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Evertonians are used to disappointment. With age we often seem to develop a sense of general pessimism, having been subject to repeated disappointments over the years. But the departure of David Moyes to Manchester United this week brought with it some unfamiliar feelings, for me at least. The whole episode has had an air of tragedy about it. We have our good memories, but we knew it would have to end sooner or later. And perhaps most strangely of all, I am actually quite pleased for him, despite the fact that we have lost the man who at times has given the impression of holding the club together. Here is someone who has consistently shown honesty and integrity, as well as ability, and he has landed the job of his dreams. Its always nice to see the good guy prevail.

However, let's be honest, this could spell serious problems for Everton. Moyes has been a relatively consistent source of reliability during a difficult period for the club. In fact, his whole appeal and his three manager of the year awards have come about primarily due to the team's performance in spite of our lack of funds. So now he is gone, where does that leave Everton? Our chairman and board of absent directors hardly inspire confidence. We have some great players, but players come and go frequently, particularly at a club with questionable ambitions. Would you really be surprised if Fellaini and Baines, probably our two best players, leave for bigger clubs this summer? But at least we had Moyes, a manager considered by most in the game to be top notch (a view that has been massively validated of course, by a recommendation from probably the greatest manager of all time). And now he is gone. Shit.

A glance down the bookies' list of potential new managers throws up some interesting names. At the time of writing the favourites are, in order, Roberto Martinez, Malky Mackay, Neil Lennon, Phil Neville and Vitor Pereira. I don't know anything about Vitor Pereira, and for that reason he would probably be my choice from that list. Look further down the list and you can see the bookies do have a sense of humour. Glenn Hoddle, Brendan Rodgers, Mick McCarthy. My main concern is that whoever comes in will not have the money to build his own team, unless he sells one or both of our prized assets. Which of course would be a step or two backwards. We need to be able to invest in new players, to support our new manager, and to stay in contention for European places next season.

I don't expect many have been reassured by Bill Kenwright's interviews this past few days. He has never come across particularly well in interviews in my opinion, but now he almost seems like a broken man. Having come under a degree of pressure in the past couple of years, he probably saw David Moyes as his rock. I was amazed to see Kenwright on the verge of tears as he reflected on Moyes' departure. I actually quite like Kenwright, he's a die hard blue who means well, but it is probably time now for him to start thinking seriously about moving on. The biggest things in Kenwright's favour were his relationship with, and support from Moyes. He says he won't sell to just anyone, but I would suggest now would be a good time to relax his criteria slightly. I'm not about to start protesting on the streets just yet, nor do I want anything to do with the Blue Union, however I would welcome a supporters group led by decent individuals who can apply some pressure on those at the top to start applying themselves. It is noteworthy that two of the directors above David Moyes next season will be club legends Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton. What an enviable situation.

Overall the events of the past few days have just been plain sad. Its sad to see us lose a good manager, sad to think that there's not many good managers out there to choose from, sad that its hard to attract managers and players to a club with no money, sad to reflect on the limited ability of our chairman and board to help out. But I think its important to finish on a positive note, so here I go. When all is said and done, our club has been around for 135 years. There were great times before Moyes and we can be certain that there will be great times after him. No one manager, chairman, director or player is or ever will be bigger than the club. We are in a better position than Newcastle, or Aston Villa are we not? We have the best set of players we have had since the eighties. No more bringing every man back for a corner (hopefully). I'm not clutching at straws, am I? Monsieur Bleu

Comments about What Next?
There's certainly life after Moyes, personally a think we need to go for Periera, something different & exciting to look forward to a manager who doesnt take any shit, speaks fluent english won 2 titles and the portugeese cup, if its Stubbs/Neville or weir you can guarantee Fellaini & possibly baines will be out the door, followed by Mirallas shortly after. I really would struggle to get into next season if its one of those three, for once bill (and Everton) be ambitious and take a chance. It may well pay off
Ged Robinson, Liverpool, 7:25 PM 23/05/2013
I wouldn't be in Kenwright's shoes for a big clock. It will be a miracle if he gets the same kind of manager as Moyes. Funny thing is it might be a manager not as good as Moyes but we win a trophy! Stranger things have happened.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 10:26 AM 14/05/2013
Good article. Great thread. I've only this to add. Blue Bill is a really bad actor. Put a camera in front of him and he goes all crocodile-blue-heart-wacker-la-tears-for-the-club. He's a ham. Behind that smokescreen is one ruthless business man who will not be led by sentiment. On that level, trust him. Any incoming interviewee I guess must accept the cherry-picking of the team - so, sooner they are there to protect (if they can) a pretty good squad - the better. Rafa? Hilarious idea - best suggestion by a mile, alas. Mancini?!
