Everton Legend Gordon West Passes Away
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Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Gordon West at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral today, 18th June 2012.

Everton fans, many wearing blue, broke into applause when the keeper's coffin covered in an Everton flag was carried into the Cathedral.

Tributes were paid by Everton president, Sir Philip Carter and former Club chaplain Harry Ross.

There were more than 30 of Westy's former team mates present including Derek Temple, Tommy Wright, John Hurst, Joe Royle, Colin Harvey, Peter Reid, Cliff Marshall, Ronnie Goodlass, Duncan McKenzie, John Bailey, Frank Darcy, George Telfer and Dave Hickson. (18/06/12)

Everton legend Gordon West has died today, 10th June 2012 aged 69. The Everton goalkeeper was a regular in the team that won championship in 1962-63 and in 1969-70 and the FA Cup in 1966.

Everton signed Westy from Blackpool for £27,000, then a British record transfer fee for a goalkeeper. Gordon Also won 3 caps foe England.

As well as playing for Everton for 11 years, making over 400 appearances, Westy became a great favourite with the fans as an after dinner speaker when he finished playing.

Deepest sympathy to all his family and friends from all at Blue Kipper. (10/06/12)

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Comments about Everton Legend Gordon West Passes Away
On the coach home from Wembley in 84" we picked Westie up. We then had Labone and Temple on as well, needless to say we had great time going home with Westie borrowing a few beers! It was also my birthday as well, what a day!! RIP Gordon
Kubla Khan, Moysieside, 11:39 PM 19/06/2012
Westy was the Everton keeper when I began supporting them in 1966. We have been blessed with some excellent keepers down the years and Westy was up there with the best of them. Rest in peace.
Stephen Cummins, Ireland, 11:56 AM 19/06/2012
Yes, a fitting tribute to a true Everton legend. Kudos to the kopite who was there with a red shirt on too, showing that respect for Westy wasn't just amongst us. All the very best to the family of this great Evertonian.
Paul Newton, Bootle, 11:42 AM 19/06/2012
anthony nolan, new york, 10:50 PM 13/06/2012
Westy was the goalie when I first started supporting Everton as a lad, true Everton Legend. Rest in peace Gordon thanks for the memories.
Graham Rathbone, Runcorn, 9:14 PM 13/06/2012
Memories are flooding back like my tears. God bless you, see you in blue heaven. Deepest sympathy to all the West family.
Jim McGiveron , Perth Australia , 4:43 PM 13/06/2012
One of my favourite customers. We shared a few jokes RIP.
Sheila Lupton, Ex.lloyds bank, 4:26 PM 13/06/2012
Great Goalie, Great man, Great Evertonian. God bless you Gordon, never to be forgotten. NSNO
Dave Yates, Afghanistan, 12:27 PM 12/06/2012
Big hearted Evertonian. God bless you and all the family Westie. You were my 1st goalie to support as a kid. Deepest sympathy to all the West family.
The obsructed view, Liverpool, 12:15 PM 12/06/2012
A Legend. I'll never forget the memories of a truly great goalkeeper. Going back a few years ago i had the pleasure of being in your company many a time at the local pub were you used to enjoy a pint or two. You were quite a character. God bless Westy and Deepest sympathy to all the family
Paul Davies, Litherland, 12:09 PM 12/06/2012
Another of my heroes from that great era for Everton has gone and a lesser place the world is for his passing. RIP and condolences to all his family and friends.
Martin, Bristol, 10:38 AM 12/06/2012
Westy, you were an Everton legend. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, one of my fondest memories was when I was in the Bullens Rd. paddock one very bitterly cold night in Nov. '71 against Southampton. Everton were attacking the Gladwys St. end, we were 5-0 up in the first half and you were shivering in the Park End goal when an elderly gent came on the pitch and brought you a hot cup of tea/coffee to warm you up. It must have done the trick because we went on to win 8-0. You were one of Everton's greatest legends and goalie's. You will be sadly missed. My sincere condolences to your family. R.I.P. Gordon West.
