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A Match Going Evertonian With a Point Of View.

Simply The Crest (18-Sep-2013)
  Last week I was one of hundreds of Evertonians invited to Goodison Park to take part in a consultation with fans over the design of the club's new crest, which will replace the current version from next...Read More
Everton's second preseason defeat of the season was a surreal experience in many ways. Firstly, our opponents were neither Preston North End nor Chester City, but the great Real Madrid. Secondly, the game took place o...Read More
An incredible statistic has been discussed in many a newspaper and alehouse during this past few weeks. Following the departures of Alex Ferguson, Tony Pulis, David Moyes and Roberto Martinez from their respective clu...Read More
What Next? (11-May-2013)
Evertonians are used to disappointment. With age we often seem to develop a sense of general pessimism, having been subject to repeated disappointments over the years. But the departure of David Moyes to Manchester Un...Read More
Not Fer (26-Feb-2013)
Its always great to get away with the lads for an away match, and this weekend was no exception despite the result at Norwich going against us. Good company and good quality ale were enough to keep spirits high as we ...Read More
Many blues, myself included, will be approaching this Sunday's derby with trepidation. I've tried a number of methods ovcr the years for keeping calm during that 90 minutes: not going to the game, going for a run befo...Read More
Everton Season Review  - Part Two Everton kicked off 2012 and an extremely busy January with a visit to the Hawthorns on New Year's Day. The result was what we...Read More
Everton Season Review - Part One This season has pretty much had it all - joy, excitement, disappointment and heartache. There have been off the field protests, a g...Read More
Semi On (06-Apr-2012)
So, here we are. It's nearly upon us, and guess what? We can beat them, we should beat them, and we have every reason to believe we will beat them. I'll level with you here - I hate the redshite. I have what I...Read More
Everton And Honesty (11-Mar-2012)
"I say to my players there must be no diving in our team. There is no 'but' to it either. I don't want it." David Moyes, March 2012 I like to think o...Read More
This season has been a particularly difficult one for me, as an Evertonian. Since the birth of the Blue Union I have been involved in numerous discussions, debates, and a few heated arguments, on the merits of the gro...Read More