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The last blog I posted on here was written early in the week. By the time most people had chance to read it, Taggart was buying a new pair of slippers and a pipe and our Manager was on his way to London to tell Bill he was off.

It was a blog that was critical of David Moyes. Not for how he has managed our football club but for how he has conducted himself at times this season in relation to a new contract. I've not changed my opinion on that. I don't believe the first time he was made aware of the united job was this week but that debate's gone now.

Now it's time to appreciate what David Moyes has done for Everton and thank him for the same.

When you look at the football club the day he took over the day he leaves it's unrecognisable.

If somebody would have told me that day against Fulham, not only would we rarely face relegation again but we would qualify for the Champions League and if not qualify for the Europa cup, then challenge for it regularly, I would have asked what they were drinking.

And yet here we are. Add to that Wembley appearances in a cup final and semi-finals and it's not been a bad run.

From that first interview, when he uttered the phrase "the peoples club" a bond was formed. He got us. He knew what we were about. You sensed he would achieve. Eleven years on, in many ways he has.

Moyes will be missed at Everton and leaves some massive shoes to fill. At the moment it's difficult to imagine anyone coming in and continuing what Moyes has done or indeed taking it further on. But that's for another day. Today is about saying thank you to the manager for all that's he done in his time in charge.

His spell will always be blighted by the lack of a trophy and many revel in that but in reality, he gave us much more. Moyes gave us an adventure and more importantly gave us a football club to be proud of again. For that I and most other blues will always be grateful.

It's difficult to blame him for going to United, whichever way the move came about. Few, if any, would have turned that move down, so there will no bitterness from me and most other blues.

So thank you David. Thank you for giving the people of the peoples club something to be proud of!

P.S. If you could refrain from taking any of the playing staff with you, it would be greatly appreciated! Jamie O'Rourke

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Comments about Thank You
so this is where the 'moyesiah' comes from hey no wonder half the fans are so full of shit
Rev Gerry Barnacle, pulpit, 8:05 AM 14/05/2013
"Moyes, who starts work as United manager immediately after Everton's season ends on Sunday, has prioritised resolving Rooney's future as soon as possible. " in the Guardian this morning - what's happening here - he's supposed to be our manager still??????
Bob Jones, Gladwys Street, 7:47 AM 14/05/2013
if moyes is contracted to be the everton manager until 30th june why is he working NOW for manchester united???? - another meeting with Giggs and ferguson yesterday???????
Ed, tuebrook, 7:42 AM 14/05/2013
Another good article Jamie. Totally agree about 99.9%, Ijust hope he takes Nais with him.
Billys Boots, Portland St, 5:20 AM 14/05/2013
Maybe Moysey could give us a leaving present - Rooney on loan, with Utd paying most of his wages!!
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 10:48 PM 13/05/2013
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