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Imagine if We hadn't beaten Chelsea........Does it need much thought? Do you really need to think further than the nearest mental ward for likely reactions? Given recent and previous hysteria, would you be surprised at any hate-filled shit thrown around by paranoid morons? Given that, why be surprised if a prospective non-football buyer of the club took one look at the flying dirt and decided there are saner things to do with time and money? Nobody in their right mind would want to wade through it. At such times I recall the lunatic who two decades ago got to the hospital bedside of the ailing mother of Peter Swales (then chairman and owner of Manchester City) before being dragged off to a strait jacket and a mental hospital, an episode now conveniently forgotten by media who played a gleeful part in the build-up. Last October a small mob congregated outside Wayne Rooney's home after he asked for a transfer. He had to call the police to disperse them. Death threats and mail abuse are now par for the course, almost modular. Those who propagate it bear shared responsibility for the outcome. We have had enough precedents. There are no miserable excuses left.


So there's nothing new about any of it. There is just more concentrated poison and awful ignorance. It simply ebbs and flows more quickly on an undercurrent of media irresponsibility. The only gain is a tendency for it to sink as quickly as it floats. Sadly, a sense of proportion is now at a premium......not that it was ever a strong point of the sport anyway. Too often the substitute is a comically frantic search, nay demand, for a scapegoat even if only one game is lost. A prolonged run of adversity prompts the kind of witch-hunt that wouldn't have been out of place in American McCarthyism. No club's fans are immune, though some are more likely victims than others, some even notorious. Think Aston Villa, Newcastle and Tottenham. Some Everton fans have been facing down that road for years now and so have some of our neighbours, as predictable as the worst of them.


More to the point, it detracts from genuine heart-felt efforts to make long overdue changes in the administrative and ownership structure of the game. Serious fans groups know full well it will take years of concentrated organised effort to have even a small affect, that it will require a clear head, reasonable manners and common sense articulation to make the necessary points. There will be no acknowledgement of efforts, no gratitude and, initially at least, small support. Occasionally a back entry fuhrer or spiv will try to take over. Such is human nature. But those who hang on in there, those whose motivation is clean and decent, will keep going until the inevitable happens and the pendulum swings. It always does, as events elsewhere in the world have shown. Best be ready and fully informed.


Meantime, the target is survival. That is the reality, not some half-crazed mirage of a white knight billionaire riding to the rescue. Under present circumstances we are more likely to end up with somebody like Randy Lerner - have you seen where Villa are? - or Mike Ashley; anybody who wishes for that deserves all they get. The economic storm will arrive soon enough, courtesy of the banks. You have a better chance of surviving it if you don't have your head up your arse.


Now, fast forward to the fifth round match V Reading. Suppose the wrong Everton turn up (as they have too often this season) and we meet playing disaster, how predictable is a return of the idiots? How certain their delight in masochistic misery? Hey Presto, instant knob heads! Catweazles will be back in every pub muttering, a la Geoffrey Bayldon, "Nuthink works," while trying to cast a crackpot spell or two. Unable to adapt to reality, they live in a self induced football coma of self deception, illusion, ignorance, abuse and scapegoatism. They will, as always, be part of the problem, not part of the solution. Only Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen Knight could make them up.


Fortunately, there are enough decent Evertonians to swamp the minority sick mountebanks, as shown by the tremendous away following at Chelsea. Their patience has been sorely tried this season and any minor "success" has been well earned and deserved by them. I hope it bears some fruit. That is the least the players owe them. Now perhaps the players will start to recover some pride and apply themselves to the remaining tasks. After all, as I said in a season preview this is probably the last we will see of this team. The buzzards are circling, home and away.



