Comments about Why Duncan Is Our Hero
Whenever I watch the YouTube clips of him it brings out the goosebumps. That goal against THEM started it all but the header against Manure when I swear the Goodison roar lifted the roof off the Old Lady will always be in my memory. He was pure legend in the dark days and I love him.
Billy the Blue, Bristol, 10:38 PM 19/07/2012
Thanks for all the comments an likes Blues! Much appreciated! Justin I totally agree THAT goal could have given another chapter to an already great story. I was tempted to include it but it seemed too sour for the tone of the article. Imagine the Champo League getting the Big Dunc treatment! Would have been BOSS!
Rock Balbluer, Liverpool, 10:07 PM 19/07/2012
GOOSEBUMPS DOWN MY NECK! I'll still never forgive that hills have eyes Collina robbed him of his crowning glory though.
Justin, South Wales, 7:32 PM 19/07/2012
My two daughters are 18 and 20 and they can't remember him playing that much but they love him as much as me. They always piss themselves when they see the Stefan Freund being strangled like a fookin chicken,,,,,,class
Woody, Warwickshire, 4:42 PM 19/07/2012
Second only to Neville Southall for me. LEGEND!
ali, UK, 12:16 PM 19/07/2012
Class Article!! Ultamate Hero! True Blue, True Legend & hard as nails!!
Ben Treloar, Somerset, 10:52 PM 18/07/2012
Wasn't he caught driving the wrong way past the Moat House the night before too? A true legend. A glimmer of hope for us suffering fans when all seemed to be falling down around us. They were definitely testing times I never want to repeat. He was definitely one of us. Taking all the lads the away games when he was serving his ridiculous SFA ban with a van full of ale...of course he was one of us.
Az, Wavo, 10:49 PM 18/07/2012
My boyhood hero! Remember sitting on my bed in tears when it came on the radio that he had been sold to Newcastle. As dunc once said "I only played for Everton. That's what happens, if you play for Everton, you just forget the rest" LEGEND
Glenn, Preston, 9:12 PM 18/07/2012
Legend enough said.
Evo, Abingdon, 7:02 PM 18/07/2012
Sums up how i think most Blues feel about the big man. My favourite player growing up and an all round legend. Harshly treated by referees and opposition. Also well said Mrs Mrs Swift - not many reds give him credit
Dave Mc, Liverpool, 1:35 PM 18/07/2012
I was at that game in 1994. Got a ticket somehow in the Gwladys Street end with all the blues. As a LFC fan I knew as he came on to the pitch, wearing the old NEC sponsored kit, here comes trouble. David James, not the best at crosses, had no chance, but not many keepers would have to be honest. I think all footy fans love to hate a certain player or players. For us reds Duncan was and still is one of THEM players. I reluctantly say this but he was a good player and provided a lot of entertainment. Red cards, towering headers, headbutts, chocking Steffan Freund - Ferguson was an 'old' type player in a modern game.
Mrs Swift loves it, West Derby, 11:49 AM 18/07/2012
When he played he set the bar for the rest of the team to follow, a true leader on the pitch and a big gentleman off it. 2 great feet, superb in the air, strong as an ox, and brave as a lion. It's amazing to know he is working his way up the ladder to be our manager, to again lead us in to battle once more!
Ian, Derby, 11:32 AM 18/07/2012
What a well written piece! Felt like I was there Again and stirred up the emotions! Best article for ages!
Efcmacca, West derby, 11:20 AM 18/07/2012
I cried when Dunc scored that goal against the baggies (his last game). The big man is my all time hero. When ever anyone asks who's my all time no1 I always say big Dunc! I have had two chances to actually have a couple of words with him, but I couldn't go near him. I think I would have made a fool of myself (DUNCAN IS ARE HERO. HE IS ARE NO9).
Liam, Everton, 11:02 AM 18/07/2012
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