Gee, Manchester, 9:52 AM 14/05/2013
Why has Kipper handed this site over to spamming redshites trying to sell Benitez?
Onlooker, Cyber space, 9:09 AM 14/05/2013
Can't believe I'm actually gonna say this, but I agree with #22 Steve in Blackpool. Benitez would be a good choice, YES he was a prize twat at the shite, YES I too called him everything under the sun when he made the small club speech, BUT he's a known quantity, he is a winner. The shite looked at their best under him and he has gotten Chelski going again DESPITE being wholly vilified by fans an players alike there. That in itself shows an immense strength of character. BTW, to those of you bagging DM re not signing a new contract before leaving, the truth is that he WAS going to do so in the summer, but events happened so quickly last week that it became a moot point, he himself was caught unawares when he received the first call. here was no hidden agenda and the deal was not done previously, Moyes IS a man of integrity. Sad to see him leave but we have to look forward, Bill puled a rabbit out of his hat last time, he can do it again. If not Rafa, then why no Pip Neville? knows and LOVES the club, has the same discipline, work ethic and desire as DM and would be a straightforward transition.
Kris Everton, In a bar Oz, 5:02 AM 14/05/2013
bill is about to make the biggest decision of his tenure at goodison....after winning the lotto by hiring moyes, he has to repeat the act....moyes has now brought expectation of a top 8 finish every we have two, replace him with like, and we stay roughly where we are, maybe even win something like Swansea & Wigan have done this season.....two, hire 'sparkie' or O'neil and we will be in the same sentence as Leeds & Portsmouth in a couple of seasons........discuss!
A Johnson, Crocky, 1:58 AM 14/05/2013
My plea is that Blue supporters pull together in all this ? The slagging off of BK is ridiculous- utterly dreadful I have been through John Moores - we were the MerseysideMillionaires. We had Peter Johnson - what an arse he was ?? Bill Kenwright is a thoroughly honest BLUE. Come on - will he really do a bad one ?Surely all can see he will want the best for our club. What needs to be made clear is WHO we don't want. For me that list includes HUGHES / Martinez and Lennon. Maybe there is someone within BUT we really have to build on what DM has put in place and for me that means either Mackay or Neville. DO IT !
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 7:11 PM 13/05/2013
as a kid i watched catterick's school of science then as a young fella one of his pupils team of flair. strength and poise. both the cat and howard won trophies and Davey Moyes didn't. Its really not as simple as that,during the cat and howard,s time, we were the mersey millionaires funded by the Moore's money and in context of today, we were the man city/utd/chelsea of the day with arsenal in close attendance. In august we will see what Davey does with that type of backing and my money is on him delivering in season one. so back to the blues dilemma... who next?? personally its stubbs or neville as they know the routine but either would need huge support and good people around them. reality? i think it will be martinez, to be fair he won a trophy yesterday and if as expected we lose felli and bainsey then he would pull a couple of his boys across plus change from the sale of our 2. well done davey moyes, i cant imagine anyone other than the guy you are taking over from that could have done the job you did here. Pure class sir
bitter, liverpool, 3:41 PM 12/05/2013
It's time to swallow the bitter pill. Thanks to MOyes for the stability he brought and for the promise of better times. But not having him under contract and selling him to united who were desperate to have the OT farewell is just piss poor business by BK. He thinks it's the honorable thing but MUFC isn't arsed about that- it got want it wanted. Should have asked Irvine and Round to manage today and the Chelsea game while the next manager is sorted out. And that my friends means Rafa has to be considered. We need to show the world of investors ( cos that's the real goal here) that we are going forward not licking our wounds, retreating and starting the long slow climb again.. the business people at Everton know this, they need to step up , be heard and start talking the good game rather than Teary-eyed Bill acting like some old luvvie on the stage at final call. Man up Everton.
Nyblue, Usa, 12:11 PM 12/05/2013
I won't tell you lot again. Lucien Favre took over Monchengladbach 2 years ago when they were BOTTOM of the German prem. Last year they FINISHED 4th, making it into the CL qualies. Spread the word. My work here is done. God Speed.
