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Well, there's one thing you could say about the opening match V Queens Park Rangers: we had low expectations that were fully justified. The team performance - and I'm being kind - was awful, quite as bad as anything we saw last season. It was appalling and there can be no excuses for it. No disrespect to QPR but our squad was well capable of beating them, which presumably is the only reason for Moyesy's selection of starters and bench.

The only light in the tunnel was the outstanding debut of Ross Barkley. The boy looked even more confident and strong than Wayne Rooney did at the same age; with a little more luck he could have had just as spectacular a start. I'm not sure what our final shot tally was but I counted five shots from him, probably over half the total. Speaks for itself really.

There's no point "analysing" the game because it was the same story from the first half of last season: good to reasonable defence, good to reasonable midfield defence, lousy attacking midfield, next to no strike force. In the first half Tim Howard had two functions, the first a save, the second to retrieve the ball from the net; in the second half he again had next to nothing to do. But then apart from Ross Barkley's shot that went narrowly past the keeper's left post we had only a free kick from Bainsey that hit the bar and came out.

As for Moyesy's team selection.....words fail. I can't begin to imagine what point he was trying to make, except maybe to irritate a maximum number of Evertonians. In that respect he succeeded one hundred percent.

Meanwhile, there's no point criticising individual players. Most of them were ineffective almost to a vanishing point. Remember the dark days of Walter Smith's worst team displays, when someone like Steve Watson or Unsy would appear afterwards and say, "We know that was inexcusable"? Well, if any of our players come out with that tripe this week I will personally drive up to Finch Farm and strangle the bastard. I suspect I will have to join a very long queue of irate Evertonians.

Finally, I have never booed an Everton team and never will. Ultimately it is a stupid gesture. But gawd knows you couldn't blame anyone for losing it after this pile of horseshit. Everyone responsible should be ashamed of themselves.