Ray Welsh, Broadgreen, L13, 5:06 AM 12/06/2012
R.I.P. Gordon you were my all time hero and i had the pleasure of being in your company many times in the Weld Blundell.
Brian Saint, Ormskirk, 8:56 PM 11/06/2012
So glad you were at my wedding. You were a lovely man. Our thoughts are with your Linda and sons Steve and Mark at this sad time. I bet you're chatting to Brian and putting the world to rights. Rest in peace. You'll be missed.
Karan Hamill, Mold noth wales, 8:49 PM 11/06/2012
Gordon, you were a true football legend. We never forget sense of humour. Rest in peace .
Steve Hamill, Mold noth wales, 8:43 PM 11/06/2012
Gordon, you always had your back to me in the Gwladys street end. I felt so safe, cannot believe you've gone. What a man. West the best. nite my mate, and thankyou so much,
Pete, Tuebrook, 8:38 PM 11/06/2012
One of my first Everton heroes. Who can forget him pulling down the crossbar to allow shots to go over? Probably get a yellow card these days. Or shoulder charging oncoming forwards who always came off second best. Interesting to see an earlier comment about his long throws. I think that was because he played for a long time with his thigh strapped up cos he couldn't kick properly. Great keeper, great guy, great loss. Rest easy Westy.
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 8:27 PM 11/06/2012
A great hero of mine has passed away. I remember having a drink with Gordon in the Punch Bowl pub in Sefton years ago, in 1977. We were organising a charity football match, and when he heard me talking about being a goalie and an mad Evertonian, on the day of the match, he brought along his 1963 championship winning goalkeepers jersey for me to wear. I have never felt so proud, and felt ten foot tall playing in it. A real honour for me. The posts above say it all. A true hero, gentleman and Everton legend has passed away. Thanks for the memories Gordon. RIP.
Hotpants, Crosby, 8:27 PM 11/06/2012
R I P Gordon a true Blues legend
Rob Parker, Holbeach, 8:08 PM 11/06/2012
Larger than life and 'genuine' both on and off the pitch; chose his family over his country in 70 which must have pleased the Germans. R.I.P.
Mark G., Oxton, 8:07 PM 11/06/2012
I was lucky enough to see Westy in goal for the Blues for most of the time he was with us. I also saw him at a Sportsmans dinner a few years ago with the late great Brian Labone and a wonderful night was had by all. Deepest sympathy to all his family and friends, R.I.P a true legend and great man.
Colin Brown, L, 7:56 PM 11/06/2012
They don't have characters in the game anymore like you Gordon.RIP Westy.
Degsy, Southport, 7:23 PM 11/06/2012
Rest in peace a blue legend who was a great keeper and as strong as an ox from a time when the Derby was fun. Respect from the red half the city.
Albie, Liverpool, 6:49 PM 11/06/2012
As a kid watcing Westie in goal in the 1960's, he always looked like a giant. So sad to see another of my boyhood idols pass away. Never to be forgotten.
Lennie. , West Kirby., 6:07 PM 11/06/2012
RIP Gordon you always took the time to speak to people and made my daughters day outside the main stand telling her stories of your playing days. True legend
Steve D, wirral, 5:54 PM 11/06/2012
Thanks for the memories Gordon. Too many to mention. God bless to an Everton great.
John, Gosport, 4:51 PM 11/06/2012
My dad took me to me Westy's first game against Wolves in March 62. A a real club man which in today's game is no longer the case. As previously mentioned what a save at molineux in FA cup in 67!!
Allan, Liverpool, 4:49 PM 11/06/2012
Gordon-Gordon-Gordon. Loved saluting the grand keeper as he arrived at the Street back in the glory time. A character with a mind of his own. No compromise. An Evertonian. So long Westy.
Glenn, Crewe, 4:33 PM 11/06/2012
One of the great Everton keepers. Will never be forgotten.
Mac, Crosby, 4:19 PM 11/06/2012
Remember that save at Wolves in the FA CUP. Top man. We'll miss you. God Bless.