Philo Beddo, Wokingham, 12:44 AM 12/05/2013
Also, I don't get the criticism of Martinez as if its his fault that Wigan battle relegation every year etc. It is a large chunk of his responsibility, but who else could do much better with Gary Caldwell, Figueroa, Espinoza in defence. They have like one or two decent players who look like they've potential to be good (McMannaman for one) but they're like us only worse (no money to invest but no way to push on). The difference is is that Martinez at Everton would still have Jags, Distin, Baines, Coleman, Heitinga (not based on this year like...) and Hibbo along with Duffy, Bidwell etc all of whom are much better calibre of players than Wigan have. We may even end up playing a more attractive style of football, more attacking and positive. I loved Moyes to bits and am gutted he's gone but he could be negative sometimes. Compare how Wigan went out today vs. City with how we played against Chelsea in 09. Martinez, or whoever comes in may be able to shake the team up, remove some possible psychological barriers and start a new era for the club. Just get behind the manager, and for fucks sake stop blaming Kenwright for everything that doesn't go our way, it sounds petulant.
Rob, Liverpool, 11:47 PM 11/05/2013
Steve, Crosby, 5:02 PM 11/05/2013 Why is everyone blinkered by Martinez's battle against relegation every year. Him keeping Wigan in the prem is more of an achievement then Moyes getinng us to 5 6 or 7th...just on a different level. It's Martinez's work at Swansea that interests me. He put everthing in place there, and they are now a solid prem team, who have just won a trophy. Oh and that other side he now managers have just won the FA cup. He has the tactical nouse to win games that matter...when the pressure is on. I loved Moyes, but that's a quality he never had. Roll the red carpet down the M58 for Roberto!!!
Michael, Liverpool, 11:27 PM 11/05/2013
Moyes Legend, nuff said! Can't blame him for moving on to Man Ure and don't wish him personally any bad luck but CANNOT with the Manc Redshite any good luck (sorry DM)! BK also a Legend and don't understand the doubters. We are Everton and will move on, trust in BK! But please not Martinez, Hughes or the Fat Spanish Waiter!
Bristol Blue, Bristol, 8:49 PM 11/05/2013
I can't understand the point of view that Moyes should have signed a new contract to give us some compo. If he had signed a new contract he would have had to come out with all the rhetoric about his plans for the club and the backlash to his departure would have been even more bitter! He worked out his contract and his departure is now quick and relatively pain free. Also he is not like a player who we invested millions in transfer fees for and now can't recoup. Some compensation would have been nice, but I think the idea of him signing a new contract with that in mind is ridiculous!
Drew, Cardiff, 5:24 PM 11/05/2013
Glad I don't have to make the choice and do all the negotiating. If Blue Bill gets this right it'll shut his critics up once and for all, if he doesn't he's dead meat. It's the way of football and always has been.
Macca, Huyton, 5:08 PM 11/05/2013
Well said, could be very tricky times ahead, some ageing players, our better players keep mentioning bigger clubs and champions league football, little money, no manager. Oh and by the way why is Martinez a good manager, Wigan and relegation fodder every year, is that what we can look forward to??? forget it
Steve, Crosby, 5:02 PM 11/05/2013
Our biggest problem is twats like the number 2 poster on this thread.
Street Ender, Gwladys Street, 4:47 PM 11/05/2013
Don't panic..Don't panic. Kenwright picked Moyes last time. Great choice. lets calm down, see who comes in, back him to the hilt and behave like Evertonians and not kopites! We're EVERTON aren't we ??
Corporal Jones, Warmington on Sea, 4:42 PM 11/05/2013
Do I hear the dulcet tones of the Blue Union Orchestra warming up in the wings? It's all the boards fault and if we spent every penny in BK's bank accounts we would still be able to find some reason to criticise. He made Moyes decide to go and was probably in on the move anyway. If we get a bad manager, its his choice,so his responsibility. If the overpaid ,so called stars, want to move now it's because he is inept. I feel desperately sorry for the man. He may feel betrayed by a man he likes and trusts and is now alone against all the fucking knockers who believe they could run the club, but find it difficult, obviously, to string a coherent sentence together.
Watching Brief, Cyberspace, 4:32 PM 11/05/2013
Headline in today's Independent: David Moyes and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney to hold crisis talks over future The United manager-in-waiting will seek assurances from forward as matter of urgency but is also trying to keep his focus on Everton
Ben Grant, Speke, 4:22 PM 11/05/2013
Bill Kenwright should have told Moyes to pack his bags as soon as he said he was leaving. Shame on Sir Whisky Nose not waiting until the end of the season to say he was going to retire, leaving Everton with a ex-manager who still apparently is under contract. Regarding a new manager, let's think about giving Neville and Dunc, Stubbs a look in. They know the club and all are dedicated.
