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Manchester United V Everton
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Mickey Blue Eyes


October, cold, Manchester, not the best place to visit in Autumn. It was made worse by our last four results: two bad losses and two lucky draws. You could say I was not optimistic about our Sunday midday fixture with the Manchester United brand. We had too many missing through injury, while "fit" players recovered from a working day journey to and from Russia. At this level just losing a half metre of pace and energy-level can be decisive. And all the enemy multi-million expenditure had to come good some time. So I expected nothing from the match.


No point wasting too much of my or your time with this one; it was a 1-2 loss with Bainsey missing a penalty. Once again, apart from a ten minutes spell at the start of the second half and a fitful bit at the end, we were execrable, utterly shoddy and hardly in it. It was made much worse because the Mancs were no great shakes either, often just as poor as we were. Given all of that, big money signings were always going to make a marginal difference.


A blind man on a galloping horse can see our central defence is well on the way to hapless, near-complete disintegration. The goals against column speaks for itself. Midfield has become almost diaphanous. Nothing gets through to a lonely Lukaku, who looks more dispirited with each game. Things may - should  - improve when everyone is back, but I wouldn't make book on it. I keep hoping the darkest hour is just before dawn. But at this rate the sun is never going to come up.


There is no point trying to describe play or movement because this season it is the same predictable horror show each week. Nor can we go on blaming injuries or lack of luck. Put simply, the playing format is not good enough. We have now gone five games without looking remotely like we can win one. The way the team is playing is a shambles of "safe-ball" that too often turns out to be anything but. There is no point kidding ourselves any longer. Enough is enough.


In my view the only thing left is the FA Cup, and even there a strong harrying team of almost any level has a very good chance of turning us over. The fact  is we are now - already - in a relegation battle. Frankly, I have not been so dismayed by this kind of spiritless play since we lost to Tranmere Rovers and Middlesborough in the FA Cup years ago. The situation really is that bad. It may be recoverable, but only if we get shut of candy floss in our football.


Nor do I want to see any more public relations exercises from El Bob, where almost everything is described as "incredible" or "fantastic" or "special" when I, like any other Evertonian, can see otherwise with my own eyes. If I wish to hear that kind of stuff I can listen to some tenth-rate suited-up "marketing consultant" or Canary Wharf spiv "presentation" or, worse, Brendan Rodgers. Talk is cheap in modern sports.


Make no mistake, we are going to end up in the Championship if this is not sorted out right quick. And we will deserve it. The league table never lies. Not ever.



Comments about Manchester United V Everton
Can we put this subject to bed now? We all know something has to be done and it's up to El Bob and his players to sort it. If they don't we really will be in trouble. There's still time but not much. Personally I think short of a miraculous string of wins Europe's already gone for next season. I hope I'm wrong but I just can't see where it's going to come from. Injured players need time to settle back in, so I expect us to lose some more points. The way it's going I see us finishing tenth maybe even lower. All might change if we get a phenomenal run of luck. Let's wait and see what happens.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:04 PM 9/10/2014
Are we 4th from bottom or are we 4th from bottom? Did we get beat 3-0 in the Capital Cup or not? Did we lose a two goal lead at home to Arsenal in the last 5 minutes or not? Did we lose the lead at Leicester in the last 5 minutes or not? Did we let in 6 goals in one match at home or not? Did we lose 3-2 at home to a team of shit Cockneys or not? How many goals have let in? Have we won a home league game yet? When was the last time we won a league game? Are we playing patacake patacake football or not? Are our goalkeeper and centre backs playing shite or not? How many goals have we let in? These are FACTS and if something isn't done it's obvious what will happen and all Roberto's bull shit press conferences combined won't stop the rot. It's time to get REAL or we'll go the same way as Wigan.
