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liverpool V Everton
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Mickey Blue Eyes


I wasn't looking forward to the analfield derby game, and it had nothing to do with the possibility of defeat; after all, we haven't won a derby there for over a decade. In any case the score can go any and every which way in these games. Anyone who bets on them is a mug.


No, long ago, somewhere along the line, the worst of both sets of fans lost sight of the true meaning of the words "competition" and "rivalry." It then spilled over into mindless poison that ate away at everything worthwhile in the fixture. Nowadays it is little more than an excuse for howling at the moon.


The root of this was the late Emlyn Hughes way back in 1977, a horror show that wasn't eased by later, repeated apologies. He couldn't unsay; the damage was done and never forgotten. Hughes had punctured a notoriously thin hymen and everything else flooded through the opening. Soon it was populated by too many individuals who think their own mad hatred more important than any alternative. The kind of wicked humour which once typified these games now exists only in a dying breed of certain age and temperament. Most of the evolutionary leftovers are a sort of Darwinian reverse, human to simian, though in a lot of cases that might be an insult to our distant cousins. Whatever the sick cause(s), one side is now as bad as the other, all of it magnified by a generation with minimum conversational ability and maximum weird electronic "friends" and "feelings." How sad, how needless, how useless. And, really, sod all to do with football.


From an Evertonian point of view there isn't too much to say about the game. It was a playing disaster against modest opponents. Moyesy took a gamble with his team selection and it backfired as badly as Custer's tactics at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Of course, had it come off he would have been a tactical genius. He would have been startling, bold or courageous. Instead he ended up with egg on his face, as did almost all the players who suddenly lost the fighting spirit they have shown to such great effect in our recent run. We deserved to lose, but not by 3-0. Even then two of the goals came directly from midfield giveaways. I think we managed maybe two attempts on goal and that was it. We never looked likely except for ten-fifteen minutes in the first half when we had a string of corners that came to nothing. The substitutions came far too late to make much difference.


There's no point having a go at individual players, though we could. It would be too easy. The fact is Bainsey was the only one to get anywhere near his usual form, Felli to a lesser extent. The rest ought to have a long hard word with themselves. Hence the enemy got revenge for our 3-0 mauling of them a few years ago. Swings and roundabouts, only this time it was us who fell off.


Afterwards, I drove Plewsy to a drop at his mother's. On the way, he said, "Mick, you know those lucky kecks of yours?"


"Yes?" I asked.


"Well, tonight they were on back to fuckn front."


I think he was right.