John, Hewitt, NJ, 4:12 PM 11/05/2013
We should go for Benitez, purely for football reasons. He is in a different league to all the others mentioned ie: Lennon, Neville, Oneill, Hughes, Martinez etc he lives locally, is available and we could probably afford him. All that matters is what happens on the pitch and Benitez is by far the most experienced and tactically aware manager of those available. Mark Hughes, MacLeish fuck off. I've supported Everton for 37 years and hated him as much as everyone when he called us a small club but he's done a great job at Chelsea and is the best available. There is no way we'd go down with him in charge and might win something.
Steve, Blackpool, 3:17 PM 11/05/2013
I wished he would just just go now, what purpose does it serve him staying? Moyes offered to go didn't he and kenright asked him to stay? I am not sure what's going to happen tommorow to be honest.
Mark, North Wales, 2:58 PM 11/05/2013
I fully understand what your saying about Billy boy moving on, but I think he's done OK and can't blame him holding out for the right buyer, just look at the likes of Blackburn, Wolves Portsmouth, all recently taken over, all recent ex premier league clubs and all in a right friggin mess, we slag the board off but to be fair we certainly ain't in the financial mess some clubs are and they've always found a few bob for Moyes, lets hope they do with the new fella
Mike Eds, Old Colwyn, 2:10 PM 11/05/2013
Oneil or Di Matteo!
OB, Liverpool, 2:05 PM 11/05/2013
I dunno yano, I'm cautiously optimistic. I've grown up through the Johnson era and then the Moyes/BK era so I've seen both shitness and some exciting football. But, there have been times, especially this season when Moyes and his tactics or his passion for EFC has possibly been questioned. The most prominent example is Wigan at home in the QF when Martinez comes to Goodison with no fear and plays an attacking line up and we respond with a dull 4-5-1. Now before anyone thinks I'm attacking Moyes, I'm not. I think he's an excellent manager and will win a fuck tonne of silverware in a long period at United. But maybe its time to freshen things up. Not change for change sake per se, but get someone in with new ideas, new methods, a new outlook on the club. Maybe Martinez will come in and play a sort of 3-5-2 that was alright with Wigan and could work with us with Baines and Coleman bombing on. I'm absolutely gutted Moyes has gone, but I see this as an opportunity for us to push on, rather than one for us to stagnate and go backwards. There will be a period of settling, even the united fans are expecting that with Moyes. I understand that it will be deflating if we replace Moyes with someone like Lennon or Mark Hughes etc, but nobody knew of Moyes really before he came to us and he's become a legend of our club over the past decade. So whoever we end up with at the helm of our club, lets get behind and support them and treat it with optimism rather than the deflated pessimism that seems to be floating around of late.
Rob, Liverpool, 1:47 PM 11/05/2013
Spot on Derek/speke .As for a new Manager dont really know who I would like ,who ever it is has got a big job to fill Moyes boots /
mike , runcorn, 1:43 PM 11/05/2013
Oh my sweet Lord.Derek#2 did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning.The absolute worst thing that could happen for the next couple of years is that Bill decides to jack as well.Unless a new stadium is in the pipeline and mega bucks owners with it,we face a slide into obscurity and perennial survival battles. Unless of course you've got millions yourself that you would happily pour down the drain. I just wonder what colour the sky is on your planet.
R Gordon, Weatherfield, 1:39 PM 11/05/2013
Hey there Monsieur Bleu. Fin de siècle. Hope we don't see the departure of Fellaini, Baines and Jags as a consequence of this. I'll be saying farewell to Moyes at Goodison tomorrow and at Chelsea away. Once he's gone, he will be history and Everton will move on- hopefully to better things. Come on you Blues!
Kev, Macclesfield, 1:24 PM 11/05/2013
He wanted to leave so he left but what pisses me off is that he never signed a new contract before so we could get some compensation. All you Blue Bill bashers out there - be careful for what you wish for, he may not be loaded but he bleeds Blue and if he could sell he would so shut the fuck up about him.
