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Blue Union - To Follow or Not to Follow
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This season has been a particularly difficult one for me, as an Evertonian. Since the birth of the Blue Union I have been involved in numerous discussions, debates, and a few heated arguments, on the merits of the group's existence and activities. To be honest I'm a bit bored of it. I want a return to the days of discussing tactics, referees, kopites and other things more closely tied to what we actually see on the pitch. Why am I writing an article then on a topic I want put to bed? Because I believe that the Blue Union are here to stay for the foreseeable future. They appear to have gathered enough support to merit their continued existence, and only if this support withers will they cease to be. I am writing this article in an attempt to crystallize my own views on the matter, and to encourage you to do the same, whatever your current stance.

During the many conversations I have had regarding the Blue Union, a few key questions seem to be raised time and time again. For example: Is Kenwright a liar, incompetent, neither or both? Are there potential buyers out there? What exactly can be deduced from our financial statements? The fundamental question I am asking here however, is whether or not us lending our support to the Blue Union will help matters. Consequently we need a definition for what "helping matters" looks like, we need to figure out just what it is that we want.

So what do we want as Evertonians? To win, of course, just like all football fans. My primary difficulty with the Blue Union's current position is that one requirement for the success of their campaign would appear to be poor performance on the pitch. This may sound harsh, however, it is clear from their statements and activities that a critical part of the current strategy is to increase numbers. To "educate" as they have put it. The better Everton do in footballing terms, the more difficulty they will likely have in gathering support. They need frustration, angst and dissatisfaction - things that happy people don't experience. Their recent piece, named 'Papering Over the Cracks', hints at this. It saddens me enormously to think that there are Evertonians out there who feel even the slightest tinge of regret when we win. Winning should be about delight, ecstasy (the emotion, not the tablet), and sharing joy with your family and friends.

The counter-argument to this angle is that we would all accept a few defeats if it led to more success in the long run. If God were to offer us two choices - an FA cup this season followed by relegation next year, or a poor run this season followed by a board overhaul and success over the next few years, then we would of course choose the latter. But unfortunately no such offer is on the table, and things aren't so simple. When I try to imagine how the Blue Union might help matters, I struggle. Their primary objective appears to be to persuade the club to appoint professionals to help find a buyer. For the club to buckle, to agree to make such an appointment, I believe one of two things would have to happen first. Either attendances reach such a low that the club feels it needs to win back some support, or protest numbers become so large that the club succumbs to pressure. Theoretically, either of these scenarios is possible, so let's say that one of them does occur. The club appoints professionals to search for a buyer. The search begins. A buyer is found with money to put into the club. The debt is wiped out, we buy great new players, maybe even a new stadium in Liverpool.

This all sounds great, I would love to see this happen, the problem is that there are just too many ifs, buts and maybes for me to give up any of the pleasure I take in watching my team win. Is there really any better feeling than being in Goodison Park when its in bear-pit mode? It doesn't happen every week but there are a still a few "limbs everywhere" moments every season.

Two clear sides appear to exist when the topic of the Blue Union is discussed, and I've heard some pretty nasty slurs coming from both. It is a sensitive issue because it relates to the club that we love. I've heard or read the Blue Union being referred to as kopites, power-hungry, fame-seeking and even sexually frustrated. Personally I think they are just Evertonians who believe they are doing the right thing, which is why I find it all the more sad to see the road they are taking, and the division that currently exists within the Evertonian family.

Non-followers of the Blue Union have been referred to as apathetic. So am I apathetic? I don't believe so. I'm sometimes moved to tears by events on the pitch - our semi-final victory over Manchester United being the most recent. I still get butterflies when I hear z-cars. There is something inexpressible about my feelings for Everton, so I reject any claims of apathy.

Sadly, Everton are in financial difficulty. So what am I going to do about it? Until I hear a more convincing suggestion, the same thing I have always done. Buy a season ticket every year, and go to a few away games. Buy the odd bit of merchandise, sing, cheer the team on, aim insults at the opposition. Be happy when we win, and occasionally ecstatic. Be dejected when we lose, and occasionally heart-broken. Because that's really what its all about isn't it?  Monsieur Bleu


