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Last week I was one of hundreds of Evertonians invited to Goodison Park to take part in a consultation with fans over the design of the club's new crest, which will replace the current version from next season. I had applied online a few weeks ago and was delighted to receive the email telling me I had been randomly selected to take part. If nothing else this would be an opportunity to go and see some of the innards of Goodison which I may not have seen before, to meet some Evertonians, and to contribute to a significant moment in the club's history.


I arrived early and was directed to the Captains Table Room in the Park End. Its walls are decorated with pictures of clubs captains from years gone by, right up to our present skipper. I wandered round like an arty type in a gallery, and reflected on the familiar and unfamiliar faces before me. It was a timely reminder that things change. Before long around 25 blues had arrived and we were welcomed by two men from Kenyon Fraser before being split into two smaller groups. Kenyon Fraser is a local agency hired by Everton to consult with the fans and design a number of crests, which fans will then vote on to select a winner. The whole process is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.


Our group leader Richard, the CEO of Kenyon Fraser, led my group to a separate suite and we were seated around a long table. Before we started there was a horrible moment when I dunked one of the complimentary biscuits into my cup of coffee, and half of the biscuit broke off and sank to the bottom of the mug. I was left with no option of course but to drink the evidence. Thankfully I don't think anyone noticed me chewing the last couple of sips.


Most in the group were local, however there were two fans who had travelled from Leeds and Anglesey, just for this meeting, reminding me that not only are we blessed with a fan base spread across the country, but we have out of town fans who care enough about the club to make a long journey to Goodison on a work night, just to have their views heard. Having the fans' views heard is of course the whole point of this exercise. My understanding is that this is the biggest consultation with fans over the design of a club crest ever, in any sport, anywhere in the world. Our club is often criticised by fans, and quite rightly too, for making what sometimes appear to be quite basic management mistakes, the current crest being an example. But credit where it is due, they have sought to correct the mistake and hopefully the appearance that they are getting the process right will not prove to be deceptive.


During the next hour or so Richard took us through a series of questions - the same questions which have appeared in the online survey on the official site. The point of these focus groups, we were told, was to gather some opinions and views which would be lost in a purely digital survey.


Most of the questions in the survey triggered interesting debates. The first asked us what we believed Everton stands for. A couple of viewpoints stood out as being almost unanimous. In particular, the view that the tag of 'The People's Club' has had its day. Some, myself included, felt that at the time when David Moyes coined this phrase it was good, however we have moved on from him and from that period. His recent and disappointing comments are all the more reason to leave that phrase behind. We can be the People's Club without referring to ourselves as such.


A discussion on the crests from a selection of other clubs followed. My personal favourite is Tottenham's. It manages to combine simplicity with symbols of historical significance. Some crests are shocking, such as Bolton's. The Wolves crest is too simple. The Hull crest is too intricate. It is a difficult thing to get right, which is all the more reason why it is great to involve fans in the process, and to offer a selection which we will be able to vote on.


It is crucial of course that our new crest retains elements from our crests of the past. Indeed, one of the questions raised divided last season's crest into its parts - the shield, the motto, the tower, the wreaths, 1878 and the club's name, and asked us to discuss their relative importance. This gets to the very heart of the task at hand. Ideally I would want all of these things in our new crest, however I am beginning to accept that it was perhaps too busy, and it is time for a change. Our crest has been modified a number of times over the years, for practical reasons as much as any, and it is primarily for practical reasons that last season's crest may be trying to fit too much into one badge. Simplicity has a greater impact. With that in mind I would be open to the new badge containing, for example, only the club's name, the tower, and the wreaths. No shield, no motto, no 1878. This might look similar to our badge from the mid eighties, with the addition of the club's name beneath it (for marketing reasons). Components such as the motto (which I love and have tattooed across the back of my shoulders), can still be an important part of the club. We could replace 'The People's Club' on the Main Stand with it, for example, and continue to sell merchandise with the motto printed on it.


The main issue I have with the new badge is the depiction of the tower. Its lines are too thick and it looks like something from a Warner Brothers cartoon or a Nintendo game. I have no objection to the tower's new shape, which is of course a more accurate reflection of the actual tower. One of our earlier crests, from the thirties I believe, did have a tower of this shape, but it was a far more artistic depiction. I also think that either the wreaths or the motto have to stay, and overall the new badge just has to look like more time and thought has gone into it.