Comments about IF
MBE will be pleased after last night’s defeat by Reading. All those moronic fans that had the temerity to boo off the Everton players after these very same players had mildly perspired and given almost 30% in a bit of an effort to secure a draw against the mighty Reading. MBE’s mouth will be slavering, his nostrils flared, snorting in all the negativity emanating from those (insert semi obscure word that basically means idiot) Everton fans who know nothing about football. His pen will be quivering as he begins to vomit his acid onto the page. God bless you Michael, company man to the core.
Eric Hafabee, Kirkdale, 2:39 AM 2/03/2011
I'm all in favour of having a go at the nob eds. They get a free run most of the time and its about time someone stood up to them. Well in MBE I say. Give it to them as often as you can. If people don't like it they can just not read it.
Smegger, Nogsy, 12:29 PM 1/03/2011
The constant abuse and bile aimed at Everton fans by MBE is sickening. Almost every article contains an obsessive hatred of an element of fans that every club posesses. There are fans who take things to an extreme - and the antithesis of that is a writer who seems to take some perverse pleasure in seeking out the worse elements in others like some demented pointy nosed child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Bert Wheeler, Liverpool, 8:29 PM 27/02/2011
"while trying to cast a crackpot spell or two. Unable to adapt to reality, they live in a self induced football coma of self deception, illusion, ignorance, abuse and scapegoatism" I thought I was reading some David Attenborough then.
GJ Blue stockings, Liverpool, 8:24 AM 24/02/2011
Don't know what all the fuss is about. Its one man giving his opinions. I agree with some and disagree with others, but I always read them because I think they're well written. One thing, I'm glad he's on our side!
Smegger, Nogsy, 8:29 PM 22/02/2011
Big H, I don't think you read these properly at all. I cant and wont speak for MBE, thats up to him. He seems to me to make it very clear what opinions he doesn't like, so what? If you read the final paragraph you'll see that he says the vast majority don't hold the minority opinions he's having a go at. It couldn't be clearer. I think you're just reading into it what you want to read into it. As for MBE I haven't met him either but I bet he doesn't give a flying f*ck whether you like his opinions or not. Thats what blogs are for.
Spectator, Crosby, 4:22 PM 22/02/2011
Totally agree that there always seems to be some 'fools' doom-mongering our next poor result/performance or the slating Moysey/Kenwright brigade. Very wise words indeed from MBE: "The economic storm will arrive soon enough, courtesy of the banks". This day will come and though we are carrying debt, these are minor compared to many. Watch this space...
Paul, The Rocket, 4:15 PM 22/02/2011
Dear Spectator, get over yourself..No-one is denying he has a right to an opinion, even if he doesn't seem to like other peoples..And no, I haven't met him, but I have read most of his blogs which at times clearly show the contempt he has for anyone with a differing view to his...Maybe instead of kissing his ring you should actually try reading some of them yourself
Big H, Birkenhead, 3:47 PM 22/02/2011
Footy fans tend to fall into three catagories: 1. The Quick Fixers. Those who would grasp anyone who they thought had some money. 2. MBE types who take the long view. And 3. The vast majority who oscillate between the two. I'd like to think that I'm in 2, but I know that I'm in three since football is more about the heart than the head. Does that make me a knobhead?
GD, West Derby, 1:06 PM 22/02/2011
Thats interesting Big H. Have you met MBE? How do you know you HAVE to agree with him wholeheartedly anymore than he has to agree with you wholeheartedly? I don't read anything hate filled in his words only contempt for the behaviour he describes. It's called having a democratic opinion, like you. If you don't like his opinions don't read them, it's that easy.
Spectator, Crosby, 10:36 AM 22/02/2011
Yes, there are without doubt a handful of people out there who like nothing more than having a good rant when things are going badly. And yes sometimes their vitriol gets out of kilter, and now and again some of them are quite frankly OTT. I like MBE so don't get me wrong, but everyone is - or at least should be - aware by now that unless you agree wholeheartedly with everything he says you are leaving yourself wide open to be labeled just another insane idiotic moron who's opinion counts for less than zero. Smacks of double standards to me when MBE preaches one thing yet seems to actually relish his hate-filled name-calling bashing of people for their views every single chance he gets.(Wonder if the kipper boys will edit this as they so often do............) [ED: We only edit spelling misteaks]
Big H, Birkenhead, 7:38 AM 22/02/2011
You do know we won on Saturday ? Impeccable behaviour from the 6,000 blues, great atmosphere throughout, a win for Everton. What more do you want ? I read this piece (against the backdrop of your other Evertonians are nasty scum articles) and it slowly dawned on me. YOU are the biggest moaner on any website. We beat Chelsea on pens in a game that wouldn't be out of place in the days when footy was great, obviously when you loved it, before the cavemen scum changed it all and put the price of bread up for good measure. People are still pinching themselves, catching breath and all you can muster is yet another attack on these faceless fans that you steer clear of at all costs yet, amazingly, you seem to be forced into listening to them, accepting their spittle as they veer towards a sectioning. You disguise it well at times but I can honestly say that YOU are the biggest moaner Everton can boast. I may be wrong but did you write that piece in advance hooing for a defeat and the obvious backlash that NORMAL footy fans are born into. They call it knee-jerk reaction, and along with all the other things good and bad, it's what makes football and it's fans so unique. I for one hope we beat Reading, I hope we win the cup. From reading your stuff it would appear you anxiously await the next defeat as much as the very "loon" you avoid, yet constantly write about in your column. I think you are suffering from Elstonitis. When the mere soupcon of negative thought is transferred not only to you via telepathy (because you don't mix with these naysayers) into "the minority eat babies and hate Everton's staff" Change the record Michael and take your own advice FEEL THE LOVE x
Frank Hargreaves, Diddlesville, 11:37 PM 21/02/2011
Well said Glen! MBE constantly criticises any fan who moans about the current situation, no matter how small. Fans have a right to moan. Money isn't easy to come by these days and when you're shelling out week-in-week-out you have a right to voice your opinion if the show isn't what you expected. Pessimism and doom mongering is no good for the club but blind defence is no use either! Really gone off these articles lately. He writes in an unnecessarily, over-articulated fashion and proves himself a real hypocrite as all he does is moan himself! Get out of your arm chair and open your eyes MBE you silly old fool!
John, Of Bootle, 10:59 PM 21/02/2011
Bit of a forearm smash there Mickey where it probably only needed a rap on the knuckles. Understandable though given all the shit that's been chucked around by various gimps, so about time the balance was set right.
Paul, Warrington, 9:20 PM 21/02/2011
The difference is that when when Mr Blue Eyes criticises anyone, he is usually able to back anything he says with something of more substance than gossip from the written press. Everton's away support is well known for selling full allocations so I don't see why this match would have been any different, with or without price reductions. Nobody in their right mind is happy with the present situation, but arguments should be well thought out rather than ranted
Grongy, Salford, 7:25 PM 21/02/2011
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools! Keep it up Mickey.
Gerry Morrison, Los Angeles, 6:33 PM 21/02/2011
Thought you were going for a song there Mickey. Two songs with the first two words. After that opening salvo the rest is Poppycock. Balderdash dear boy. No buyer is going to come forward and inherit the stadium problem. The Everton fans going nuts at the Bridge were enjoying a cheaper than normal trip to the capital courtesy of London-Midland and cheaper FA cup admission, which explains the larger than normal turn out. The splendid ground and gutsy performance only added to the visual and vocal intensity. Your inability to accept the fact that fans have a right to criticise in what ever way they want is a bit hypocritical dont you think. After all you let rip in your own overly educated way every article in that very fashion at your fellow blues.
Glen, Winsford, 5:05 PM 21/02/2011
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