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There could be no better example of the chauvinist, bilious nonsense of professional sport than the sacking of David Moyes after just ten months as manager of Manchester United. It also shows how sports fortunes can fluctuate quite suddenly. All told, it is a sad, sorry story.


At a personal level I feel sympathy for him in the way I feel sympathy for anybody who hits difficult moments. After all, he did help rescue our club from disaster, which is the main reason for my passing interest. Apart from that I feel nothing for him or Manchester United: he made his choice, he knew it was a gamble, now it has come unstuck. So live with it, David. It is scarcely the end of the world. The same goes for the owners and fans (which, of course, includes a large slice of British media) of the Stretford Brand, who, like Arsenal, seem to have acquired a not-so-vague sense of entitlement during the lamentable Premier League era.


For what it is worth, from a distance I thought he could resolve their obvious playing problems......if he was given time. Like the previous manager Ferguson he would have enough money to mop up transfer mistakes. But it takes time for new players to adjust, which he was simply not allowed. In fact there are uncanny echoes of the retirement of Matt Busby in this, the same one-dimensional self-delusion that saw that club end up in the old Second Division. That they have not qualified for any European competition may be a breathing space they need; however, the loss of it can apparently run up to £50 million, and that is what, typically, the American owners seemed to decide was a loss too far. If he can take any consolation it is in the notion that he can use the experience to step back and reassess how he deals with sports management. I wish him good luck.


The best things football lovers can take from this are just how necessary is a sense of proportion, how utterly absurd is the unthinking mindless chase for "success," how thoroughly sickening are personality hatreds, how certifiably insane are some of the perpetrators. The sheer pettiness of it only gives more ammunition to the many enemies of the game. But that is wishful thinking. The paranoid hate-filled ale house loonies and cheap opportunists have always been with us and always will be. Those who talk of "building dynasties," those who want little more than chauvinist sports domination, those riddled with envy......these are not only enemies of the game, they are enemies of common sense. They are the kind of insensate brutes who would sneer at Andrew Murray's public moment of humanity yesterday.


In our case it was a football disaster when David Moyes left. Few of us, me included, thought Roberto Martinez would be able to build on his achievements. Well, we were wrong. He too has plaited sawdust, however tenuously. We recovered, got better in fact. And therein lies the reality of sports "glory": it can come and go in a flash.  The sooner that notion becomes dominant in the game the better.


I can dream. Again.





