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Mickey Blue Eyes


In a few weeks time we will know if David Moyes will sign a new contract and stay as our manager.


So let me nail my colours to the mast: if he goes, it will be a football disaster for Us; We will not strike as lucky again. The chances of a lightning bolt in the same Goodison place are infinitesimal. David Moyes is that good, potentially even great. If he goes, Our future prospects would be debatable at best. Even I, an eternal optimist, fear the worst. In our present financial circumstances he is, for all his faults, as near irreplaceable as it gets. By now it is pretty much universally recognised that the partnership he has (had?) with Bill Kenwright has saved the club from football demise. Only incandescent stupidity can think otherwise. His record speaks for itself and needs no repetition here. But perhaps events have simply run their course. Nothing is eternal.


I fear the managerial merry-go-round may have already started. Speculating wildly, I see Mourinho to Chelsea, Villas Boas to Real Madrid......and Moyesy to Tottenham Hotspur. I hope I am (equally wildly) wrong, and not just for the sake of Everton. He still has unfinished work here, still a trophy to win. Leaving now would probably leave him with a nagging feeling he should have completed the job. Furthermore, I doubt he would have the same complete control elsewhere. If he thinks our financial constraints are tight - and they are, very - they are as nothing compared to the caprices of a frustrated spendthrift ownership. All informed fans could provide you with a list of examples as long as your arm.


None of this is to make more of the man than he is. He has his faults. He has made bad mistakes. Who among us hasn't? Which football manager or administrator ever born has been free of them? Answer: none. Despite that he has stabilised the club and restored playing hope, even expectation, where previously for six long years we were threatened with relegation thanks to the unlamented tenure of Peter Johnson and the managers he appointed. That the club was turned around in a few short years and back in Europe was to the vast credit of David Moyes and his working relationship with Bill Kenwright, and it happened at exactly the right time for the two of them. And, happily, for Us. I shudder to think where We could have been football-wise.


If he goes, We will be faced with another highly critical moment. There is as much a gamble with any managerial appointment as there is with any player transfer. Quite rightly, any new manager will have his own ideas and will want his own coaching staff, as did David Moyes. Invariably the early years of a new regime are a profound change naturally reflected on the playing field and in results. At such times money isn't necessarily the cure for all ills, but of course the talent and character of the manager is crucial.


Which is why when Moyesy arrived eleven long years ago it could all have gone spectacularly wrong: he was young, inexperienced at the top level, had inherited an ageing (perhaps cynical?) squad, our stadium was - is - out of date, our training facilities were primitive to say the least, and of course he had to husband carefully what little money was available for players. Yet together with Kenwright he squeezed, nay stripped, every last asset we had to get what we have now. That included merciless use of players' talents before selling them on, invariably at a small profit. They had to; there is no free lunch in life, let alone in our dominant rat-eat-rat economy. History counts for nothing, the game virtually bankrupt despite incredible money flowing through it. We are all borrowed-up, cannot get necessary loans to break out of our current limits and certainly nobody is going to give us money, which is why forthcoming increased TV money will provide only temporary respite.


Despite all of that David Moyes has got us to the level where we expect to qualify for European competition and win either the League Cup or the FA Cup. Despite all of that Everton football for the last couple of years has often been quite brilliant, if maddeningly staccato and incomplete, lacking only a consistent striker and a strong midfield player. By almost every measure the achievement has been phenomenal. Ten years ago, it was usual to hear apprehensive Evertonians (rightly) ask, "Where will we be in ten years time?" Well, here We are, lucky Us. Sure, frustratingly, it could be marginally better. But it could easily be so much worse. To deny David Moyes and everyone at the club their due merit is an insult to civilised intelligence, let alone to common courtesy.


Sadly, my guess is he has already made up his mind and he is about to leave. If that is accurate he is probably already in the process of fine tuning things. Still, for him it would be a leap in the dark, a probable chance to see how he fares with more transfer money, with no guarantee it would work out. I think the manner of the Wigan Cup defeat probably decided him. I certainly know the mood of the fans toward him changed, perhaps decisively. If so, it is likely he has already held talks with his next club, whoever it may be. And if so, nobody could blame him. He has committed eleven years of his working life to Everton, a long time in any job. He has fulfilled his side of the bargain, as have the club. The gains have been mutual and profound for both parties. If he goes, it would be only an utter churl who did not wish him good luck.


If he goes, you might as well ready yourself too for the inevitable media circus vicariously living off the backs of genuine sports achievement. The disgusting and sordid round of London-based media will vomit its worthless, jobsworth tabloid ugliness all over the event. Journalists, especially the London spawn of the species, are one of the groups I always assume guilty before innocent. God knows they have it coming. They never learn that not only are they not wanted, they are not needed. Fortunately, social media have brought them to the verge of redundancy.


