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Journalism and Romelu Lukaku and Kevin Mirallas.
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Mickey Blue Eyes
Charlatans, cheats and liars.
Charlatans, cheats and liars.
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Mickey Blue Eyes


A distant friend brings me news that, "Lukaku and Mirallas want to leave." When asked how he knows this he says, "Because it's in the papers." At which point I move to the smallest room in the house to transmit the "news" onwards.


The fact is only the two players, their families and their agents know the truth of their intentions. All we fans know is it could scarcely have come at a worse time: into the second half of an appalling season when, footy-wise, most of us are feeling as low as a penguin's belly. It is a bad moment to talk of the future when the present needs so much attention. If true - and at the time of writing there is no confirmation or denial - it tells you more about the players characters than anything else. If untrue it merely solidifies our opinion of the hacks who churn out this kind of stuff.


Mirallas, 27, joined us from Olympiakos in August, 2012, his transfer fee reported as £673millions, his current value at about £13millions; Lukaku, 21, joined us from Chelsea in August, 2014, after many fans demanded he be signed permanently after completing a loan spell, his transfer fee reported as our record at £28millions, his current value at about £26millions. Naturally, there are differing opinions of their playing abilities. Mine is that Mirallas is a player capable of quite brilliant moments but who fades from games too readily. Lukaku is potentially a fine player who is not fulfilling his promise, and at the present rate of application and team play never will. Mirallas is too "old" to change; Lukaku could still make it as a big name if the circumstances are right. But that is not the main point of this essay.


My subject is how football journalists deal with the sport from which they make a vicarious living. In my experience most of them are at least held in contempt, at worst openly despised as a gang of free-loading, untalented chauvinist liars and charlatans, some of them even in the pay of corrupt agents or other shysters. Always, cravenly, they are on the side of winners, which is the main cause of fans perfectly justified derision. Often they simply lie in the interests of the club they support or to level malevolence at another individual or club they dislike. Whatever the opinions, few doubt the game is wretchedly served - if it is served at all - by the likes of low-life Murdoch Sun  propagandists and other slime. The London gang are the worst corrupt creeps of all. However, the Lukaku-Mirallas "saga" is just one more symptom of how far general football "culture" has fallen. 


The main issue is not even what the players actually  may or may not have said, but how their words are used. It is now almost a matter of course for such to be completely robbed of context or twisted so far away from the truth they are scarcely recognisable. Journalists, of course, have always sought a "scoop" ahead of their colleagues, an understandable ambition in a highly competitive zero-hours occupation (I refuse to use the term "profession" because it implies vocational decency). But that is a world away from the deliberate creation of a falsehood "controversy," which is now almost the norm, particularly in the twisted and hysterical world of tabloids. It is made yet worse when the perpetrator has an obvious track record of bias. And even worse in an era when the main media focus is not on the good of the game but on the instant cheap appeal of identifiable rich clubs who monopolise the chase for honours. In that respect (and many others) the Premier League disaster has gone mostly uncontested by the jobsworths who continue to promote it willy-nilly, just as crooked accountants certify the affairs of "clients" who are known criminals.


It therefore almost goes without saying the guilty parties are responsible for dumbing down not only the sport but the beautiful English language. Small wonder anti-racist John Amaechi says football is emotionally illiterate. If you want evidence of this all you need do is consult the football pages of any tabloid. Nor is this observation necessarily restricted to that medium; some of the self-styled "quality" newspapers are just as bad. There are exceptions but they are as rare as hen's teeth.


Now, for all I know Mirallas and Lukaku may simply have said they want to play Champions League football. If they did, so what? We want to watch and support the game at that level too, though preferably not in its current cash cow set up. There is nothing wrong with healthy ambition and ego. However, to put it mildly that is several times removed from some of the headline claims that they want to move to a "big" club, claims that are an obvious, cheap and gratuitous insult directed at all of us connected with Everton, one of the great names of the sport. And needless to say it is fodder for weak-willed cynics and tenth rate criers-into-beer. It is, once again, symptomatic of information clerks and propagandists who would scarcely recognise fairness and decency if it stood up and smiled in their faces.


