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Yes, yes, I know Wolverhampton isn't in Birmingham........But these midlanders all look and sound the same to me - fat, ugly and thick as pigshit, a right collection of outdated Summer Twats in three quarter kecks that match their three quarter mentality, rampant acne and horrible accent. Yes, and I daresay you can guess what's coming............


There are times when, despite being an eternal optimist, I watch a game and wonder what the hell I'm doing wasting my time with all this footy nonsense. Saturday was one such occasion. None of us should mince words on this one: McCarthy's team came with a clear plan to kick shit out of Everton right from the beginning of the game. And it worked. They went away with a point, which I hope they choke on, the dirty, unprincipled bastards. McCarthy's "tactics" took over where Holland left off in the World Cup Final. If that is how they intend to get through the season there won't be a sensible football fan anywhere in the country who won't hope they get relegated. If that is what the game is coming to in the current era then it will be without my support. I am willing to bet too that gates will plummet if this is the kind of muck served up in larger portions. Their fans matched the performance too, full of hideously obsolete chauvinist garbage, the kind of thing that almost finished the professional game in the 70s and 80s, and which they doubtless characterise as "banter" and "atmospheric." Of course it is nothing of the sort, it is mental sickness. All in all, this Wolverhampton club are an utter disgrace if this display is anything to go by. In aggregate they were a reminder of the appalling Leeds of a generation ago.


The referee, someone called Lee Mason, was the worst I have seen since the unlamented days of Elleray, Poll and Riley. Whilst he can't be blamed for McCarthy's players' brutality he can rightly be accused of not getting a grip in the first five or ten minutes when it was obvious what the Wolves players were intent on. As a referee he made a good bin man. It came as absolutely no surprise when the idiot gave us a free kick outside the box after a foul a metre inside the penalty area. Small wonder he was booed off at half time and at the end.


For us, the lesson was the same as last week (though Blackburn weren't dirty). Which is, you can trace as many pretty patterns as you like but it is fairly innocuous if you can't make it count with goals. And of course it leaves you vulnerable to the kind of thuggery employed by the likes of McCarthy. Likely it will stay that way until Marouane Fellaini is fully fit and restored to the midfield alongside a maturing Jack Rodwell. At the moment midfield is lopsided and lightweight- Bily still has no appetite for a physical fray and missed two rare chances, Steven Pienaar has to switch wings to boost the right side, and Mikky can't do everything solo. Defence is solid enough, but the strikers suffer inevitably from poor service if midfield gets crowded out as it did in this game. Jermaine Beckford showed promise in flashes and may yet make the big step up from lower league standards if he can keep his determination - in this match he came very close on three occasions to turning their large thug of a centre back. Louis Saha, now looking age-affected, buggered up an easy ball in centre midfield to gift them an equalising goal while John Heitinga was lying injured. It was the only time Wolves looked remotely threatening. Ironically, our leading goal came after a foul by Tim Cahill was typically missed by Mason even though we could see it clearly from the Street End.


At half time I opined the way Wolves played had two possible outcomes. The first was that they had kicked so many lumps off us it would slow us down late on. The second was that even they couldn't keep committing fouls at the rate they did and escape without paying the price. Unfortunately for us the first option was the one that came through. Late on, we ran out of steam and that let them back into a game we should have won by a street had we been able to translate possession and territory into goals, particularly in the first half. Despite Wolves boot boy tactics we played well during that time. Had we got a second there was no way back for them because they had nothing creative. Their goal came from our mistake and with Heitinga out of it after an umpteenth "flat foot" went unpunished by Mason.


Still, we better get used to this and pray Fellaini and Rodwell can be restored to centre midfield soon to give Mikky the kind of support play he needs. Wide right mid remains our biggest problem area while we have nobody on the bench capable of doing the necessary. The result is Tony Hibbert or Phil Neville often have to deal with two opponents instead of one, as has been the case for the last two seasons. That remains our Achilles heel and there isn't a team in the league who doesn't know it. Even Wolves and their gangster mindset twigged it late on and gave Tony Hibbert (who mostly had an excellent game) a torrid time in the last ten minutes.