All in all I really enjoyed the meeting, and was impressed by much of what Richard had to say. He convinced me that there are no hidden agendas, and that they have been given no brief other than to produce something which the fans at large are happy with. The club is frequently slammed by supporters for one reason or another, but in this case I think and hope that they are getting it right. I look forward to seeing the candidate crests when they are released next month and expect at least one of them to strike a chord. Surely whatever we end up with will be an improvement on the crest we are currently having to endure. And for those who are wondering, the biscuits were absolutely top notch.


Comments about Simply The Crest
I did the crest questions like everyone else on here did but it didn't give me any real options. Now I'm left with 3 designs I don't really like, most people like me will go or option 1 (best of a bad bunch) but why not give us 10 or 20 options to pick from? Is anyone happy with these 3? Can we have a vote Ed.
Carl Cole, Chester, 11:31 PM 23/09/2013
Oh for christ´s sake, not this load of nonsense all over again. The biggest load of balls since balls were invented. If you want to see a really bad logo design go and look at the pile of crap the 1980s team used to wear. Nobody complained then. Some people need to get a life.
Spectator, Crosby, 6:44 PM 23/09/2013
What is wrong with the marketing people in charge of our club? Everton play in blue, the vast majority of shirts bought will be blue, so why the fuck are the badges shown against a white background? It's so amateurish. They all look shite against a white background, they all look ok on the shirt, just as the current badge looks ok on the shirt. I bet if they'd have used their fucking brains and shown us the current badge against a blue background in the first place they could've avoided this stupid mess. The current badge is actually better than all of these 3 attempts but just needs Nil Satis Nisi Optimum written underneath in white. A bunch of clowns the lot of them
Joe, Globetrotting, 4:33 PM 23/09/2013
I like the first one (the one on the left of the 3 put forward). I'm not sure why it has to have "Everton" in the crest, but it's obviously important to those who want to update it, and they are going to update it no matter what. It's the one which has what the majority thought was missing from this years crest, so what's the issue?
Wrong Bins, Wrong Day, again, 1:57 PM 23/09/2013
To all Everton fans not happy with the new badge selection....please follow the link and sign the petition...http//
Gary, Potsmouth, 1:19 PM 23/09/2013
I would like to know how many of the original "consultation committee" were selected for this stage. Our badge was not broken, didn't need replacing and no amount of mumbo jumbo by so called marketing executives will convince me otherwise. Their only objective is to make money out of our club.
SteveH, Manchester, 1:06 PM 23/09/2013
All of the designs look so bad and Everton should have better.
Liam Reid, Birkenhead, 8:57 AM 23/09/2013
An Everton crest has a shield containing a tower flanked by two laurel wreaths. Without those elements how can we call ourselves Everton? I agree with Mark, Paul, Seymok, Grongy and Azzurro. The crest has been modified in the past but has always been recognisable. Change is not acceptable.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 2:37 PM 21/09/2013
The earliest known use of a bird to represent Liverpool was on its corporate seal, dating from the 1350s, so if anybody is copying anything it's lfc. They don't own the right to it, they themselves just copied it off plenty of other institutions around the city. I'm not talking about lfc's stupid arse fuck'n duck version anyway, I'm talking about a proper city symbol like one of the more traditional ones. Either way Liver Bird or not I'd be happy, am just looking for something with more reference to the city on it. Whenever the city gets marketed or any tourist gets a picture next to a liver bird, it's free advertisement to the rs. Something like 'EVERTON City of Liverpool' on it somewhere written in BLUE. I'm sick of always seeing the word 'Liverpool' written in red. Or do we turn our noses up at the name of our great city too! Fuck we've already given them a stadium, a city symbol and why not just give them the name of the city, and say that's yours now, we wont mention that 9 letter word again.
Jon, Halton, 8:00 PM 20/09/2013
We have our own identity Jon .I dont want to be associated with the scum from across the park in any shape or form .the stick they would give us for that would be unbearable .it's bad enough atm with them top of the table after 4 games .
Efc Ade, Midlands , 7:55 PM 20/09/2013
Jon wants the Liverbird on our badge. I give up. You're probably the fan who think the currant badge we have looks good