Kevin, Newmarket, 3:52 PM 11/06/2012
My dear Dad used to drink with Gordon in the Vic, in Waterloo. I remember when my Dad first introduced me to him (though there was little introduction needed, of course) and I was overawed to be talking to one of my first football hero's. A friend of mine is on t.v tonight, talking of her memories of 'Westy'. A great goalie, character and part of our great clubs history. R.I.P Gordon. Much love and sympathy to all His family. x
Paul Newton, Bootle, 3:13 PM 11/06/2012
Another one of my boyhood heroes gone. Fantastic goalkeeper and a real character. With the greatest of respect to Andy Rankin, Dai Davies and others that followed him, he was never truly replaced until Neville came along, which is a tribute to just how special he was. R.I.P. Gordon and God Bless your family.
Jeff, Cheshire, 3:10 PM 11/06/2012
A rock solid true blue legend. A superb goalkeeper who represented his club and his country with utmost distinction. And a great, jovial, affable man who had an abundance of tales to tell. Will be sadly missed by Evertonians and all supporters of the beautiful game. Deepest sympathy to all his family and friends. R.I.P Westy.
Ron, West Derby, 3:06 PM 11/06/2012
RIP Westie, a Blue Legend. Sincere condolences to your family.
Gary Mac, Wirral, 1:44 PM 11/06/2012
Top man Westy, such sad news ,deepest sympathy to all the family.
Patrick Hale, Isle Of Wight, 1:32 PM 11/06/2012
What a legend,what a man.A great goalkeeper a great entertainer.Deepest sympathy to the West family. RIP Gordon.
Albie Charles, Gloucester, 1:11 PM 11/06/2012
What's more to said....The chant was Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, with arms thrust forward....Could throw it to the 1/2 way line...I'm sure he used to mark a 'V' out from the 2 posts to the middle of the 6 yard box, so he knew his position...Could have been an England regular....RIP Westy....NSNO.
Colin Evans, Gloucester, 12:44 PM 11/06/2012
Before my era but greatly respected by all. A great player in the Everton pantheon. I met him at functions and he was always very friendly and open. Condolences to his family.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:24 PM 11/06/2012
A gracious man, humble and honourable, a gentleman, an Evertonian. Last time I spoke to Gordon, he'd gone out of his way to come to a fundraiser for a friend of ours who was battling cancer. Typical Gordon, he went around the room chatting and sharing his stories, having banter with the reds and was absolutely brilliant, as usual. He deserves to mentioned amongst the greats, because he was one. R.I.P Gordon west, deepest sympathy to the family.
Dave, Liverpool, 12:24 PM 11/06/2012
Pride of position my picture of Harry Catterick's all conquering stars. None more so than Gordon - a true legend. The days gone by of Labby, Alan Whittle, Sandy Brown, Bally, Joe, Jimmy H, and Brian Harris. In all great sides there had to be a class keeper - Gordon / Neville Really sorry to hear the news of his passing. Rest assured he will be in great company with the other Corinthians.
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 12:17 PM 11/06/2012
Thanks for being my mate. Miss you Westy R.I.P. My true friend.
Roger Kenyon, Chester, 12:13 PM 11/06/2012
Sorry to see you have left us Gordon. You were up at the top with all the greats. It's only goodnight for now. You are with your mates Labby and Bally. R.I.P. my mate.
Brian Snagg, Liverpool, 12:08 PM 11/06/2012
Gary , BANGOR NORTH WALES, 11:12 AM 11/06/2012
RIP Westy What a great character I can remember a testimonial when a stretcher came on for an injury under the blanket on the stretcher was a huge shape it could ony be Westy. What a great guy he was they don't make them like him anymore
The Blue Monkey, Liverpool, 11:04 AM 11/06/2012
Met Westy a few times and what a genuine and funny man.Rest in peace Big Man.
Dave McCarron, Liverpool, 10:26 AM 11/06/2012
Great man, great, great keeper in the bygone days when we really did have a great side. Thanks for the memories Gordon. Deepest sympathy to all your family. R. I. P. Lad.
Dicko, Everton, 9:58 AM 11/06/2012
R.I.P Gordon great man ~ great goalkeeper ~great Evertonian the fans past and present all admire and respect this truly wonderful man
Pat Armstrong, Liverpool, 9:43 AM 11/06/2012
Absolutely gutted. 2 league medals and an FA cup winner. I am sure Labby and Bally are waiting for you. My thoughts are with your family and friends. R.I.P Goodison will never be the same.