Realist, Everywhere, 12:27 PM 9/10/2014
The usual self indulgent BS from the writer this poor column. We have had a tough start, and nothing is going our way at the moment, but Roberto will sort it out; and then hopefully the guy hiding behind the pseudonym can stop patting himself on the back for a second and write a decent column.
ggse3, london, 9:39 AM 9/10/2014
Barkley, Coleman, Mccarthy and Mirallas All starters....see how we are when theyre all back. Id be tempted to throw Browning on a right back. Hibbo looked like he was in panic everytime Luke Shaw got the ball and was thrown off like a toddler. Give Etoo some starts FFS
Huge Goose, Broadmoor, 9:38 AM 9/10/2014
As a team our biggest threat comes from Baines/Pienaar down the left and Coleman/Mirallas down the right. We're missing that for a start. We're struggling to link midefield to attack - Barkley's return should sort that out. Jagielka/Distin/Howard have all lost form - I doubt this is terminal and we've just got to back them while things turn round.
Jimmy, Havana, 1:08 PM 8/10/2014
Get it sorted Roberto or we'll be in deep shit and no mistake.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 5:25 PM 7/10/2014
Some real good responses to MBE's piece. My own take on Sundays game was that we needed a goal, Lukaku was having a nightmare, Eto'o is on the bench and we bring on Browning and Osman. Just a bit surprised and more than a bit worried.
Vic, Exiled Blue, Carshalton, 4:09 PM 7/10/2014
All those figures make my fuckin head spin. All I know is we're fourth from bottom and I'm not a happy bunny.
Macca, Huyton, 12:55 PM 7/10/2014
To Russ J @ 27 – You can prove anything with stats and trends. I did some whole number percentage calculations based on our last twenty league games (13 last season, 7 this season). That record is P20(100%), W10(50%), D3(15%), L7(35%), Points 35. That included a sequence of 7 wins in a row (4 at home, 3 away). If that was extrapolated to a 38 games season it would be equivalent to P38, W19, D6, L13, Points 44. The highest that would have got you in the last 3 seasons is 12th (2013 and 2014). In 2012 it would have got you 15th. Therefore, based on the last figures the trend of our last twenty league matches would have us finish no higher than 12th. Therefore, the 20 league matches trend is not relegation but midtable. Then I averaged out the stats for relegation place 18th for the last three seasons, which came to P38(100%), W9(24%), D8(21%), L21(55%), Points 35. If you extrapolate your trend IN ALL COMPETITIONS, assuming your figures are correct, (P20(100%), W6(30%), D10(50%)) then the figures look like this: P38, W11, D19, Points 35, which IS relegation form, as are the 7 match results this season. I think Mr. Blue Eyes is right to flag this up though there is not yet need to panic. As I said, you can prove anything with stats and trends. What matters now is how Roberto Martinez handles the situation. It’s the first big test of his era here. We’ll see if he has the talent and character to get it right. Last season he mostly inherited Moyes squad. It's different now.
Garston Geek, On the banks of the royal blue Mersey, 8:53 AM 7/10/2014
I wasn't sure whether this was an ironic piece of prose Mickey, lampooning those users of the internet that you have so often castigated for lack of common-sense and downright stupidity. If it isn't, have a word with yourself Mickey.
Murph, Cambs, 11:41 PM 6/10/2014
Absolutely spot on, I started last season feeling like this, was hugely surprised by the run we found ourselves on and the momentum that carried through. Now, I certainly fear my initial instinct of this thoroughly nice guy, who speaks only in superlatives and feeds us the same rhetoric every week, all without consequence, now appears to becoming true!
DC, Wirral, 9:04 PM 6/10/2014
I love Bob but Jesus; how much longer can he support Howard. The man has lost the plot - yeah he is a great shot stopper, but his head is all over the place and his decision making is next to useless. He is pushing people for no reason, trying to fight with others, missing crosses, him handling the ball out of his box (got lucky with that) or the penalty he gave away against Palace which started the comeback. The sign of a great manager is one who is not your mate and drops those who don’t play well. Old Hawk from Buck Rogers did it to Hart at City and he came back well. Howard has got to be dropped.
john, the shires, 5:12 PM 6/10/2014
That is most probably one off the worst Utd sides there as been and yet they still took us apart for 85 mins .we were woeful yes there keeper made some good saves near the end off the game but they should off been 10 up by then , just dont know were sre next win is going to come from .Why do people say we were unlucky because we were not in fact we lucky they never got double figures
Mike, runcorn, 4:59 PM 6/10/2014
Lets see some facts, Martinez last 20 games all competitions. W 4 L10 D 6. Anyone else think that is poor?