Nogz, Liverpool, 8:19 AM 20/09/2013
I say if its not broken don't fix it. Why they decided to piss about changing the badge in the first place I don't know. I would of just kept the badge as it was and maybe just taken the everton off from below it and we wouldn't have all this messing around. If they hadn't of come up with this new Mickey Mouse badge in the first place we wouldn't have to be paying these company's to come in and do surveys for us.
Lee, Bootle, 10:27 PM 19/09/2013
Jon, why on earth would we want (Googi the Livershite duck) on our new badge / emblem? We would be slaughtered, as well as having "5 times!" to listen too coming out of their gobs we would get "copying our badge etc" as well to contend with... No, Id prefer for us to stay away from that, take elements from our previous badges "Tower, wreaths" and maybe add new elements, maybe parts of the city's heritage and what its famous for? Just a thought...what do others think?
keith, Liverpool, 5:40 PM 19/09/2013
Sorry Jon.. No liver duck please. We gave them our ground in 1892. We gave them our liver bird. We don't want ANYTHING off them. We would be slaughtered in pubs round here if we started copying things off their badge. Please stop it now.
Peter, Tuebrook, 3:11 PM 19/09/2013
We need to have detail on our badge, not something too simple that doesn't reflect our unique history. I'm in favour of having the inside crest part of our badge as the kit emblem if that solves the issue, just so long as the crest as a whole looks stylish and detailed. I would just like to say that as a fifth generation Evertonian it would be a huge opportunity missed if we don't incorporate the 'Liver Bird' onto our crest WITH the Tower. We wore it on a white shirt back in 1900. It's on virtually every company logo in the city, emblazoned on lamp posts, wheely-bins, road signs. It's everywhere and each time an evertonian see's one, it's like a dagger to the heart since it's been hijacked by the red side. It's been a City Symbol long before we won the league at anfield, and it will remain a City Symbol long after we leave our beloved Goodison Park (hopefully never). Everton fans have been calling for the Liver Bird to be reinstated by the club for many years now. Ian Ross made me and a huge section of Evertonians sick when he had the audacity to concede it over to lfc. (Appropriately back in the naughties, Everton spokesman Ian Ross said: “We have no plans to attempt to reclaim the Liver Bird symbol. I think even the most devout Evertonian knows that the Liver Bird is now synonymous with Liverpool FC.”) So lfc only then, and not the 'University of Liverpool', or 'John Moores University', or 'Liverpool City Council' to name a few. The cheek of him to capitulate the Liver Bird over to lfc on Our Behalf. The Bird is a City Symbol, as proven by lfc's unsuccessful audacious attempt to copyright there version of it in 2008. Everton also commissioned a winners’ medal incorporating the Liver Bird when we won the League Championship for the first time at Anfield in 1890. There is no reclaiming to be done. No club has exclusivity over a city symbol. We wore it FIRST and we'll wear it again. Commercially it makes sound sense, I've seen versions of the crest with the 'City Council Liver Bird' embossed inside the tower, and they look stunning. You know it will piss the reds off, lol.
Jon, Halton, 10:58 PM 18/09/2013
The club Crest is the foundation and represents our heritage and tradition. Its not a logo, Merchandise can use elements of the crest as needed, so dont be drawn into the simplicity argument and this digital age rubbish. I too was lucky enough to be invited into the club and on to a forum, the groups views were very clear, this is our club and the Crest is a truly critical part of it, it's past and now in our hands ... its future.
Paul C, Merseyside, 10:13 PM 18/09/2013
When i started watching the blues we only had EFC written on the chest. I know people feel strongly about this but if a Billionaire owner bought us I would quite happily have his/ her name written on the shirt if it meant we could compete like a proper team and not have to make do each year with nothing!
Rob , childwall, 7:33 PM 18/09/2013
Mark #3 makes an excellent point. The crest on the shirt can be simplified (though not to the extent of the current model) but the official club crest (NOT A LOGO) should look the part. In the days when the shirts only bore the initials EFC, the club still had an official crest. I would even go as far as to register the official crest (my personal preference is 1991 - 2000) with the College of Arms as the club's armorial.
Azzurro, Wirral, 7:12 PM 18/09/2013