Comments about The Chosen Gone
Dear Mickey, Do you feel the same as Johnny Speight? You spend all this time constructing your piece only to find the very people you are aiming at have anointed you as their representative in all things relating to topics which appear to be anathema to you?
R Gordon, Weatherfield, 5:51 PM 27/04/2014
Speaking as an Evertonian of over fifty years standing, once he'd left us, really, who cares?
Pat S, Southport, 11:24 AM 27/04/2014
misconception Moyes saved us he was useless it took man u 10 months to get rid of what we endured for 10 Years if only we had seen the light sooner who knows what might have been. Lets at last get our status back with Roberto COYB.
chris simpson, everton, 7:41 PM 26/04/2014
I had much love for moyes, he did great things for our club, but his bids were insulting, saying we were holding them players back was a spit in the face. I wish him well but iv lost a lot of respect for him
tom, Blackpool , 6:23 PM 26/04/2014
Neil,lets not all fall out about Moyes, he took us as far as his ability could,but as for trying to bid for players, he took the piss with a stupid i'm bigger than you now bid,at the end of the day if i'm getting a new house built i won't want the navvie's who dug the footings to build the rest of it,he's been found out and i'm glad,my 2 greatest loves in my life are firstly my kid's and secondly Everton,anyone who merely disrupts that ethos in my eyes is dead to me,how fortunate we were that SWN decided that he was the CHOSEN ONE.
daz.m, st.helens, 8:45 PM 25/04/2014
curious few days reading what has transpired down the east lancs. players mocking and laughing at the manager, not responding to what he was trying to do. the word professional springs to mind then the 75,000 + paying customers who rock up every week with the expectation that the players perform to the best of their ability.... how lucky we are, but saying that.. would we accept that? i didn't think so either. Now on to Moysey... quite sad really to see the deterioration that 10 months brings. he made us stable and instilled pride when we were at rock bottom and for that i offer my thanks and respect. what transpired last year doesn't matter. he had to go to Utd...no choice, biggest sporting club in the world.. the words and bullshit was their PR team and the rags who have to kiss their arses... he's a good man and i wish him and his family well.
mike, lpool, 2:22 PM 25/04/2014
Neil from Walton. I feel exactly the same as you do about Moyes. He will be back into management again come summer. My guess is with Newcastle and Shearer as his assistant. I wish him well but not at Evertons expense.
Tony, Perth, 1:46 PM 25/04/2014
Moyes chose to sup with the devil(s) and I cannot thank him enough for pushing them towards the edge of a cliff - the business model their yankee owners employ is one that could well (and hopefully will) lead to their eventually tripping off the edge of that cliff and plummeting to a certain death. Even better, RS are run on exactly the same business principal. Sadly, in spite of his revoltingly self righteous/sickly veneer (reminds me of Tony Blair on a particularly bad day), Brendan Rodgers (anything that moves) is a semi proficient football manager - so their day of reckoning may be a little further off than we'd all like. On the up side - Manure wise - it should be obvious to all that Giggs is a complete stranger to even the faintest glimmer of intelligence. The good thing is that he is currently being heavily backed by the main stream media, who seem to have got to the point of actually believing their own ridiculous propaganda in their rabid promotion of him. Another thing to cheer true appreciators of football (EFC fans) is the fact that certain elements of the media are touting Moyes for the Snottenham job. So, all in all, D. Moyes did a middling job for us (top 4 should always be the natural level of EFC), with his performance improving to brilliant since his departure. El Bob has opened a lot of Evertonian eyes. Thank you Bob.
John T, Bristol, 1:33 PM 25/04/2014
I read reports he will get about seven million in compensation payments, so I think he'll be crying all the way to the bank :o)
Paul, Warrington, 12:29 PM 25/04/2014
Rico #7 - couldn't agree more!
Brownie, West Derby, 11:41 PM 24/04/2014
He'll get a job easy enough because he's good enough. He made a rod for his own back when he left.
Spectator, Crosby, 9:31 PM 24/04/2014
Moyes was disloyal to our club with his transfer attempts. However he brought into our club: Miralas, Coleman, Barkley, Jagielka, Baines, Pienaar, and many others. For this and the work he did at EFC I am eternally grateful though I was disappointed with his disloyalty. As for his sacking, I am more gutted for my mate who has recently lost his job after 25 years and he will receive precious little in severance or redundancy pay.
Tim.G, A in M, 8:45 PM 24/04/2014
Moyes will come back better and stronger. He will win all the crunch games, and beat the nearest rivals in derby matches. He will encourage all his players to win with elan, and not a thought for hanging on to the 1 nil lead. I also have it on good authority that Disney have chosen North Korea as the site for their next theme park.
Lennie, Wirral, 8:37 PM 24/04/2014
#4 Adam "building dynasties" not "bullying dynasties" or even "bulling dynasties" . Read it again lad.
Ed, Park End, 8:30 PM 24/04/2014
Daz, how can you criticise the man for trying to buy players. He put in a bid we rejected, that is football. Yeah i know what he said in the past but he said that in defence of OUR club. Allegiances change and he went from being an Everton man to Man u one with their interests at heart. No reason to hate him to be honest At the end of the day I bet you he wishes he never left deep down. But your right I don't want him back but I do want him to do well and I am sure he will. I hope Martinez can continue to do what he has done this season going forward with his own players rather than Moyes's.
neil, walton, 7:56 PM 24/04/2014
Was good manager for us when his methodology was good enough for the clubs then ambitions. Was not sorry to see him leave because Cup Final and Semi against Liverpool took us to the limit of his acumen. Both parties had to move on . Martinez was one of my preferred choices and has not disappointed overall . If he and the players learn from the defeats against Arsenal , Liverpool and Palace and there is some proper investment in new players then we will continue to improve.
Paul, Wirral , 7:37 PM 24/04/2014
Neil,Walton, we understand what Moyes did at our great club,and not many would turn down the biggest job in English football,but he showed his true colours in trying to turn our players heads, exactly what he went berserk at Mark Hughes for over Lescott, i,m made up he's been sacked and certainly don't feel sorry for him,he won't be shopping in ALDI or LIDL with his bumper pay off, he once quoted "whoever leaves Everton will be poorer for it" (not him) he'll certainly get another job but as you stated that Moyes will be back soon, i for one hope it ain't here. IRWT