Russ J, St End, 2:38 PM 6/10/2014
How quickly we forget... Roberto Martinez transformed, in one season, the way we play football. We have not become a bad side and we are not in trouble. It's also worth noting that we aren't short of a goal. I would personally be far more worried if we weren't finding the net. Admittedly we have defended poorly so far this year, horrifically at times. But that end of things is far easier to sort than the other.
Harry , Stockport, 2:24 PM 6/10/2014
More than a little bit of frustration in this. I think the roots of the problems run deeper than some are willing to admit. Just look at the ages of Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Barry, Pienaar, Alcaraz, Distin and Eto'o. That's a massive part of the squad and won't be replaced in a hurry.
Paul, Warrington, 12:43 PM 6/10/2014
Fuck me, its even got to MBE whos articles I usually admire, piss poor that lad. Relegation battle and Championship talk after 9 games!Where do we get this attitude that we should beat everyone we play despite having 5 of our first choice 11 out injured? Dont any of you miserable bastards come on here celebrating when things start going well after the international break
Chris Fisher, Kirkdale, 12:22 PM 6/10/2014
Win a couple of games and all this pessimism will dissolve again! I am disappointed but credit must go to De Gea... and who would have thought Baines would miss a penalty? There are many fine lines, ifs and buts, and no team has the divine right to win matches. We still have th emakings of a cracking team, and I for one will still be a BLUE even if we were relegated! But... It aint gonna happen! Chin up and get behind the lads!
Allan, Amsterdam, 12:02 PM 6/10/2014
To say this article is over the top is an understatement. Agree with Paul #17.
Dan, Chester, 11:41 AM 6/10/2014
Was at Old Trafford yesterday, they were there for the taking but we just never ever got going until really the last 15 mins. Lukaku looks completely distraught, poor control, poorly fed, looks a shadow of last year and at £28m has absorbed far too much of Roberto's kitty. We needed another 2-3 quality lads not 2 18yr olds, a 34yr old and 2 untried PL players. Dont use injuries as an excuse , UTD had 6 out yesterday Rooney, Herrera, Jones, Smalling, Carrick and Fletcher but managed.
Mike Oates, South Coast, 11:24 AM 6/10/2014
Poor pre- season with no planning whatsoever and low key games arranged at the last minute left us unprepared and unfit/lethargic and confidence shot at
Neilc, Nantwich, 11:16 AM 6/10/2014
I did say when he became our manager that he is "yapper with no substance". But we have to get behind the team and get through this European experience, ensuring our league status is protected.
Mal, St.Helens, 10:58 AM 6/10/2014
Hear hear Peter the Blue, let's keep the faith eh? We have/do have most of our midfield out crook, for goodness sake. I do agree I don't like the rotation as much as RM but he is after all the Manager, and if not for a little bit more luck, we could have got something from this game. Come on everyone chin up.
kiwi, NZ, 6:26 AM 6/10/2014
Entitled to your opinion MBE but this article is appallingly off the mark and symptomatic of an alarmingly increasing number of blues who are panicking and failing to appreciate the bigger picture. We have been disappointing lately to say the least but we are and have been without a variety of our most influential players yet despite playing poorly could and probably should have won today. Under Smith and Moyes (during most of his tenure) I would have been happy with anything better than a three nil defeat at Old Trafford and yes United aren't what they were of course but they have pumped millions in to their squad on the two players who essentially made the difference. We still managed more of the ball, more passes and more efforts on target than our hosts earlier and contrived to miss a penalty there; when the fuck have we been able to say that in recent years? I still believe we're making progress, admittedly it's dramatically slowed by injuries and individual errors but the aforementioned variables will vary for the better and in turn our form and results will improve. Don't knock our manager's positivity when we have been yearning for it for as long as I can remember. We have been fed negativity and limited aspirations for so long that even as supporters it's easy to revert to type and fall in line with the boo boys and people who constantly say we're shite because we don't win a few games but I agree with Roberto; 'I'd rather die on my feet than fight on my knees' because quite frankly my knees have been destroyed for years now, it's time to have a go and act like the Everton we should be and not the Everton that Sky and Moyes hoodwinked us in to believing we were because Everton are magic and we have a manager now who knows it.