Bruce Humble, Newcastle upon Tyne, 9:06 AM 11/06/2012
I remember sharing a dressing room with Westy when we played in Ian Callaghans Testimonial at Anfield and he had a bin liner full of handbags which he threw into the Kop as he ran down that end of the park. Also had the pleasure of doing many after dinners with him and Labby. A great 'keeper, a great Blue and a great man respected on both sides of Stanley Park. Rest in Peace Westy.
John Kearney, Wallasey, 8:47 AM 11/06/2012
RIP Gordon. Heart goes out to the West Family
Bobby V, L'pool, 8:39 AM 11/06/2012
One of the clubs real legends. R.I.P.
Shane, Wales, 8:20 AM 11/06/2012
I was fortunate to have a drink with him in the Royal Oak in Crosby with him a few years ago; a true gentleman with a great sense of humour - hated footballers agents. Deepest sympathy - RIP Gordon
Geoff Edwards, St Petersburg, Russia, 8:13 AM 11/06/2012
God Bless ya Westy, I had the pleasure to meet you on a number of occasions, a true Gentleman and genuinely funny man, who made everyone laugh
Stephen Lyth, Whitby, 8:04 AM 11/06/2012
So sad to hear of a lovely person like Westy passing away. He brought fun and laughter especially to Derby games. RIP blessings to his family.
Ann, NZ, 7:47 AM 11/06/2012
Another of The " Great "Everton teams gone. But will NEVER be Forgotten......RIP Gordon...
Alan Brown, Thailand, 7:05 AM 11/06/2012
I am gutted what a man what a player a True Blue Legend , RIP Big Fella Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.
Andy Hamel, Garston, 6:47 AM 11/06/2012
RIP Westy, deepest sympathy to your family.
Shavs47, Perth WA, 6:12 AM 11/06/2012
My first real hero when i started to watch Everton as a boy. A giant in the goalmouth, i used to watch with awe when he used to swing on the crossbar after tipping one over!. Sadly missed, a real great My thoughts to his family.
LES, PHUKET, 5:57 AM 11/06/2012
Sad sad news. R.I.P. champ from a few Evertonians down unda.
Tony, Australia, 4:49 AM 11/06/2012
The word legend is too easily used today. Westy was one, Great memories of a great man I remember ha laid Jim Illy out at Newcastle cost us a pen but worth it
John Codling, Thailand, 3:14 AM 11/06/2012
Thank you all for your kind words. It means so much. God bless you all. Steve West
Steve West, Liverpool, 1:50 AM 11/06/2012
I remember having a few pints with him, John Hurst and Mike Bernard in the Hare and Hounds in Maghull. Wonderful story teller and top class goalie. Our thoughts are with his family. RIP Westy.
Kev Mcconville, Lowestoft, 1:12 AM 11/06/2012
The `Kop` had a song for you Westie, but that was a compliment to you. They knew how good you were, God Bless and Rest in Peace.
Ken Cunliffe, Widnes, 11:35 PM 10/06/2012
Another boyhood hero gone. Deepest sympathy to the West family. RIP Gordon.
Mike, L'pool, 11:21 PM 10/06/2012
Very sad news. I remember Westy laying out Andy Lochead of Burnley at Turf Moor. Nobody messed with Gordon. True legend. rR.I.P. Gordon say hello to Bally and Labby for us..
Mick McGuire, Blackpool, 11:12 PM 10/06/2012
RIP Westy, you'll never be gone.
John Kelly, Australia, 11:11 PM 10/06/2012
God bless big man. Had a pint with Westy in the Hermitage in the 70s. He had me memorised with very humorous tales about the other players ie Brian Harris. Fred Pickering. We will never see the like again
Eddie Hallsworth, Isle of mann, 11:03 PM 10/06/2012
It's such a shame that when people talk about the greatest goalkeepers in the English game they talk about Banks, Shilton and Clemence but never Gordan West. RIP Gordan West.
