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Well, not too much to report about the pile of horse shit that was the Newcastle home game, except to say you'll certainly see the usual caravan of knob head, never-go-the-match knee-jerkers sit up in front of their keyboards and squeal like stuck pigs now that footy fate has stood on their tail again. It must be the only "enjoyment" these dick heads get in life. They constitute a sort of footy sewer back-up, the detritus of the new telecom age. You can bet you wouldn't have heard even a fart from the useless bastards if we had started the season well.......which is why you should take the piss out of them as often as you can. But matters will improve and that will be your opportunity to rub their noses in it. Then watch them disappear up their own arses again. The pattern never changes.


Still, we haven't started the season well despite obvious quality in the squad. In most games thus far we have played really well in patches without creating much in the penalty area. However, you couldn't even say that about Saturday's game. There was no saving grace. The display was as bad as any during the Moyesy tenure and I am willing to bet the paint on the dressing room walls was blistered because of it.


I think it basically boils down to the attitude of the players. They know they are good - well, most of them - and that they can knock it around well and look good while they're doing it. So there is a measure of over-confidence. If they aren't careful and determined enough it will sap their will completely. At present we have obvious deficiencies at centre back, wide right mid, and up front. All the superior technique in the world cannot disguise this. Losing Jack Rodwell for three months (to yet another Aston Villa "tackle") was bad enough. Losing Tim Cahill too on Saturday was a grievous additional blow, but served to illustrate just how much he contributes to overall teamwork; without him midfield was almost non-existent. Marouane Fellaini is still not fully up to the mark and John Heitinga patently isn't a midfield player. This left only Mikky Arteta and Steven Pienaar to combat a midfield packed with the kind of opposing players and "tactics" you can see in the Sunday League in Jericho Lane every weekend. Mikky is still immediate post-marriage, a notorious period for pro footy players' motivation. So we were left with only Steven Pienaar. Naturally we were outgunned. But we still shouldn't lose to a side like Newcastle, though they clearly deserved to win this one. We just didn't turn up.


So now we have dropped thirteen invaluable points. That will likely prove decisive for European qualification at the end of the season. If that doesn't concentrate everybody's mind then nothing will. The sooner they get focussed the better. Now is not the time for navel-gazing.