So, here we are two games in and five points down, which might mean the difference in European qualification or not. It wasn't what we expected and it is certainly a good deal less than this squad is capable of, as we all know. Let's hope it can soon get sorted. And let's hope the kind of stuff we saw from Wolves is a mere aberration and not typical of what to expect this season; they were a disgrace last Saturday and should be told so at five minutes intervals until they get it through their Neanderthal foreheads - and the same applies to their "fans."

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We Should not have to listen to the garbage spouted out by away fans, collectively Goodison has got to be made noisey by us. "Be Blue, Be Proud, BE LOUD. COYB FTRS
Daz C, Stoke, 7:09 PM 23/08/2010
Hibbert is a far better player than given credit for. I concur with your assessment of a weak right midfield. Osman and Bilyaletdinov always leave the right back exposed.
Keith, South Africa, 3:56 PM 23/08/2010
Interesting perspective MBE, I was well p'd off after the match (watched it online via a quality stream off Yank channel Fox Soccer), I thought we were shite and played as bad as we did against Blackburn. But your points about the terrible ref and Wolves bully-boy tactics are pretty much spot on, and puts things a bit more into perspective. However, all that said, we still need to seriously improve if we are to maintain a threat to the top 6/top 4, which still has to be our main aim this season. You're absolutely correct that right midfield is a serious problem at the moment, Billy's looking lacklustre on the left and Pienaar should be the preferred option to play down that wing with Bainsey. As for who fills the right-mid position, well I have no answer to that, as we're obviously not gonna get Donavan, altho that Russian fella Ismailov sounded like a decent punt...who knows. I really thought the players would show their class in the Wolves game, which is why I was so disappointed with the result. And Im doubly gutted cos I saw how we played in pre-season and it was beautiful...why oh why cant we re-create the same form in the league? We seem to play better when the chips are down, i.e. last season when we had all the injuries, etc...its like we need to have a bad run to motivate us to play as well as we are capable of. Why cant we play like this all the time, i.e. when we have a fully fit squad available? Moyesy - got to sort it out and give Shamrock a go at right back, as he runs at defenders, gets in the box and gets lethal balls in (unlike Hibbo). Also agree we need to play Rodders more...but the striker conundrum for me remains unsolved...4-5-1, 4-4-2, Becks, Saha or Yak or 2 of 'em idea!! Anyway, onwards and upwards it has to be...I reckon we'll get 3 points away to Villa cos they'll still feel vulnerable after getting battered by the Geordies, plus we're well overdue a victory against them. COYFB lets show the world what we're made of!!!
Noel, Leicester, 2:05 PM 23/08/2010
Not sure about their transfer budget being meagre - £6.5 million on Steven Fletcher, £2.5 million on Jelle van Damme, a rumoured £5 millilion on Stephen Hunt. They've done ok. After a first season of being 'organised' and 'no nonsense', kicking teams off the park, you'd expect a team to start playing a bit of football. Jesus, even Stoke can pass the ball now (they can still stove a few heads in when they need to mind)
Grongy, Salford, 8:30 PM 22/08/2010
Given Wolves meagre transfer budget and limited squad, I don't find it suprising to see them play this way, as they will struggle otherwise. Look at the West Brom teams that tried to play and finished dead bottom as they didnt have the quality to do it at this level. The emphasis is on Everton to break these sides down. I know its frustrating and the fans may well be nobheads but really do you ever find any away fans endearing? I know I hate the majority, if not all of them and I dont know how the right wing of the Park End can deal with them. If its any consolation at least we are respected enough that teams will come and try to bully us rather than be cheeky and play us of the park!!
Kelvin Hall, Prescot, 5:05 PM 22/08/2010
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