For Us the situation would be a real problem. Of course his departure would not be terminal. The club will still go on. However, I do not envy the task of choosing the next manager. A wrong choice could easily bankrupt the club and see it plummet once again - that is how fraught matters are these days - which means a temptation to appoint a "safe" name and reduce the gamble. And there are plenty of journeyman managers out there, tired if honourable names not really wanted by the fans. It will not be easy. There will always be an element of chance in it. But who has the right mix of ability, enthusiasm and vigour to make a breakthrough and take the club to the level We all want? Just as important, who can We afford?


Whatever happens, We owe David Moyes a great deal. The least We can do is thank him for saving Us from football ignominy. He can take tremendous pride in that achievement against great odds. And that is why I hope he stays.




Comments about Moyesy Contract
To all those who said Moyesie is/was not bigger than Everton, neither is Everton bigger than the Premiership. I think we've lost one of our best ever managers, and that every one of the match-going "Moyes out" brigade will mourn his loss in a few years time, when the football is average (on a good day), expectation and ambition low, and the league position shakier than a shitting dog. If Kenwright finds a manager anywhere near as successful again, he should be put in charge of the whole world. Good luck Moyesie, hope ya win EVERYTHING in your first year (do us a favour and put a shitty team out when playing Us tho, eh?!)
Lettuce, Pray, 4:59 PM 9/05/2013
Micky, you were ahead of the pack on this. Do you know summat we don't?
Observer, Everywhere, 4:45 PM 9/05/2013
Absolutely gutted IF he goes
J.J, St Helens, 10:37 PM 8/05/2013
Here you go, the idiots who want him gone will have their wish. You know what if teams like Stoke, Fulham, Villa had not a pot to piss in and were overtaking us in the league and qualifying for champions league with exciting football, I'd think yeah suppose, but it doesn't happen. Those who want Moyes gone haven't a clue, just one stat for you l'pool have 80 million pounds worth of just strikers on their books, we have 5 million on ours, that's what he competes with every year, good article.
John, L13, 4:59 PM 8/05/2013
Give me a week after the new appointment and you'll find me in the back room whinging my head off, it's what I do.
Permanent whinger, County Road pub, 4:36 PM 8/05/2013
Looks dead certain for the mancs then. Well it was great while it lasted but now we have to look forward not back. I reckon Kenwright will play safe with the next pick. Whoever it is has a big job on his hands. The players better step up now as well.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 3:56 PM 8/05/2013
If there's one gang of twats I despise 100% its the toolends who show up and whine every time there's the slightest change on the cards. The moaning fat cunts can't wait to whinge their stupid heads off at all and sundry, I wouldn't mind but most of them don't go the match or don't even live in the city. They blame everyone and everything else except themselves, the mob of poisoned pricks with nothing better to do. They know fuck all about footie or Everton, they should do us all a favour and fuck right off to the Old Womens Institute or the Krazy House or read The Sun. They'll whinge and moan whatever we do and they'll whinge and moan when we get a new manager and new owners. Cunts all of them.
Street Ender, Gwladys Street, 3:05 PM 8/05/2013
So he leaves so what? We gave him his chance to get where he is. No other club would have been as patient given some of the performances that failed at the important time. I'll say Thanks and then move on to whoever comes in. Everton are more important than Davey Moyes. I have never forgotten him giving two fingers to all sides of the ground during that home match with Aston Villa. I like him and hope he stays but he's no messiah.
Macca, Huyton, 1:19 PM 8/05/2013
One thing that is really bugging me about Moyes is that it now seems he will just simply walk away from the club "on a free" as it were. Compensation packages are now the norm in football if someone wants your manager, i think I'm right in saying that Chelsea paid Porto in the region of £15million for AVB for example. I do think that we have a lot to thank Moyes for in terms of stabilising the club under difficult circumstances, but this is a 2 way street. He was given a chance at Everton and also given time when at a different football club he would have been sacked due to poor results (thinking to the shocking starts to most seasons) so I believe he owes us a bit of loyalty. It now seems he will simply walk away "on a free" at the end of the season. That's one of THE biggest assets this club has simply walking out of the door. No doubt we will also have to pay compensation to another club for whoever we want next and I doubt very much we can afford Mourinho so we will be limited to who we can get, it's either gonna be taking a punt on a lower league manager again or bringing someone in who's out of work. It's going to be an interesting summer COYB
Peter, Childwall, 12:55 PM 8/05/2013
Anyone who can't say thanks to Moyesie is a fuckin dope. He's been GREAT for us.
Smegger, Nogsy, 12:36 PM 8/05/2013