Be interesting to see what the 'nob'eds' say when the blues start winning again.
Billy Bump, Huyton, 6:13 PM 21/09/2010
What you failed to mention was the fact that we played United last week and as usual the players upped the ante, also did Arteta get married midweek cos he was m.o.m against them if we under performed at work after getting married then god help us. Correct Hetinga is playing out of position but who picks him there especially after Dustbins performance last week, a performance like I have never witnessed by an Everton defender, well I probably have but can't bring it to mind. Yes the players should have a good look at themselves but so should the management who pick them. Beckford would have come from a 3rd division team years ago straight into a 1st div team, lets not fool ourselves by thinking that the 1st div is not the same thing. I'm sick of hearing about us being slow starters, it should not be happening we have played 1 striker upfront on his own at home to Newcastle and Wolves this is not good enough by our own standards
SI, WIGAN, 9:01 PM 20/09/2010
Time for your lie-down in a dark room MBE! No matter where the fans live some do go to the match and ALL will need to if we ever get the superstadium. So don't be a small minded prat. The small mindedness is borne out by you first having slagged off all those "dickheads" before immediately going on to agree with just about everything they, and everyone else with sight, are saying.
Don, Hale, 8:24 PM 20/09/2010
With Moyesey playing Jonny Boy in defensive mid, it smacks of his dalliance with playing Jags in that position earlier in his EFC career ? I agree with MBE that Jonny is no midfielder, Screech should be put there and left there with Jags and Jonny at CB. We also need Rodders alongside Mikkel and we will start seeing some cohesion coulded with a bit of grit.Oh, how we missed you Timmy Cahill, he is worth every bit as much as Arteta and it's about time some of his detractors realized it ?
Lang, Helmsley, 7:06 PM 20/09/2010
Im gettin sick of you calling us everton fans 'dick heads', 'knobheads' and all that from your little perch, when it is YOU sir who is the dickhead - believe me when i tell you that most readers of this website wish you would disappear back up your own fucking arse.. and if you dont believe me then why do you never publish comments which call you for what you are... Mickey Shit Eyes
Paul Green, Wavertree, 4:06 PM 20/09/2010
Kenny, you're obviously single. As my dad used to say, "Never get married son, never get married". Like MBE's 1st point, venomously put I think. I do think the beauts are thinning out though apart from in the Upper Bullens where some people I believe, prefer us to play bad.
Dave C, Old Swan, 3:58 PM 20/09/2010
I think the problem is good players not playing in their best positions. We have a guy who played centre back in a World Cup final in midfield, Fellaini who looked a world beater as a deep lying holding midfielder last season supporting the striker (if any), Cahill - who is at his best sneaking in to the box late playing as an out and out striker, Billy is not a winger - he always comes inside - but I suspect Seamus is, so we play him at full back. Solution - drop Distin (not due to him but in the interest of team balance), Jonny at centre back, Fellaini in front of the back 4, Cahill behind a striker. Up front if Beckford is not ready yet and Yakubu can't play for 90 minutes then play Yakubu till he's knackered then bring on Beckford against a tiring defence. Seamus should be used as a wide right midfielder and then he would be useful tracking back to support the full back. I'm sure that with everyone in their best positions the balance of the team would improve and so would the performances.
Rob, Liverpool, 3:50 PM 20/09/2010
We didn't start playing last season until Neville was back in the side, lets hope his leadership skills are back sooner rather than later. Oh by the way the clocks were ORANGE
the fat kid, goodison, 2:50 PM 20/09/2010
Arteta wants to go back to spain because of the illness of his son, family support etc. Then a huge wage increase and he forgets all that and here he stays. Moyes held Everton to ransom over his new contract and then settled for emptying the coffers on his new deal. And there are others who dont give a toss about the club. Isnt it about time to actually look beyond blind faith and start seeing the facts. Too much money and the associate lethargy are producing the kind of rubbish seen on saturday. It will take fresh ideas and a change of management approach to turn things around before it gets away from our great club.
glen, winsford, 2:08 PM 20/09/2010
Seriously! I've read some sanctimonious apologist tosh from you before but this takes the biscuit... " Mikky is still immediate post-marriage, a notorious period for pro footy players' motivation".. what possible proof have you to hand to back up this absurd piece of apologist tripe!? Name some players who can point to their nuptials as a reason for their drop in form?
David Lawrence, Dublin, 1:52 PM 20/09/2010
Hey Mickey Your only telling us what we already know mate...and what the lads are saying vefore and after evey game so far...cant beleive we got beat by Blackburn, Villa, Draws at home with Wolves and Man Utd....Now we get beat By Newcastle.... We just need a bit of luck!!!! are you fucking kidding or what.The Everton Players need to start producing and by that I mean hard work...for 90 minutes And David Moyes and Steve Round need to change the formation of the team...otherwise nothing short of a short sharp stick up the arse will do the trick...
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 1:50 PM 20/09/2010
Seeing as I live on the south coast and cannot afford the £300 or so round trip it usually costs my dad and I to come and watch the Blues every other week, and the fact that we do indeed part with that sort of cash at least twice a season, not to mention the money we also drop in the Everton shop and into the local community, I'll sit here and say whatever the fuck I like thanks.
Ryan, Bourners, 1:01 PM 20/09/2010
Beckford won't make it, he looks completely lost at this level. I'll give him two more games at most but its a gamble that hasn't come off the way some of Moyesie's other ones have. If we lose at Brentford and Fulham then the shit will hit the fan big time.
Smegger, Nogsy, 12:52 PM 20/09/2010
I agree the players need to take a good long look at themselves before this gets worse. Losing Rodwell was bad since he and Fellaini play well together and provide Arteta with the support he needs to prompt everyone else. Johnny's a must at centre back alongside Jagielka because Distin's costing us too much.
Paul, Warrington., 12:28 PM 20/09/2010
Again words fail me, as they do for you.
Brett, London, 11:26 AM 20/09/2010
And then there is the fact that Newcastle played better than Everton by playing like Everton - Joey Barton, Nolan and Ben Arfa bossed the middle of the park with clever passing and wide overlapping full backs... but we let them. There seemed to be a complete lack of urgency in midfield. Ah well... same as it ever was... Autumn follows Summer... The Pope's still a Catholic... Liverpool's manager is one ugly bastard... Everton have a slow start to a season. Wake me up when we go on a 12 game unbeaten run
Kevin Sparke, Northumberland, 10:10 AM 20/09/2010
"Mikky is still immediate post-marriage, a notorious period for pro footy players' motivation." Oh yeah? What research and evidence do you have back this pearler up then Michael?
Kenny, Wigan, 9:58 AM 20/09/2010
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