Riley, Liverpool, 10:57 PM 10/06/2012
BLUE NOSE, ST HELENS, 10:29 PM 10/06/2012
A god to me when i was a kid and had the pleasure of meeting him 8 or 9 years ago at a sportsmans dinner. What a gentleman and what a character. He said to me you know you people are the greatest people on earth the way you treat your ex players. No Gordon. Were not mate. You are and always will be. Go and join your mates. The great gods Labby and Bally. RIP big man as my uncle Tommy used to say. Hands like shovels Westy.
Andy, Huyton, 10:28 PM 10/06/2012
A great keeper, in my time a close second to Big Nev, I remember his long throws out, at that time most keepers used to kick it. A very sad day for people of our generation as our idols pass away.
Norman Patterson, Widnes, 10:27 PM 10/06/2012
R.I.P. Westy. true Everton legend. "your in are heart your in our soul".
mike, bootle, 10:19 PM 10/06/2012
Gutted to hear the sad news. A true blue and a legend. RIP Gordon West.
John, Southport, 10:10 PM 10/06/2012
Gordon West was a true Everton legend, and only for being so unselfish and staying at home with his then wife instead of going to Mexico in '70 would have gone on to be an England legend. Westy what a team you're joining up there, Labby, Bally et el! Thanks for the memories mate. R.I.P.
PETER RIGBY, ENGLAND, 10:09 PM 10/06/2012
I was lucky enough to start watching the blues in the season we won the title in 1970. A great keeper, behind a great side. Rest easy Westy; you've earned it!
fitz389, Wolverhampton, 10:07 PM 10/06/2012
A true Everton legend Sympathy to all Gordon's family
Tel the blue nose, Aintree, 10:02 PM 10/06/2012
R.I.P Westy. A great goalie & a great man. Up there now with his many friends Bally, Labby, Dixie, Harry Catterick etc. Deepest sympathy to all his family x
Pauline Kelly, Aintree, 9:57 PM 10/06/2012
What sad news....Many condolences to his family..R.I.P. Gordon West... one of Our All Time Greats
Doug , Tenerife, 9:54 PM 10/06/2012
I had the honour of meeting the great man several times. True legend. R I P Mr West
Neil, Rainford, 9:37 PM 10/06/2012
Sad news. RIP westie.
e williamson, kirkby, 9:36 PM 10/06/2012
Your mate Labby will be waiting for you with a Pint mate ,Evertonian and Legend! Everton Mid Cheshire
Ken Sweeney, Winsford, 9:32 PM 10/06/2012
A great shame. I went to a dinner when he was there with Labone and the two just had so many stories and were like a comedy duo. RIP
Tommo, Wigan, 9:28 PM 10/06/2012
Brilliant keeper; inspired me to be a keeper, in the early 70s. Great legend; leaves fond memories of successful days.
Joe Dids, Bury, 9:27 PM 10/06/2012
A terrible loss to his family and the club. Larger than life and a great character who would always have time to have chat and a joke. Scary - how the years pass by and another Legend passses on. God Bless Gordon West and you'll be in great company in the Main Stand in Heaven.
El Cid, Offshore, 9:22 PM 10/06/2012
Good Night & God Bless Big Fella. Give our regards to Messrs Labone, Ball et al. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.
Mark & Liam Bowen, St Helens, 9:04 PM 10/06/2012
Guted - spent my youth watching a great keeper RIP
Alan Ash, Liverpool, 8:49 PM 10/06/2012
Westy. My first Everton hero. A great keeper and great person. Met gordon several times over the years. RIP Gordon
Tony H, Wallasey, 8:48 PM 10/06/2012
Met the great man a few times, A True Legend. Will be sadly missed by all Blues. Thanks for the memories Gordon. R.I.P Big Fella.
Peter B, Wirral, 8:43 PM 10/06/2012
Very sad news to hear. Another of The Catt's Legends gone. Thanks for the memories Gordon. Deepest Sympathy to all the Family.
Dave Charles , Liverpool, 8:43 PM 10/06/2012
Deepest sympathy to all the family, god bless Westie xxxx
Diane Gilligan, Dovecot, 8:31 PM 10/06/2012
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