Where the two players are concerned it does seem to me they need intense lessons in how to deal with interviews and how to phrase their answers sensibly. The problem there is English is their second(?) language and they may not understand nuance and how it can be used against them. The journalists who leech off the game at our expense have no interest in nuance or sensitivity or honest translation so Mirallas and Lukaku can expect no help there. But for both of them a hefty dose of common sense would not go amiss.


As for us fans, most of us know the score. None of us would hang a dog on the word of an emotionally illiterate journalist, or, for that matter, a tenth rate whinger scuttling around for a scapegoat, Aston Villa style. All of them are cut from the same cloth.


As for me, I would not buy a newspaper (or its internet equivalent) to use in the smallest room in the house. These days there are plenty of alternatives to the lies and poison they peddle. Their days are numbered. And their end cannot come soon enough. 



Comments about Journalism and Romelu Lukaku and Kevin Mirallas.
If it is true, which i believe... get rid of Mirallas as he seems to be putting a negative attitude through the team and sell Lukaku to anyone stupid enough and willing enough to spend 25 mil + for him. we are craving a creative midfield player with experience and have been since Arteta left and a striker who can pop them away without an ego because he once played for Chelsea for five minutes. offloading them two will give us the funds to do so.
Gary, Liverpool, 6:29 PM 18/02/2015
It comes across that just because we are having a bad season, that they are both contemplating leaving Everton and obviously don't believe that we will make it into the Europa league again, or reach and fulfil the aim of getting into the Champions League. I believe that Kevin Mirallas and Romelu Lukaku think that Everton aren't capable of winning any trophies and just because we are having an awful season, doesn't mean that we can't turn things around. I don't think they have much faith in the team or Everton's future, that we can achieve success and if we do have two players with a negative attitude, don't play with passion, don't wear the Everton shirt with pride and don't play like they want to be here. If that is the case, then I think we should not attempt to persuade them to stay at Everton. If Kevin Mirallas leaves Everton at the end of the season I wouldn't be worried so much about finding a replacement, but if Romelu Lukaku decides to leave, then I do wonder who is out there who would be a better goal scorer and more consistent than him. Whatever happens, I just hope that we can turn around our awful season for the better and get as high up the league table as we can and also, progress as further as possibly we can in the Europa League. I would love it if we reached the final!
Paul Le Marinel, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 10:48 AM 18/02/2015
Play them both upfront together and ask them to prove to the world how good they are. Too much mouth, not enough goals.
Matt, Wirral, 12:35 PM 17/02/2015
Terry @ 20 how about Duncan Ferguson
Nudger, St Helens, 9:20 PM 16/02/2015
Both out of order for speaking out, and should be fined. Lukaku, just like Beattie and the Yak, must be fed up of being the lone man up front (soul destroying. Blame the managers tactics. Another striker ruined by 4-5-1).
Mal, St.Helens, 12:13 PM 16/02/2015
Mirallas won't sign another contract with us. Lukaku won't be here by the time he's 25. What is the point of us developing him into a good player for someone else. Sell him now and get someone who can score goals for us now.
PatS, Southport., 11:05 AM 16/02/2015
I am hurt by Rom and Kevs stupidity but want them to turn it round not leave! Those saying Rom is shit are wrong. Name a better centre forward we've had in the last 15 yrs?
terry , chester, 9:36 AM 16/02/2015
@9 Why should they be playing champions league? Both Won and done fuck all. Top club? Big club? Fuck off the pair of you. They represent everything I hate in the game. Overpaid underachievers.
Mike, Lpool, 3:16 AM 16/02/2015
Lukaku is a cheeky twat if he is saying this, I just watched the highlights from the chelsea game and he is missing clear chances that at 28 million he should be putting away easy. It's his fault we ain't winning games simple.
Stephen, Canada, 11:00 PM 15/02/2015
No objection to giving journalists a good kicking. Give them one for me! Why is it that the only other professionals to get slagged off in this piece are accountants? Lay off! I'd like Mirallas and Lukaku to stay. and I object to being linked with criminals or journalists (often one and the same).
rob, Gateacre, 10:57 PM 15/02/2015