I have never thought the badge needed changing but I can however see why 'upstairs' thought it looked busy. I never really saw the need for having EVERTON included in the badge. I can't think of any of the other major sides in europe or elsewhere that have that; Milan,Juve, Barce, Real,or Boca etc,other than Bayern. Letters like EFC then maybe but not whole name. Surely that's the whole point of a crest or logo, that it symbolises what it represents without the need for the name also? Like Paul below I also like the Man City emblem, They have something there that looks historic and regal and not like a primary school art project like our new one. I don't see how our last season's crest without the name below and maybe the 1878, is any more difficult to reproduce than barcelona's or man city's. Anyway, I appreciate the effort the club are going to to get everyone involved and I hope the consultation group do everyone proud with what they produce.
Claff, Wirral, 7:12 PM 18/09/2013
Paul, Wirral has a good point there about people being selected to come to preordained decisions. Until this consultation started taking place, I have never seen or heard one single fan at the match, on the radio, in the local papers, or any of my Blue mates once say that the badge needed a change or looked 'too busy' as mentioned in the article. The club has decided - perhaps motivated by Nike, perhaps not - that there WILL be a change so we have no option but to be open to it now. However, until this process came to light when the badge was first leaked online several weeks before the official announcement, I can honestly say that the thought of a new badge never entered my mind. I just hope the new design is decent. I've seen some fair fan created ideas, but none of them come close to the one which is now considered by the club to be outdated
Grongy, Salford, 4:44 PM 18/09/2013
What needs to be recognised is that the shirt badge and the club crest do not have to the same thing. Indeed if you look at what the survey have called a crest in the past (70s and 80s) they are infact only the shirt badge or emblem. The official club crest has not changed since 1938. If they want to seperate the two again then thats fine but for me the CLUB CREST for EFC has to include our motto, the tower, the wreaths and the shield . . . they are fundamental to our heritage. . .
seymok, Kirkby, 2:04 PM 18/09/2013
I watched the Man City game last night and what struck me is the kit had a classic look in keeping with club history . The badge unlike ours with reasonable detail that complimented the kit. They had what looked like a bespoke kit were as we have an old design with cheap badge that could be made with a potato cut in half. "Simplicity" seems to be the line for the corporate sell . My work experience is that "Focus Groups" are the tend to be based on selecting the right staff to come to the correct preordained decision. The marketing has just got a bit slicker to make you think you that the badge is chosen by you. So the credit due is to the fans who would not let the club buy into the "Cheap & Not Very Cheerful Branding". Now those who have been selected need to realise why they are really there and having the guile to listen to your mates rather than "Marketing Executives". The last badge seems to be universally popular so really just needs to be tweaked rather than cheapened , so we truly evolve rather than sell out.
Paul, Wirral, 12:20 PM 18/09/2013
the 1983-1991 badge as it is in the picture above would work wonderfully today, I also like how Liverpool got around the badge issue. they changed the badge on the kit to a simpler version(almost like the 83-91 badge but a lfc version) but kept their main crest on the ground and merch there by getting round the issues of badges being replicated thousands of times on replica kits yet keeping their identity of the full crest on advertisements etc. if only we had done the same
mark, liverpool, 11:49 AM 18/09/2013
A lot of people have been saying how they would prefer to just go back to old crest, but I can see why the club felt the need for change, as there are a few slight flaws, speaking purely from a graphic design point of view. The name of the club would look better if it were written in all capitals, the '1878' should be one number, as opposed to '18' and '78' separately, and the fourth colour is unnecessary and makes the badge look more cluttered. What I can't understand, is that all of these elements have been incorporated into this new badge as well!
Bert, Devon, 11:44 AM 18/09/2013
I think this only goes to prove that there is no one size fits all for the design. what one fan feels is essential on the crest may be the one thing another feels can be left off. Lets hope there is a majority in favour of one crest and we have a crest to be proud to wear next year.
Tony Q, Waterloo, 11:24 AM 18/09/2013
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