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Here we go again.


Luis Suárez yet again has been banned and fined for biting an opponent. This time by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for an assault launched against Giorgio Chiellini in the Italy V Uruguay group match. His lawyer Alejandro Balbi has lodged an appeal. You can find the current FIFA judgement here:



This is the third time he has breached playing rules in this way. One was in Holland when he played for Ajax, the second in England when he played for our loveable neighbours, and now the third in a World Cup; plainly, he is intent on making his mark as an international gourmet. Since the offence was committed in full view of a world-wide TV audience it is difficult to see how he can contest the facts. There is no need for moralising. Such behaviour - even uglier and more disgusting than spitting at someone - speaks for itself. And since it is the third time, he can hardly complain at the severity of the ban or the fine. To mix sports, this really is a matter of three strikes and you are out.


He will find little or no support amongst neutrals, let alone amongst opposing supporters, though oddly enough his latest victim has described the FIFA judgement as "excessive." Not so odd is burgeoning support from Diego Maradona, suspended from football in Italy for fifteen months in 1991 after failing a drug  test for cocaine and sent home from World Cup 1994  in the US after testing positive for ephedrine. After all, prisons are full of innocent men and women are they not?


Nevertheless, it would be inhuman to deny the man needs help, especially when you add this offence to his racist abuse of Patrice Evra of Manchester United that also drew a suspension and fine. He obviously has a deep-seated psychological problem similar to that which plagued tragic Paul Gascoigne. Until he gets relevant help he should surely stay away from a sport notorious for its chauvinist taunting at all levels. Wherever he plays now he will be mercilessly harassed.


I remember once there was talk of a former player returning to Everton. A friend of mine observed, "I'd have the player back any day. But not the man". It would do Luis Suárez a good deal of good to listen to that. If he fails, football will simply wait for his next unprovoked orthodontic assault. And it would be his last.





Comments about Suarez. Again.
Be interesting to see what happens to the England "fan" who bit part of a black fans ear off (when they catch him). I bet he gets gaoled and rightly so, but I bet it won't be the 3rd time he has done it.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 4:35 PM 30/06/2014
We all have problems in life and things don't always go our way. If i reacted the way he does to things, i would be in prison. It's not about passion or wanting to win, the guy is psychotic, what next? Get the corner flag and stab someone?? People like him were locked in asylums in years gone by. This guy can afford to get his own help, no sympathy, loonatic. Run him out of the game.
bitter, Liverpool, 8:49 AM 30/06/2014
As the 'offence' took place in Brazil, his Human Rights could only be violated if the Brazilian constitution recognises and guarantees such rights ... sadly, it doesn't! And anyway, what about Chielini's right not to be somebody else's lunch!
njr1330, liverpool, 2:55 AM 30/06/2014
I'd lock him up and throw the key away. The guy's a barmpot, so is anyone who defends him, a poisonous rat.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 7:17 PM 29/06/2014
I see the LFC Echo are all over this backing the Uruguayans with the human rights issue that it is against the law to stop any Multi Millionaire... (Sorry I meant person) to stop working for 4 months. They are though deeply post off with the guy for appealing that he fell on the guy with his teeth accidentally sinking into the Italian's shoulder. Appently FIFA were going to reduce the ban from 13x games to 6x games but there's no chance of that happening now.....What a pitty! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaah!
doug, Liverpool, 6:00 PM 29/06/2014
Hopefully the puncture marks provided by Rattus Uruguayicus will have the result of rapidly deflating the obscenely over inflated RS balloon. All that will be left is a set of oversized teeth firmly embedded in a noxious puddle of quivering red jelly.
John T, Bristol, 10:31 PM 28/06/2014
Whether Goofy is disturbed, unbalanced, affected by some malady or otherwise... there can be no sane complaint against the van. The only argument can be for increasing if and when the folly of an appeal flounders and the initial decision is upheld. In most judicial cases of appeals failing, the sentence is increased as a punishment for wasting the courts time. In this case, his and the UFA denials and claims of photo-shopping etc are an insult to world intelligence.
Andy, Warrington, 8:35 PM 28/06/2014
Gazza's problems were nothing like the same as this bloke. Gazza understands/understood contrition for one thing. Luis is headtheball who 'tripped and hurt me teeth...'' Gazza wouldn't have insulted himself with such tosh. Waste of a Great Player - but he's a serialised cheat.
Bleu, France, 7:03 PM 28/06/2014
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