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Christ, but it was cold on Saturday, frigid as a witch's tit, real thermals and wooly-hat weather. Moreover, it was the day after the Graeme Sharp night before so celebrants' blood ran more than a little thin. The questions were whether we could warm ourselves up with an exhilarating winter display against the plastic Brummies, would our strikers show up and would Jack Rodwell get another run out. We were still without Felli's impression of a burst couch so it was once again make-do-and-mend in midfield, where John Heitinga kept his ersatz place. The Yak and Vic were on together from the start. No Phil Neville, always a bad sign for defensive organisation and leadership.


After ten minutes and a couple of missed chances Plewsy said, "We'll murder these." And I must admit that's how I felt. Well, it didn't last long. Albion had three, maybe four, attacks in the first half and scored from a very badly defended corner after a quarter of an hour and a free kick ten minutes later that Tim Howard should have dealt better with. Meanwhile, our general play descended to the level of the Newcastle game. Five minutes before half time Tim Cahill got one back with a typical superb header that screamed in from about ten metres. However, it couldn't disguise the mess in the centre of the field. Heitinga, no midfield player as we all know, was simply awful - so bad, at times it looked almost deliberate - but Mikky wasn't far behind him; I don't know what's wrong with the Best Little Spaniard We Know but I hope he gets it sorted soon whatever it is. I only hope it is a lack of Felli and Jack or slow recovery from injury. Whatever, the result was yet again a centre midfield you could drive a bus through. Apart from the first ten minutes our game just worsened by the second, the ball given away, left, right and centre. The plastic Brummies weren't much better but they did have some cohesion and got more confident as the game went on and had short phases of dominating the centre of the field. Steven Pienaar did his level best to compensate as he also switched wings, but he was very much on his own.


The second half was more encouraging, though that's a bit like saying the north east of England has been warmer than the Cairngorms. We had a measure of bad luck too. Ominously, the foul count began to go up within minutes of the restart as Our Boys responded to a presumed half-time arse-scorching in the dressing room. Ten minutes into the half Moyesy had mercy on us all by doing the inevitable and substituting Here's Johnny with Jermaine Beckford and The Yak with Louis Saha - so now he had played all his strikers cards. Immediately Becks broke through left of centre and missed a one-on-one with the 'keeper. A couple of minutes later, a Brummy Boot Boy charged straight into the face of Bainsey during an attack at the left angle of the penalty area and dropped him stone cold. The referee did nothing though he was only two metres away and staring straight at it. The ball got cleared to our left and ended up in a melee of players right in front of the dug out, where Mikky got a deserved red card for being sucker enough to retaliate. Oh well, that's it, isn't it, down to ten fucking men and freezing into the bargain.


Two minutes later Moyesy brought on Jack The Lad for Vic and immediately team shape looked better. So much so, it still looked like it was eleven aside. But I knew if we didn't get a quick one the last twenty minutes would be hard. Louis began winning headers and laying them off to Becks, who promptly missed two clear chances - one a volley that must have altered the domestic architecture of City Road.


Then a quarter hour from time they got a deflating third goal against the run of play and that was that, really. Five minutes from the end Sylvain Distin oggied to put a cap on it. So there we are, back in the shit at the wrong end of the table again.


Not much consolation in this one, except for the return of Jack Rodwell. Our three best players were Steven Pienaar, Sylvain Distin and Tony Hibbert, though Tony spoiled his game by standing off their man too long for the third goal. What this game showed is the foolishness of those who whine about bringing the strikers on.......well, Moyesy tried them all in this match and they all failed to deliver when they were given plenty of time to show what they could do. Not that midfield or defence were much better. Jags had another mediocre game by his own standards. But the real problem is in midfield. Having lost Felli for three after a stupid sending off, now we lose Mikky for the same reason - and just as Jack's on his way back. No wonder Plewsy said after this one, "I'm gonna buy a cat just so's I can volley the fuckn thing all over our road." Seems like a good idea to me.







Comments about ICE STATION CAT
Couldn't find a i just got drunk
Mbe's love child, Walton, 10:35 PM 28/11/2010
Fair summing up but I disagree with some bits. Not that it matters when you lose 4-1 at home. I hope this is absolutely the low point of the season
Paul, Warrington, 4:13 PM 28/11/2010
A free kick that Tim Howard should have dealt better with? are you high, MBE?
Mike, Widnes, 3:27 PM 28/11/2010
Worst performance of the season just when we need the opposite. As for Heitinga, get shut in January unless he's moved to centre back in place of Jagielka, who hasn't looked the same player since he came back from injury.
Ste Phillips, Litherland, 12:22 PM 28/11/2010
Hibbo should have been tighter for their 3rd, and I had a bit of a moan at the game. Having seen it back on Match of the Day though, I think Rodwell running back to 'help' did the opposite. Hibbo was blocking Tchoyi's view of goal, but then Rodders got in Hibbo's way and Tchoyi used the opportunity well to get his shot in. Jack will learn though. Loonies on the radio calling for Martin O'Neill last night. Not in a month of Sundays as far as I'm concerned. Because I defend Moyes and Kenwright (not blindly), I get called an apologist or a sycophant. Ho hum, this is football. Why did I have to fall in love with such a stupid game?
Grongy, Salford, 12:12 PM 28/11/2010
Maybe Arteta being suspended might be a good thing. Felli and Jack in centre mid, Pienaar left and Coleman right. Play Becks up front with either/or Yak/Saha (both shite at present) - yes, Becks' finishing was dire yesterday but at least he makes chances for himself, which is more than can be said for the other two has beens. Remember two seasons ago, we finished 5th and got to a Cup Final without Arteta, so lets fkn sort ourselves out. This is getting beyond a joke now. Our best squad in ages and we cant get the fkn results.
Noel, Leicester, 11:58 AM 28/11/2010
Got to disagree on Hibbert. Thought he was awful. Got skinned time and time again. Losing Arteta could well be a blessing in disguise. Hopefully seeing from the sidelines Rodwell and Felli form a decent partnership will give him a kick up the jacksy that he obviously needs. I think Moyes should start with Beckford and Cahill up front. Surely Beckford cannot go on missing chances. He keeps finding the right positions and isn't hiding, so we should keep getting behind him.
Billy_Kenny's_Boots, Liverpool, 11:32 AM 28/11/2010
Fair enough for the most part MBE, but even you must admit we've had good reason to 'whine' at DM for not using 2 strikers..We need goals from somewhere, and apart from our antipodean wonder boy TC who else is there to get them?..The problem is DM clearly doesnt know what his best striking pairing is((something he needs to find out pretty damn quick..))He got his selection wrong yesterday starting with big Vic when he has other options..I personally think if he gave Becks enough playing time the lads confidence will skyrocket, and we all know what confidence does for a striker..I know he missed a few but at least he was getting in positions to score((unlike the rest))..Shoving him on when we are desperately chasing the game and expecting miracles from him is a bit unfair..Just as big a worry though is a shaky defence that isnt being protected enough by some of the dross we have playing in midfield.. Peanuts was his usual busy self, but Arteta was woeful and maybe this 3 game rest will do him some good...And yes, we ALL know Jonny isnt a midfielder, but for ffs, the lazy cunt could at least try..I can see at least three players going in January, Jonny, Nuts and Billy, if not more..But who do we get to replace them??.. So yes MBE it is cold, and things need to improve soon otherwise the only thing forecast for us is a very bleak winter..
Big H, Birkenhead, 9:46 AM 28/11/2010
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