Comments about liverpool V Everton
Andy Huyton, I completly agree with you, I was gutted by the pair when I saw the line up and even more gutted by the performance. But my thoughts changed once the passion had ebbed away the following day, and on reflection he has made a mistake in the selection, but I won't accept that the players will now be pissed off with Moyes, look at how he has got players over the years to play above themselves, this is not just down to good coaching, but clearly good 'man' management, this is only achieved through communication. Moyes is not some ale house football manager who will walk into the carpark on a Sunday morning and name his 11, he will have planned, trained and spoke to the squad, if he didn't then he isn't the person I believe he is. Again in some of the comments you hear talk of heaping misery on the reds, a negative approach, we should look to the feeling of joy and celebration for ourselves and not the misery of others because in my mind thats what seperates blues from Kopites.
Neil, Wirral, 2:17 PM 16/03/2012
Agree with what you say Mickey. Hating them is fine, its part of being an Evertonian. But there's a fine line between hate and the kind of crazed obsession that some people have with them. "We don't care what the redshite say"... unfortunately a lot of blues seem to care far too much.
Ronnie Mukherjee, Lpool, 1:08 PM 16/03/2012
It was a blip and nothing more. We'll beat Sunderland and be well up for ANYBODY in the semi.
Paul, Warrington, 12:52 PM 16/03/2012
So Neil Wirral: Moyes made the right decision did he I think the result would suggest otherwise oh and it was a derby and Moyes is accountable for the players and mistakes because he signs picks and coaches them before that game. Every blue I know was confident we'd get something there. That confidence went flying down County rd as soon as he named the team. Don't bank on the cup because if we get through and the other q finals go according to plan were fucked because that coward hasnt got a clue how to beat any of the so called big guns outside of Goodson and if you don't believe me check his record. So it's c'mon Stoke, Bolton and Leicester. Passer get me some of them drugs your on.
Andy , Huyton, 11:35 AM 16/03/2012
He's not the Moysiah he's a very naughty boy.
Exiled Blue, Croydon, 10:30 AM 16/03/2012
Moyesies gonna have to do real well in the cup before the fans forget that loss. Worst derby performance I've ever seen.
Macca, Huyton, 5:45 PM 15/03/2012
Forget the £96 for two tickets. I buy our season tickets and go to all the away league games. This was a league game Moyes! You denied us a chance to make them miserable. I don't work with mackems but I do have to listen to a load of gobshite armchair redshite there. Thanks very little!
Jon G, Merseyside, 4:33 PM 15/03/2012
My problem with the decision to 'rest' six players is that Moyes has always said he never looks beyond the next game. When he made the decision to make the changes 'the next game' was against the SHITE. Now having been here for 10 years, I'm pretty sure he must realise the importance of what it means to Evertonians to win a derby game. A few years ago we couldn't beat any of the top four teams and I thought a good yardstick for us to show how we'd improved would be to start winning games against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. which we've done! Given the very poor record over the last 10 years in derby games, I'd like to start measuring our performance and progress by beating the SHITE once in a while, taking some points off them and best of all finishing above them......for a change! What an opportunity missed on Tuesday to go above them, and get he magic 40 points before they did. There are some very calm and reflective comments posted here about Tuesday, but I still think we should have played our strongest team at Anfield and whoever gets chosen at home to Sunderland would have done the job.
Ant, Sefton, 2:54 PM 15/03/2012
I'm only just getting over that one, it was a baddy alright. Still beat the mackems on Saturday and balance will be restored :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 11:22 AM 15/03/2012
Moyes made the correct managerial decision. If this wasn't the derby and we lost everyone would have understood resting 6 players. People assume Moyes didn't speak to those six and explain the master plan i.e Wembly, silverware and Europe. 3 points against the shite probably won't get us into Europe, but if he plays those six and half pick up knocks or twinges then the same idiots will be on here slagging Moyes off for risking them. Yes you have wasted money going, yes it was a poor show, but Moyes cannot be held accountable for players performances and their collective mistakes. Look at those Chelsea players last night, AVB sacked because they wouldn't play for him. Let's be positive about winning because if the fans don't believe it then how on earth are the players meant to?
Neil, Wirral, 9:59 AM 15/03/2012
Moyes has done well for us with what he's had to work with, but any other manager in the PL would have taken note of the shite's poor performance of late and relished the chance to move ahead of them in the table. And he'd have sent out his strongest side in a bid to do so. I really hope he picks the right 11 in the cup match and we go all the way (thrashing the shite in the semis on the way) but sadly at this moment I'm not overly optimistic.
Big H, Birkenhead, 8:08 PM 14/03/2012
The divide between the supporters has gone worse since we have to sit in seperate parts of the grounds. Gone are the days that 7000 Evertonians were on the kop.
billy, winsford, 5:09 PM 14/03/2012
I think you are spot on with your analysis of the derby atmosphere. I never look forward to it now - even if I now can escape a bit down here; but you know the saying about the woodwork. What will happen if after this weekend we get a semi or final with them at Wembley? Will we travel on the same coaches like in 84? It started getting different in 86 and 89-well I have only one memory of that year...The less tense Charity Shields weren't so bad-or is that 'cause we won? It worries me what will happen in the pubs and around the ground. And Clattenburg is bound to get the game anyway.
Borrowashblue, Derby, 5:00 PM 14/03/2012
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