daz.m, st.helens, 6:01 PM 24/04/2014
Big fan of Moyes and what he did for our club. Lot of people on here have short memories. So he left Everton after 10 years for the the biggest club in the world - who wouldn't! So he bid 27 million for Fellaini and Baines. He was simply acting on behalf of Man U. At the end of they day it worked out for us and not so for much for him. Moyes will be back soon and wish him all the best.
neil, walton, 4:42 PM 24/04/2014
At the beginning,there was a jubilant man,waving to the Goodison faithful,my self included choked,yes tears were not far off.Then,he was at Old Trafford,bursting with pride,his hair that little bit redder,over the tenure of his 10 months at United,his demeanour and quite strikingly his health appeared to alter.He had gone from someone who had won a record Euro Millions lottery rollover to look like Steve McQueens "Papillon"after spending 4 months in solitary..Yes,it was that severe,it began to show.In all honesty i feel,he was hung out to dry,big time.The ugly exhibition of player power was definitely partly instrumental in him getting the red card.I just think it was a case of wrong man,wrong club,his autobiography should consist of 1 or 2 tasty chapters surrounding indirect bullying tactics at Carrington.We can roll out those tried and trusted football cliches.."Be careful what you wish for"."The grass isn't always greener"and the dependable"What goes round,comes blah,blah,blah"it hasn't been a total disaster for him,pride,yes bruised,but he'll be in another job soon,with a few million in his bank account for services rendered at O.T. My memories of Moyes,are for the greater with fondness,he did us far more good than bad,who knows where we would be if he didn't arrive,because it wasn't looking too appetizing.At the present we have one visionary fearless manager at the helm,and he's the sole person who can take us on to even better things than what we have witnessed thus far,as for our previous manager,i do wish him well,i honestly don't hold a grudge against him,how ironic his last game in charge was against The Peoples Club,when is own people were ready to cancel his brief membership.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:29 PM 24/04/2014
I think the £5 million pay off or whatever it is will soften the blow. A summer of world cup punditry.... then take over at Newcastle. I have no sympathy whatsoever and can only concentrate on the good job Roberto is doing. Football playing taking me back to a feeling I had in the early 80s.
Paul, Dusseldorf, 2:11 PM 24/04/2014
I am in no doubt that Moyes could do that job if given time and the right assistance. He should have kept the coaching staff and done away with the likes of Giggs and Ferdinand (like the parasites they are). Moyes had our team playing well above their own capabilities for a long time and created a damn fine foundation for the club. Had David Gill not left (who arranged their deals) then maybe he would have gotten the players he wanted. Moyes wasn't given time and he was a fool to believe he ever would be, that club will now change manager every other year. There is something to be said for creating your own team and legacy. He could have continued to build Castle Everton but he decided to live in one another man had built and failed to maintain over his last years in it. I hope it now crumbles into the ground as modern ManUre fans fail to understand that the way it is now is not how it has always been!!
Rico, Goodison, 1:34 PM 24/04/2014
As I live down their end of the East Lancs, I know a lot of Man Utd fans. A few - not all - keep going on about 'getting back to where they belong.' It's a ridiculous statement, nonsense devoid of any meaning. and is no different in principle from the West Ham fans who barrack Big Sam for 'not playing the West Ham way.' Most fans feel that their club is special, but that is the feeling between them and the club, not their club in comparison to other clubs, and no fan is any more deserving than their counterpart at another team. A Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Everton, Chelsea, or Newcastle fan - no matter the size of their honours list, present fortune, or the size of their stadium is no more or less entitled to a fan of a lower league club.
Grongy, Salford, 10:24 AM 24/04/2014
I am sad to think that DM thought he could succeed at MTU. Why, because he obviously thought the players would play for him like they did Alex Ferguson. He took with him the assistants who did not accomplish anything here, why do that. Why not keep the knowledge of that club that was successful under Ferguson? Wonder what he will do now?
Ann, NZ, 6:42 AM 24/04/2014
Mainly a very good read, as are most of the MBE blog's I occasionally read. Just a few lines that rubbed me the wrong way; the ones regarding supporters who speak of 'bullying dynasties' and being 'riddled with envy' mustn't be able to relate to Andy Murray's speech at his local council hall. As a life long blue who grew up in Arsenal's Islington in the 90's, and who now lives in Barcelona, I can say with no shame that I am riddled with envy, and I see clearly the immoral unsporting means in which bulling dynasties are going about their business. Don't take the moral high ground MBE, fans are entitled to their opinions without being compared to headless idiots (within reason of course).
Adam, Barcelona, 12:23 AM 24/04/2014
Good points MBE. Mixed emotions on Moyes, part of me feels sorry for the man and all the stick he's been given by the manc "fans" around the world (especially here in the USA) who will be dusting off their Liverpool/Chelsea/City jerseys and putting their red devil jumpers in the bin. On the other hand he seemed blinded by the light at OT and seemed lost with his tactics. He, along with the help of his players not putting in an honest shift doomed him to the grim reaper who appeared right on time at Goodison. It was a good separation last year for Moyes and Everton but we defo got the spoils of the divorce. RM has us playing nice footy and our future looks bright while Moyes is doomed to the lower echelons of the EPL or the Championship. As stated many times before, the grass is not always greener.
VirginiaBlue, Virginia USA, 12:19 AM 24/04/2014
didn't DM once famously say the grass isn't always greener on the other side
Blue Nick, The Street End, 10:32 PM 23/04/2014
What's that old saying? What goes round comes round, Moyes got what he fully deserved,how any Evertonian can have any amount of sympathy for someone who treated our great club with the total lack of respect as he did last season just beggers belief,
Peter b, Walton F3ABB, 10:31 PM 23/04/2014
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