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A Trip Down Derby Memory Lane
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Comedy Cat Fight - McManaman and Grobelaar
Comedy Cat Fight - McManaman and Grobelaar
Kanchelskis Heads Home
Kanchelskis Heads Home
Super Kev Is Mobbed
Super Kev Is Mobbed
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson
Big Dunc Scores
Big Dunc Scores
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Many blues, myself included, will be approaching this Sunday's derby with trepidation. I've tried a number of methods ovcr the years for keeping calm during that 90 minutes: not going to the game, going for a run before the game, approaching it with manufactured wild optimism or extreme pessimism, getting bladdered, and so on. In my experience nothing really works. A friend of mine has in the past chosen to go and sit quietly on a beach on the Wirral, phone turned off, until the game is over. Bizarre yes, but I understand his thinking. Sometimes it all just seems too much to take.

This time around I have decided to cultivate a positive mind by reminiscing. We all know how shocking David Moyes' record is against Liverpool. Thankfully however, I am old enough (just) to have several wonderful memories of victories over our old enemy.

Here are my top 5:

5. The Cottee and Ward Derby 18/09/1993

I was in the family enclosure with my old man, an exuberant 12 year old in awe at the atmosphere. As much as the game itself I vividly remember the Match of the Day commentary for Tony Cottee's goal, as he rounded Grobelaar..."Cottee, still Cottee, still Cottee!". I cut out match reports from all the newspapers, pasted them in my scrapbook and then paraded round school with it for the rest of the week. At home after school every night, I watched the highlights on video, and kept that video for years afterwards. It formed part of my EFC video collection, which served as a potent pick-me-up for much of my youth. Worthy of a special mention are Grobelaar and Mcmanaman, for their comedy cat fight after Mark Ward's opener.

Our starting XI: Southall, Holmes, Hinchcliffe, Ebbrell, Jackson, Ablett, Ward, Horne, Cottee, Rideout, Beagrie

4. The Kanchelskis Derby 18/11/1995

This one was up there with the FA cup win of the same year for me. It was my first experience of us winning at Anfield, although I wasn't there. Unable to find anywhere showing the game, I listened to it with my brother and his mates at his place in Gateacre. When Kanchelskis scored his first, we found ourselves running out into the street impromptu, and celebrating wildly in the middle of a culdesac. What must the neighbours have thought. Kanchelskis and Limpar were phenomenal. One pass in particular from Limpar, setting Kanchelskis free down the right, was beyond brilliant. Never since that season have we had a more entertaining pair of wingers in our side (over to you Pienaar and Mirallas). A sulky Ian Rush was interviewed after the game. He said something along the lines of: "Well I think sometimes we have to learn to play it long. Everton played two long balls today and scored two goals from it." Two long balls? Think you need to watch the goals again big nose!

Our starting XI: Southall, Jackson, Watson, Short, Ablett, Kanchelskis, Parkinson, Ebbrell, Limpar, Stuart, Rideout

3. The Campbell Derby 27/09/1999

This was the only time I have seen us win at Anfield. I sat on my own in the Centenary stand, a completely fearless 18 year old - quite happy to shout, sing and celebrate despite being surrounded by cross-eyed kopites. Not sure if its age or wisdom but I would certainly be far more cautious nowadays. Super Kev Campbell scored the only goal after four minutes and the blues held on brililantly for our last win at the Tin Mine. In one of Franny Jeffers' more memorable moments in a blue shirt, his slapping match with Sander Westerveld rivalled Grobelaar and Mcmanaman in the hilarity stakes.  I met my mates after the game and we spent a fantastic night on Slater Street which was unsurprisingly full of Evertonians, getting bladdered and singing - an almost compulsary post-match ritual for Evertonians of age after any derby victory. Anyone taken Monday off work?

Our starting XI: Gerrard, Ball, Gough, Dunne, Weir, Barmby, Collins, Hutchison, Xavier, Campbell, Jeffers

2. The Andy Johnson Derby 09/09/2006

The emphatic scoreline in particular made this one special. Thee nil has a certain ring to it doesn't it? It suggests a one-sided affair and that's exactly what this game was with Johnson and Cahill scoring the goals to put an end to Liverpool's 17 match unbeaten run. Never before or since have I seen us win a derby by such a margin. Not surprising considering this was the only time since 1964 that we have beaten them by 3 or more. Again a fantastic night in town followed. Every pub we went in seemed to be bouncing with blues. In the Railway the barmaid tried repeatedly, and unsuccessfully, to get us to settle down before we moved on to the Rose and Crown for Everton song karaoke.

Our starting XI: Howard, Hibbert, Yobo, Lescott, Naysmith, Osman, Neville, Carsley, Arteta, Cahill, Johnson

1. The Ferguson Derby 21/11/1994

It's a close call but my top derby memory has to be this unforgettable game. Even though I was too young to seal the day with a big night in town it was amazing for so many reasons. It was a night game. Duncan Ferguson, my all time hero, scored his first goal for Everton. This was our first game under Joe Royle, one of our most charismatic managers, in a season which saw him take us to Wembley to win the FA Cup. And expectations were lower than ever, with the blues sitting rock bottom of the table having won 1 in 16, and Liverpool flying high. The media were predicting a victory for Liverpool, by three or four goals, but big Duncan and Joe Royle had other ideas. A magical night.

Our starting XI: Southall, Jackson, Ablett, Watson, Unsworth, Horne, Parkinson, Ebbrell, Ferguson, Amokachi, Hinchcliffe

Will there be another fantastic memory added to the collective Evertonian consciousness this Sunday? We shall see. We can only hope for that unmistakeable wave of emotion at the final whistle that says: "we've done it". Monsieur Bleu

What's your favourite derby memory?

Comments about A Trip Down Derby Memory Lane
I can see us being up for this one. I'm even predicting a repeat of the Andy Johnson derby. Gonna put a cheeky fiver on 3-0, Mirallas first goal scorer.
Craig, At Work, 1:36 PM 24/10/2012
Great article, but with me only being 22 i dont remember the cottee/ward derby and the kanchelskis derby, i slightly remember the super kev derby but with say that, ive seen the darker side of the derbies and havent seen or remembered many of the golden days but from what i can remember, id have to say my top derbys where the carsley derby as i was sitting in the main stand with my dad, the gosling derby was a special derby since we knocked them out of the cup and i was with a bunch of kopites in a kopite bar, makes it so so so much more sweeter and i certainly remember the AJ derby since i was sitting with two of my mates in thier house and they just happened to be redshite fans!! This sunday should be a cracker, havent decided on my pre-game ritual, but it will probably be involving a ice cold pint of alcoholic liquid and a bacon sarnie to sooth the nerves!! COYB!!
Adam Thomson, Litherland, 12:25 PM 24/10/2012
The way we have started this season, maybe this is Davey's year for having it over the dark side. Let's pray it is. I have to admit, I couldn't watch the game unless of course I knew the score afterwards, and we win 4-0! COYB.
Ann, NZ, 6:07 AM 24/10/2012
Every time i think of the match on Sunday, my balls tighten up for some reason.
Big Ste, The Swan, 7:46 PM 23/10/2012
Moyesy hasn't got a good record in the Derbies, but he has got 100% record against King Brenny, and 2 clean sheets. So maybe the 1-0 and 2-0 wins, will be followed by a 3-0 win on Sunday, with Jelly getting a hat-trick.
Joe Dids, Bury, 6:16 PM 23/10/2012
Great article Monsieur Bleu! Roll on Sunday.
Gus, Walton, 4:33 PM 23/10/2012
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