Comments about Everton V QPR
They say misery loves company so you may want to read on after all! I've just read in the Liverpool Echo that the Italian players are set to go on strike this season if they don't get their contract terms sorted! Sounds like the brown stuff is hitting the fan everywhere! Let’s hope us Blues can ride this tidal wave and come up smelling of roses!
Doug, Liverpool, 7:59 PM 23/08/2011
Barkley reminded me of another footballer who made Everton some serious coin when he moved to ManU a few years back! It would be great if we could keep this one! Oh well! If he does get sold off, I’d be surprised if we got anything less than £30 mill! That’s almost enough to cover the cost of 3 years loan interest from the Bank! We might even be allowed to loan someone with that kind of money! So what I’m getting at is, we must pay the banks off as soon as possible and lower the wage bill while its still beneficial to the club! In La Liga there are players getting IOUs from their club's owners and it can easy happen again in the prem!!
Doug, Liverpool, 1:40 PM 23/08/2011
I couldn't believe the team Moyes started with. Almost as if he sent out a poor side on purpose, and then his comments after the match didn't help him when he said we shouldnt be surprised by results like that. I think he's sulking. Surely a balanced, attacking team should've been something like; Howard Hibbert Jagielka Distin Baines Osman Rodwell Neville Gueye Yakubu Beckford Subs: Mucha, Heitinga, Barclay, Anichebe, Fellaini, Billy, Saha
Sam, Cheshire, 12:42 PM 23/08/2011
My biggest disappointment from Saturday was the the boss. Moyes has to be accountable for the selection and the formation. We will all back him to the hilt when we know he has no cash for new players but he picks the 11 to start and makes the tactical calls - to have started with only one striker against a team who just got promoted and shipped a load of goals was a schoolboy error at best. To then reduce the attack from one to zero with 25 minutes to play at one -nil down was bizarre but then to defend the decision as the right one to make when a "fair cop - i thought we could have outplayed them but didn't" would have been honest and refreshing.. I am worried that Moyes doesn't really know how to win games - the Scottish defender in him has slowly squeezed any creativity out of us for a few seasons now - When did we last open a top half team up and put 3 or more past them with flowing football and some attacking force (Johnson's derby?) - We have ground results out, equalised late on because we are fit or held on to one goal advantages for much of the last three or four years ... I do wonder if we are able to move on.. 3 million a year Davie - time to be accountable...
NY Blue, USA, 10:59 PM 22/08/2011
That was crap. Anymore and I'm off. I kid you not.
Stevo, Huyton, 7:23 PM 22/08/2011
No one ever said it was going to fun being an Evertonian, like a roller coaster ride up and down and nearly off the tracks but that's what you get. I blame my Uncle Dennis when he took a small child open eyed to Goodison Park at the age of 12 when the likes of Ball, Harvey and Kendall played. Since then I've had blue blood in my veins. Many years later I did the same to my son when he came home and asked could he go to Old Trafford to watch The Mancs. Now he gets as frustrated as I do. But as I tell him now, one thing is for sure being an Evertonian is never boring. Every week is different and let's hope next week is a lot different .
Phil-G , Warrington, 11:16 AM 22/08/2011
Yes we should have done better against QPR, no disrespect to them. Yes we could and should have played a different starting line up. Yes David Moyes makes some very strange team selections. We all remember last seasons start? This could be worse. Who would replace Moyes?
Russ J, St End, 9:55 AM 22/08/2011
Couldn't have put it better myself. It makes it even worse when every year the players come out and say we're ready for this season now and raring to go (to sell tickets I presume) but don't even bother to turn up.
Kurt, St Helens, 8:47 AM 22/08/2011
I have alway backed David Moyes 100%. Where he has taken the club since his arrival is nothing short of a miracle. His one failing in recent years has been his tactics against the so called smaller clubs and I'm afraid its starting to cost us. It was unbelievable that for 10 mins Everton at home to QPR were playing with 5 defenders and 5 midfielders when we were 1-0 down. I will always support the team but my patience is wearing thin. It will be intersting to see the team against Sheffield United. We need the win and the players look as if they need the game time. Start with two up front. We need players further up the pitch and the goals will come. I hope Moyes realises this before my trust finally runs out.
Steve Devenney, Manchester, 8:15 AM 22/08/2011
Totally agree. QPR had one major chance and took it. We played in pre season mode, sloppy passes and total lack of creativity, with the exception of Ross Barkley. As for Beckford, he looked weak, didnt want to get stuck in to challenge and every pass he tried was woeful. No disrespect to QPR, but Moyesy... one - nil down at home to QPR and bring off a striker and put on a midfielder?
Gary, Liverpool, 3:45 AM 22/08/2011
Need a new striker.
Toffee Barnet, Old Boys Pen, 3:11 AM 22/08/2011
Let's get it straight: you don't boo and anyone that does is the problem.
Shaun, Toxteth, 11:33 PM 21/08/2011
What a dissapointment.Looking forward to this match for weeks.Starting my 51st season watching the Blues and was left speechless when the team and subs were announced.Why didnt we start with the strongest team,even if some of the players were not 100% fit if they were fit enough for the bench they should have started.Saha and Beckford are individuals and would be good on mastermind because they dont pass very often.An average defence(and thats being kind) had our strikers in their pockets.Yakubu,wether D.M.likes him or not he is only striker who can hold and shield the ball and bring other players into the game and also chip in with 10-15 goals a season.Give him a few games,not just one in the cup.He will probably hahe been sold by the time i have finished having my say.D.M. you are very good manager but on Saturday you got it wrong.Like it says in one of our books,it was a good job Dixie was facing away from the ground,I wish i had.But hopefuly i have another 51yrs left in me watching my beloved Blues(i wish)and although i can accept we are not going to win every week i will never accept perfomances or decisions like the ones on Saturday.
John B., Hebden Bridge., 9:56 PM 21/08/2011
This game was a winnable game based on what i witnessed and with a bit more match fitness in some players, those chances would go in on another day. Why this kneejerk reaction hot on the heels of BK's awful news which we all feared anyway!!!! as Evertonians we are quite guilty of being pessimistic, i suppose with some justification this season. Yes, I questioned why we were not playing our best 11 at the start of the game, but with 3 games in seven day and the fact that it only the start of the season, DM obviously thought about either squad rotation , or maybe we had players not ready for full games. I don't know the answers, but how many opening games do we ever win???????
alan, warrington, 9:53 PM 21/08/2011
Nicely put and short for a change. "In Moyes we trust" Anyone who writes that has not got a clue. Once again I had to wait up excitedly only to go back to bed feeling pissed off. Ross was brilliant and it will not be long before he gets sold if he continues to improve. So which team will show up for the next few games. Being a blue has never been easy and nothing changes.
mark, Perth Oz, 9:48 PM 21/08/2011
At the risk of repeating myself - and the kipper boys editing or not even posting my rant, again!! - I think David Moyes has lost or at the very least is very close to losing the trust and respect of his players...We all know our boys have the ability to play better than that garbage that was served up on Saturday, they just aren't being allowed to because the gaffer is so defensive minded.. Maybe its time to admit things have gone stale and its time for a change, of both owner and, dare I say, manager.....
Big H, Birkenhead, 9:43 PM 21/08/2011
agree with every word............i had hoped for a new fresh Everton, but it was the same old .. no creativity... missed colman .. come blues pull your socks up for christ sake
Paul, Cornwall, 9:33 PM 21/08/2011
yes true mate.just not good enoughf .somethink got 2 give.i just wish that mr kenwright wood hurry up and sell the club .he made us a laughfing sick and tied of it
steven moore, kensington, 9:10 PM 21/08/2011
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