Back to square 1 then. Big changes in the offing all round, 6 or 7 of our squad are 30 or older.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 12:28 PM 8/05/2013
Thanks for the good times Dave, but its time to go, as i just cant handle being let down at the final hurdle time and time again...........
Chris m, Deal kent, 11:42 AM 8/05/2013
As long as Everton are in the financial position we are in then Moyes is the man for us. The relegation dog fights were horrible and every Evertonian should be greatly to Moyes for what he has done. BUT....if some significant investment come then I would be happy to thank him for all he has done and see him on his way. He can't take us any further and that has been proven as he consistently loses big games e.g. FA Cup Final, FA Semi vs the RS, Carling Cup Semi vs Chelsea, Sporting Lisbon, etc. We've had three massive end of season games against Spurs, Arsenal and RS and we've drawn all of them. If we had won two of these we would be in Europa minimum and a good shot at the champions league and his derby record and away record at any big teams is awful. I wouldn't go as far to say he is tactically inept/naive but he does have serious faults in this area. His substitution policy is unbelieveable, he can't make his mind up who is best striker is, players fall in and out of favour with him very erratically. To move forward Everton need a massive overhaul in the order of board changes first, investors second, manager change third. Until the first two happen however sticking with the status quo is best for Everton and for the fans. But unfortunately maybe not for Moyes.
Jack, London, 9:41 AM 8/05/2013
If Moyes goes we will really really miss him. A top manager and has done so well for us. I hope he stays because without him I fear Everton might fall apart. Let's show how much we love him on Sunday and see if we can't persuade him that we can be his home for another ten years. We are truly on the verge of greatness.
Lew, London, 12:44 AM 8/05/2013
There is no doubt that David Moyes has done a great job working with a limited budget and I think the lack of transfer funds is the main reason Everton hasn't managed to become a Champions League team. Moyes has managed to assemble very competitive teams who, on their day, play attractive football. After the Wigan QF game I did think the time had come for a change, but now I have had time to reflect I wonder if anyone else could do any better under these circumstances. Perhaps it would be better to stick with what we have and hope to finish in the top half every year. Another part of me wants to see us take a gamble on a new manager with new ideas and see if we can push on and win trophies. I look at the Laudrup at Swansea. He has taken over a good footballing side and managed to win a trophy, get them into Europe and guide them to a respectable position in the table, all on a limited budget. It is possible! Ultimately it is not a decision Kenwright has to make. David Moyes will make up his own mind. I will be happy if he stays, and if he goes Everton will move on into an uncharted but exciting future. The biggest issue for me is the lack of any meaningful investment, the antiquated stadium and the losses we are making. Until these issues are addressed any manager is going to struggle to take the club to the next level!
Drew, Cardiff, 11:19 PM 7/05/2013
Martinez or Laudrup? One doesn't start playing until April and the other finishes in mid-Feb, not good enough for my team. Moyes took 4 points off each of those and could/should have been more. People who piss and moan about him being defensive need to dig a bit deeper, he works with what he has and in my opinion there are very few better than him and none that we could actually afford or would think about coming to Everton. We turned Swansea over 3-0 with Heitinga and Nev playing, against Liverpool we had a better defender (Buzz) and a quality midfielder in (Gibson), so if anything it is not his fault at all, some players didn't play as they can. I would say comparing the two sides the XI against the shite were even stronger and more attacking than previous. I for one would be sad to see him go
tommo, wigan, 10:54 PM 7/05/2013
The man is brilliant. I love his dignity, work attitude and over the past few years fine tuned attacking technique.....just shame we hadn't a bit extra's so frustrating, we seem so close to something but to be honest the gap between the top 5 and us is massive. Not his fault the Champions League is designed to keep the elite. Sooner it's scrapped the better......Moyes, you're a legend and I'll certainly be gutted if you go.....hope you get the correct replacement, don't want someone too safe..... whoever it is needs to carry on the Moyes project. He has laid a very good foundation.
Richard Carton, Glasgow, 7:59 PM 7/05/2013
As a Dane I feel I know Laudrup a lot better than the people believing he can do a job for us. I know he won the mickey mouse cup - but he will end up in PL with less points than last year. Only in his first job as a manager (Brøndby) he has been at a club for more than 2 years .... not the Moyes way - remember when Denmark won the European Championship in 1992 our best player was Michael Laudrup ... but of course he didn't play as he had ruled him self out because he didn't like the manager.... He isn't fit to wear Moyes's dirty socks.
Poul, Denmark, 7:52 PM 7/05/2013