Comments about Blue Union - To Follow or Not to Follow
Phil the fluter I am a supporter of blue union,who knows all the main people and I go to every game and I have never seen members of our followers verbally or try to intimidate any fellow supporters. We all want the same thing the best for our club and we believe our way is the right way, so I think your telling a few porkies there
Paul the RA, Childwall, 2:37 PM 24/02/2012
I worry about our fanbase reading these comments. Either these people are happy about where our club is heading and the way its run, or they're not prepared to do anything about it and happy to watch it die
Ian, Leamington, 10:39 AM 24/02/2012
Blue Union have tried to split the fan base for their own ends. I don't believe they're doing it 'for the good of the club,' that's just self serving bs. I've seen them trying to verbally intimidate people at away matches, pointing fingers into them and trying to shout them down. They'll never get my support, a gang of hate filled bullies with too much spare time on their hands, can't stand them or their methods.
Phil the Fluter, Aughton, 6:05 PM 22/02/2012
What will they do if we win the cup? Apologise for being nob eds?
Macca, Huyton, 11:38 AM 22/02/2012
A brilliant article. Sums up exactly what it means to be a Blue. Let's keep behind our beloved side.
Diane, Bootle, 10:55 AM 22/02/2012
Leave them alone. They are at best a distraction at worst a menace. Everton are a family.Would you march along the streets telling your neighbours you think the head of your family was crap or a liar? Get behind the team. Love Gladys x
Gladys street, Scotland Road, 9:28 AM 22/02/2012
The Blue Union mean nothing to me, just a gang of mindless naysayers. The real ambassadors for our great club are Everton in the Community, just have a look at the link on the club website. Proud or what?
Fran Milner, Kirkdale, 10:39 PM 21/02/2012
If you want to see the Blue Union in action go to Youtube and search for 'smeggerable'. Says it all.
Mick, Donegal, 7:58 PM 21/02/2012
"Goodison Park in bear-pit mode". What a great expression ! Know exactly what you mean. Is there any better feeling ? Sums it up perfectly, just wish it was every week eh?
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 7:12 PM 21/02/2012
the last two paragraphs of this article are exactly what life as an evertonian is all about - we all want to win, ofcourse we do, but surely what we take pride in as a club and as supporters is the fact that we have the best fans in the world and stick with our beloved club through thick and thin. COYBS
Mark , Widnes , 3:18 PM 21/02/2012
I think you'll find they disappear when results are going well (as they are at the moment) and reappear when they are going badly. It's the way the game is now. There are such groups at Arsenal, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Manchester United, Wolves and Newcastle as well as a few others. None of them make the slightest bit of difference except to get in the way of anyone who just wants to go to a football match but not listen to all their mouthing off. Really the clubs are better off without them, just piss and wind.
Spectator, Crosby, 3:13 PM 21/02/2012
Monsieur Bleu, that article is almost poetry, a fantastic read and most likely a true reflection of what a lot of Evertonians really feel. I don't see the BU achieving much, I really don't, and it does anger me that they seem to be working against the club at the minute rather than with it. It is a very sad situation to see the fan base splitting. Let's just hope we go on a typical second half season rampage and the numbers dwindle enough for it to be a long forgotten flash in the pan.
Chris , Co Durham, 2:24 PM 21/02/2012
Pointless people...they offer nothing constructive or positive... who are these miracle workers that will deliver a financial saviour? If such a thing exists then they are aware that the club is for sale. Don't need 200 frustrated shop stewards telling them. When Sir Alex Ferguson was asked if he would buy a football club (radio 5 live last night), after laughing, he said god no... they just lose money... I guess the shop stewards union will question his opinion too?? Nobody can flush money away anymore... wake up.
Mike, Lpool, 2:20 PM 21/02/2012
What have the BU done for Everton FC? Dragged us down and embarrassed a great club in public, OUR great club.
Nico, Ireland, 1:41 PM 21/02/2012
I don't follow anybody, I support Everton FC. I certainly don't follow anybody who thinks dressing up as a clown and carrying cakes means something. Great article by the way.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 1:38 PM 21/02/2012
What a great read , which reflects my sentiments exactly. What are the BU trying to achieve and how will they know when they achieve it? Is Kenwright trying his best to find the correct buyer for us? - Yes I think he is. But in the words of Ian Holloway ''we are a proper club'' which in my opinion is bang on. Yes we are short of cash, but those with it wish they had what EFC has got, pride and passion. People should be careful what they wish for - god help us if we are taken over by some set up which does not have a clue about our club and what its about. COYB FTRS
Tommy, Normanby By Nowhere, 1:31 PM 21/02/2012
What a thoughtful and sensible article! There's more common sense in that than any of the bu stuff. They would do well to listen to M. Bleu.
Paul, Warrington, 1:09 PM 21/02/2012
People have the right to their opinion. However if we continue to air our dirty laundry in public it makes the club look poor. We are skint but we are doing the business on the pitch at the minute and we have signed a couple of players. Let's stick behind the team and get to Wembley. The new investor is out there and our day will come! Good article.
Stan, Widnes, 12:54 PM 21/02/2012
Perfect, agree with every word. Mind you I've been called worse than an idiot by blue union for my views.
David Hooper, Wiltshire, 12:54 PM 21/02/2012
Whether you agree or don't agree with this article (I fall in the former but completely understand the latter) this is an excellently written, well balance article. Really enjoyed the read, thank you Bleu.
Goat, brighton, 12:47 PM 21/02/2012
Yes there is merit in what you say; Everton need major funding to survive which I do believe we would have had if we had moved to Kirby. I hear all of the arguments over it being in or out of the city but if you tell someone from Kirby that he is not a scouser that I am sure he will not be amused and will let you know it. There is a saying "you sow what you reap" and, sadly, thats where Everton are at this moment in time. What everyone has to do is to get behind the club 100% winning the cup will get us onto the market in a big way so just pray we do that. Finally should we lose Moyesy then that will be goodnight Vienna for EFC so think before you protest!
Geoff Edwards, St Petersburg, Russia, 12:18 PM 21/02/2012
Blue Union aren't part of MY family. Nothing but a gang of carts who like the sound of their own voice, if anyone needs 'educating' its them. Sound like a mob of Russian commies to me.
Smegger, Nogsy, 12:17 PM 21/02/2012
I totally agree with everything you have said in the article and echo your sentiments. Let's all get behind the team we love and roar them on to another Wembley day out. We know there are problems but that isn't the players fault, as long as they contine to give 100 per cent on the pitch I am happy with them. Not turning out for games or even worse, not cheering the team you love cannot be excused and will not help the players. We all get annoyed and disalusioned at times but the club is the most important thing. This Evertpn after all and we all love the roller coaster ride.
John, Wirral, 12:05 PM 21/02/2012
The final paragraph sums up my feelings completely - Well written article mate
Marc , Gibraltar, 11:59 AM 21/02/2012
What a great article! I agree with everything you say Bleu. You dont need to be a part of a pressure group to be an Everton supporter. If people want to let them, but dont bully people into it. Supporting the team is enough for me.
Gus, Walton, 11:32 AM 21/02/2012
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