Paul (Moj), Lower Gwladys, 9:46 PM 5/10/2014
We found out the start of the season that the back 4 were suspect. And nothing's changed my mind since. They are not up to it, including Howard in goal. He's going to get sent off the way he's behaving. It's a joke.
mark, north wales, 9:18 PM 5/10/2014
I know it is still early on in the season, but if Roberto Martinez does not work on the defence now and focuses more on just attack, then I think the team might head into crisis. 17th in the league and right by the relegation zone and 16 goals conceded in the league so far isn't exactly inspiring confidence. We showed against Wolfsburg that we are capable of playing some really good football, but at present we don't look like a team that is going to win games anytime soon. Roberto has got to work hard in sorting out the defence and if he can do that and push the team to pass the ball well and be strong in attack in getting forward, then I really think we can get our season going. So far it's been a mess. It's not good enough and should and can be better. We have got to start winning games or we will be heading for trouble, so hopefully Roberto Martinez will use some common sense and sort things out. It can't go on like this and everybody knows it.
Paul L.M., Ormskirk, Lancashire, 8:44 PM 5/10/2014
madcat, parkend, 8:31 PM 5/10/2014
Pete number 7 spot on. Some key injuries and an awkward run of fixtures. Not to mention tv dictating a 12 am Sunday game... How many 12 o'clock Sunday games have there been in the history of the premiership, on the back of a trip to Russia... There are issues to be resolved. Howard has got a serious WC hangover. No Coleman means the team is unbalanced, no Barkley and Lukaku looks isolated. But now is the time we need to unite for our club... These up an coming fixtures are crucial with Villa, Burnley et al. Stay positive.
Adam, Burton, 8:17 PM 5/10/2014
The fact that Mickey Is making comparisons between RM and Brenda Rodgers really does bring home the fact that we are in a very dark place. The fact that the Prem is generally weaker than last season makes it all a doubly bitter pill to swallow. Having a two week Prem break doesn't help my gloomy mood either.
John T, Bristol, 7:59 PM 5/10/2014
Two straight wins against west brom and Wolfsburg finally got our season going so why oh why does Martinez rotate the squad. Play your strongest and winning team until injuries or loss of form hits and then change. I just can't believe he swaps and changes so randomly. I understand injuries call for changes but at the time we had no injuries, form and two straight wins were good now look at we're we are, fighting relegation, out of one cup and struggling desperately for form. Come on Martinez, get our next win and keep the same team please.
Markblue3, Huyton, 7:53 PM 5/10/2014
At last I'm reading an article written as though I could be speaking or thinking it. Sensational article Mickey, not a knee jerk reaction but an honest assessment. Im in shock in how we have regressed since last season, even the host on BT Sport said before he cut to the break 'What has happened to the swashbuckling Everton of last season?' I couldn't agree more, no pace or power in the team our record signing looks a bit of a joke really and I take no pleasure in saying that. I used to love the Europa League but if getting beat after every European game is the norm then Ill fall out of love with it pretty quick, I slated Villa and Stoke playing weakened sides, its funny but a figure of hate for some Evertonians now aka David Moyes didn't seem to have the same problem with his teams that had a lot less talent or money invested in them. Roberto was a breath of fresh air last season, I couldn't believe the transition in Managers was so smooth, I was expecting this sort of dross we are now seeing last season and we ended up with our best Prem points total. Our Manager has been touted as a future Barcelona boss, its time he now proved his credentials and sorted this mess out!! COYB!!!!!