If he does go to somewhere with more money it will be interesting to see how his team plays. If they turn out to be all attacking because he has a better squad then that will shut his critics up. Personally I dread another rebuilding era at the club. We've waited a long time as it is.
Spectator, Crosby, 5:58 PM 7/05/2013
If Moyes does go, and at this stage I am slightly past caring, we could do a lot worse than Michael Laudrup.
Pete G, London, 5:27 PM 7/05/2013
.........or even Whinger to PSG and Moysey to the Arse!!!
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 5:12 PM 7/05/2013
Moyes turned down Spurs last summer as he wanted total control of the football side of the club . . . as he has with us . . but he was told he wouldnt have that control and so he walked away. I dont beleive he will leave as there is no job in the UK available which would be worth his move . . . yet !! I also dont think Germany is for him at the moment either.
seymok, Kirkby, 4:54 PM 7/05/2013
He's a good manager.I don't think he'll go to any English club other than Man U. He's got a few shortcomings, but, appears to be able to overcome them.I desperately want him to stay and found a new dynasty. If he does go Martinez is not and never will be the answer. Please god I don't think I could stand season after season of relegation struggles again. I actually think that his statements point towards him not going anywhere. THe news today that Sir WN is undergoing surgery over the summer has put me in a flat spin,but if he does move there it will be disaster for him and them,because they need a massive makeover.They were not,on paper, the best team this season,but, their rep and refereeing bias ensured another successful year. For my two pennethworth I'd see if Slaven Bilic wanted to manage in the Prem,because I really rate him and he wants Champs League footie too.
Win, Stafford, 4:43 PM 7/05/2013
Some people are so ungrateful. We owe Moyes a lot. To the moyes haters- I heard a man utd fan saying he won't renew his season ticket on the radio on sunday because he was so mad at ferguson for the team he picked against chelsea. Laughable right? well so are you!
Barry, Liverpool, 4:33 PM 7/05/2013
It is my opinion that Gianfranco Zola has the potential to become a great manager. In the event that Watford don't get promoted via the play-offs, I would love to see him replace Moyes at Goodison.
Azzurro, Wirral, 4:31 PM 7/05/2013
Moyes has done wonders for Everton and will continue to. No manager could have kept us consistantly in the top 8, and mostly in the top 6 over the last ten years. Only fault is not winning a cup but that is not easy. We need more money to make the next step not a different manager, we've got the right man in place. Just hope he stays.
Alan, Liverpool, 4:27 PM 7/05/2013
It shows how utterly clueless some people are if they think moyes is tactically inept/naive. Its just a completely incorrect thing to say and most people will you think you no nothing about football saying something like that, as if any top premier league manager is tactically inept.
Tim, Liverpool, 4:22 PM 7/05/2013
A fine piece of writing. MBE talks good sense. If he does go though, be careful what you wish for. Is Martinez anybody's idea of a better man than Moyes?
Pat S, Southport, 2:46 PM 7/05/2013
A Mate of Mine saw Moysey & His Wife shopping in Harrods, That's very near to Tottingham In'it ??
Alan Brown, Thailand, 2:43 PM 7/05/2013
At long, long last! Someone on here looking at the bigger picture and we could have been without this complete genius at the helm. I completely agree, he has made some mistakes, but keeping Everton in the top 6 of the biggest and richest league in world football takes some beating, we will be hard pushed to find someone else who will do the same. I actually think Moyes has made some small suggestions that he WILL be at Everton next season (ie making Jags his captain for next season, letting Neville go...) so I hope we are not in a position where we have to take this article seriously. If it becomes a reality, there's only one direction we are going.....
Brian, Chester, 2:35 PM 7/05/2013
I agree with pretty much everything that MBE has said. Unfortunately there are a few Evertonians who do suffer from "incandescent stupidity " and I hope Moysie doesnt take any notice of them when he makes his decision.
Jonesy, St helens, 1:25 PM 7/05/2013
Firstly, let me say - yes, Moyes took over a dire situation and turned it around. But he has consistently failed to build upon anything he has been given. Secondly, tactically inept/naive etc are now more said on the terraces than 'Oh he got that spot on.' Thirdly, his signings, when he has spent more than 6/7 millions have lasted a year with one exception , Felli - even he is about as on off as a light switch - Billy, Yak, Johnson, Beattie for example. He simply isn't good enough in my opinion to manage a very top team and I think he will be found out. I would love to be proved wrong as I like him as a man but he is not bigger than Everton. I will be there to say goodbye on Sunday. Bill now has to go and get his first choice guy. It's surely Martinez and he will want a manager with a track record of working within constraints etc. Whoever comes in, We are Everton, will ALWAYS be Everton.
Mike, Liverpool, 1:23 PM 7/05/2013
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