No big clubs wanted lukaku last summer when he had a half decent season with us so why would they want him now as so far he's been shit for ?28 million this season. As for saying chelsea fans were good to him last Wednesday because they new he's a good player, I've a few mates down there who were pissing themselves laughing when we give them the ?28 mil they asked for. Also we are a big club look at our history you cheeky ignorant bastard.
Lee, Bootle, 10:54 PM 15/02/2015
Lukaku, let him go can't trap a bag of cement.
Ducan, Liverpool, 8:44 PM 15/02/2015
Just mercenaries, couple of comments now from Mirallas and even before we signed Lukaku he spoke about holding out for a club in the Champions League. Unfortunately for us they could all see he had the touch of an elephant and as a result we signed Costa for Chelsea. They should get their hand slapped by the club for making selfish comments and unsettling the squad. Sooner they F off the better and play players that appreciate playing for a great club like Everton.
G, Dublin, 8:13 PM 15/02/2015
get rid of lukaku I think he is awful. no faith in him at all he's a lazy . it's like watching someone from the 1970s. Chelsea must be having a good laugh
steve, wirral, 6:36 PM 15/02/2015
Andy 2 I always thought those who got bullied at school and were "last pick" went on to have a life time ambition of ruining football for everyone else and became referees . In the past they would have become School Teachers or Policeman and a part time referee . Now I assume spend spare time grooming the Polo Ponies of rich owners or serving G&Ts at the Golf or Tory club. Maybe Wolfsburg will come in for Lukaku and Mirralas . They may get to play in the Champions league but not for a team with any chance of winning it . With the money in the Premier league more chance at Everton than the make weights in Europe .
Paul, Wirral, 5:34 PM 15/02/2015
I never believe anything I read in the papers. Let's see how the club and Martinez deal with this.
Spectator, Crosby, 4:39 PM 15/02/2015
If they want to go, let them go. Sadly, the only one we'll make a profit on is Super Kev. There'll be be a big loss on Lukaku.
Paul Over, Jersey, 12:37 PM 15/02/2015
You Can't blame them they should be playing at champions league level. However they should keep there mouths shut till the end of the season. I still believe we will win the Europa league and qualify for it, our European form has been superb yes Wolfsburg outplayed us home and away but we won them twice
J, Liverpool, 12:10 AM 15/02/2015
Let them both fuck off. I'm sick of them fucking moaning all the fucking time. I have never heard either come out and support the club during this bad spell we are in. Get rid of them Asap.
Dave, Walton, 11:53 PM 14/02/2015
If they don't want to play get rid
terry, wirral, 5:55 PM 14/02/2015
Dont understand why Kone is not getting a run out. By his own admission it sounds like Lukaku needs a rest anyway!
ob, liverpool, 4:19 PM 14/02/2015
I always see newspapers left lying on the train and always make sure I pick up The Sun if I can, I've found its brilliant for getting my coal fire going, must be all the sh*t in it.
Kenney, Stonehaven, 1:34 PM 14/02/2015
Well - If we get the ?28 million we paid for Lukaku from someone else I'd be pushing him out the door.
Marty, Liverpool, 12:18 PM 14/02/2015
Great piece Mickey but we all know what scum these journos are. Getting to the point Mirralas has made no bones that he wants to move away from our fantastic club and now for fucks sake Lukaku. There is certainly no smoke without fire and I personally believe that there is some truth in the article about him wanting to move to a "big club." What irritates me is Chelsea for fucks sake! A big club? Upto 20 years ago they were relegation perennials until some cash cow comes in and bails them out. Lukaku needs to look up some history about his footballing clubs and the soft shite will realise he already is at a big club and if with some luck a cash cow ever comes our way then he will already be playing for a really big club not just in England but Europe. Finally I would like to harp back to my early season rant when I said we should never have bought the overpriced potential and invested in a proven striker with enough cash left to invest in two other class players preferably midfielder and centre half. It's easy in hindsight I know but how would our season have panned out with players that actually want to play for our great club rather than using it as a window of opportunity.
Markblue3, Huyton, 11:17 AM 14/02/2015
What a great article. You regard the press in the same way i do. Fat lazy hacks who probably got bullied in school and last pick in all footy teams who now want payback time. Never mind the sun don't buy papers full stop.3
Andy, Liverpool, 10:15 AM 14/02/2015
As ever Mickey,a story told impeccably.Thanks,keep them coming.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 9:01 AM 14/02/2015
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