Alan, Hinckley, 1:14 PM 11/05/2013
A good write Monsieur Bleu, so true to life and being an Evertonian. But we live on and will move on , but the chairman must ensure he gets the right man, as it will be a monumental task to follow on from Moyses as the pot is empty and I only hope we dont lose all our best assets but if we get good money so be it. Brian O, and Ross look likely to step up and now in hindsight look like their time is now. Lets stick together and forget about Manure and lets get 2 wins and then start the summer with extra focus and interest. "Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 1:06 PM 11/05/2013
Good article, sums up how I feel. But its time to get behind the Chairman, he's as gutted as we are. Have some faith and remember he got it right last time with Moyes. If things don't work out in 12 months then is the time to apply the pressure. COYB IBWT
Rob, Bahamas, 12:59 PM 11/05/2013
We need to face facts and realise the Moyes reign is over and subsequently we need to someone to come in with their own ideas and not just try to duplicate Moyes, as this may be an error. I personally feel that its time we let a foreign manager into our club Possibly Pereira, De Boer etc...
Yorkshire Toffeeman, Leeds, 12:44 PM 11/05/2013
Got to be the porto manager for me. He also likes giving the youngsters a chance...
David, Chester, 12:26 PM 11/05/2013
I'm gutted about the events of this week. More so than I thought I would be. Moyes has had us punching above our financial weight for the last decade. But, when all is said and done, who could honestly blame him for not turning down United. I just hope that we, as Evertonians, do ourselves proud and (1) show Moyes on Sunday the respect and appreciation it deserves, and (2) get a successor to Moyes who is worthy of the position ( some of the names being branded around at the moment are simply making me even more depressed). If we don't get the right man, I can easily see us ending up in the same position as the likes of Villa, Sunderland or Newcastle. Thanks and all the best Moyesey. PS. I haven't been inspired by Bill Kenwright over the past few days but we know he has the club's interest at heart. He mightn't be the right or best person to be running our club but, until we have a viable alternative, there is no point in people saying that he should go.
Dogger, Stanley Park, 11:39 AM 11/05/2013
if the fans find and select the new manager are we going to get paid for it?
Geoff, larkhill, 11:32 AM 11/05/2013
I can't lose me. If they appoint someone quick it'll be too quick and if they take their time it'll be too slow. When they appoint him I'll moan anyway. Brilliant, bevvies all round.
Permanent Whinger, County Road pub, 11:31 AM 11/05/2013
Decide in haste repent at leisure. There's no immediate rush or panic.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:25 AM 11/05/2013
Phil Neville for me would be a good choice for manager, he is from the same mould as Moyes and has the respect of the dressing room. The players at the club seem to like him and wouldn't be too fast to go running out the door if he got the job. He also knows the running of the club very well. I remember Moyes saying in an interview 3 or 4 years back that Neville would be a top class manager when he stops playing - maybe now is the time to give Phil his change in the hot seat with maybe Steve Round staying on with him or Alan Stubbs stepping up from the reserves. I hope to god that Bill doesn't go looking towards Mark Hughes or Neil Lennon. Then there is Roberto Martinez, Malky Makay and Vitor Periera who have all done ok jobs at their current clubs but don't think they are Everton managers. Hopefully Bill will be inspired again and get another great manager as he did the last time with Moyes. Best of luck to Moyes in his new job (but not when we play them) as it won't be easy being compared to Ferguson in everything he says or does.
Marty, Liverpool, 11:21 AM 11/05/2013
Weird article that. You seem to want your cake and eat it and play both ends against the middle at the same time. Meanwhile someone has to actually run the club and things have been going pretty well for the last decade or so. Change happens, even at Man Yoo. We move on, Moyes or no Moyes.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 11:16 AM 11/05/2013
If you know your history.....we've won 9 League titles, 5 FA Cups, and the Cup Winners Cup; we did all of these before Moyes, and we will win trophies again. At roughly this time last year, Swansea were about to lose their manager, and players, the area was despondent. 12 months later, their ex-manager has won nothing with the Redshite, and their new manager, Laudrup, won the League Cup. That's the beauty of football, we really do not know what's around the corner!!
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 11:15 AM 11/05/2013
Kenwright remains the biggest problem at our club, until he goes we wont go forward.
Derek, Speke, 11:01 AM 11/05/2013
Victor Pereira all the way for me, time to spice things up a bit and not go for the usual boring lot like Lennon, Makay so on. The sooner he appoints a new manager the better to settle everyone down, just need to hope he chooses properly and doesn't listen to these mystery fans that approved that hideous new badge
Joe, Liverpool, 10:36 AM 11/05/2013
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