Si, Kirkby, 7:44 PM 5/10/2014
Dear me we were so unlucky and its a total collapse by some on here .I said before the kick off we need De Gea to have a poor game sod me what does he do ? plays the best game he has had all season.. All it not lost ,thought we played well enough to have at least gained a point from the match. The difference on losing is where we are sat in the lower realms ,whereas a win would have put us somewhere around 10th.We have 30 games to play as yet.keep the faith and soon we shall have a full squad to pick from .
doug , tenerife, 7:12 PM 5/10/2014
All over the park we are looking flakier than,well a Cadbury's Flake advert.The drive to take the game to the opposition,is virtually redundant,the build up isn't what I'd even call pedestrian,more akin to a mammoth preserved in some glacier for millions of years,still,idle but fundamentally looks in good nick,the operative word here being"looks"this is by no shape,a knee jerk post,I'm seriously concerned about what's evolving here,it's a bit like that Harry Endfield character,"Nice but Dim"we don't look like winning,we have got out of jail too many times for my liking,poor Rom looks as if he's took on that Tom Hanks role in "Castaway"even Robinson Crusoe had more company than our striker.Yes,I'm jittery,and so i should be,the defence,isn't defending,Tim is losing the plot,distribution awful,and the midfield are making our 28 million man lose confidence by the week.I resonate with you Mickey,before you know it,it's January and your looking down the barrel of ever increasingly desperate measures.The table never lies is a tried and trusted wheeled out cliché but it does if you don't apply the legs,which is something that's currently happening with our squad.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 6:52 PM 5/10/2014
Hang on a minute, let's get real here, No Coleman, No McCarthey, No Barkley, No Mirallas, Not forgetting we only got back from Russia Friday morning, The saves from De Gea, Let's keep the faith, a couple of wins and you moaners will be hanging your heads in shame.
Peter the Blue, The real World, 6:26 PM 5/10/2014
Not like you to be so pessimistic Mick but I see where you're coming from. Almost a quarter of the season gone and we're in the relegation zone. I think we'll be OK when the injuries clear and we get some luck, so it looks like it'll be the end of November before the recovery (if it comes!) takes place. Got me nervy though.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:59 PM 5/10/2014
I'm glad I'm not the only one with Martinez and his over use of misplaced adjectives. At this rate we'll be a "special" side playing in the "phenomenal" championship after an "outstanding" relegation. Everyone has worked him out and he hasn't got the first idea of what to do about it. He'll do to us what he did to Wigan. I'm very, very worried about this debacle and how it will end.
Mark, Bucks, 5:25 PM 5/10/2014
This is a jerk reaction someone should change his nappy MBE still cant get over the fact he was so wrong about how bad Moyes was but for a few injuries we would be up the other end of table Martinez grow a pair and drop jags. We are on our way back what we dont need is futile drivel like this get behind the lads COYB.
Chris Simpson, Everton , 5:07 PM 5/10/2014
United will get turned over by any half decent team home and away until January when they might shore up there defence. We were poor, very poor, today. There was no energy in the team, we sat off them in the first half and let Blind do what he wanted. We looked shakey with every ball that entered the box and their were far too many passengers on display - see Pienaar, McGeady and Lukaku. As for the goals Barry got to the ball to close it down then didn't put his body on the line - see Blackett last minute from Barry's shot - And Tim Howard, why why why did you not put that ball squarely in row Z. All that said, we missed a penalty and came up against a keeper who made two wonder saves in the last couple of minutes. We could have left with 3 points, we should have left with at least 1 but as our season plays out we keep shooting ourselves in the foot and costing ourselves valuable points. Thank God for the International break!
LW,, Jakarta, 5:03 PM 5/10/2014
This is all a hangover from a very poor pre-season. Our playing style is completely predictable, and simply does not work in the Premier League when there is no Plan B when certain games require it. There has to be more to our game than just trying to pass our way around opponents. The big concern is that if it really comes to it that we need to get ourselves out of trouble, I just don't see us having the required spirit and resilience to really dig in and fight as we have done in the past when we've struggled. This may well now be a scrap for 40 points.
Sam, Cheshire, 4:45 PM 5/10/2014
It was always going to be a difficult season We really need to consolidate our position as a top 8 side, keep our better players, and bring in youth, e.g. Browning and Garbutt, whenever possible To lose away at Man U is no disgrace and it is not the end of the world However, we do need a decent run and this is certainly achievable Perhaps we are paying the price for not bringing in a couple of extra decent squad players in the Summer There are a few reasonable free agents out there who could do a job, e.g. Yobo
PW, Ormskirk, 3:48 PM 5/10/2014
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