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Respect is a Two Way Street
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Respect Is A Two Way Street
Respect Is A Two Way Street
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With a couple of games to go and Europe drifting away over the horizon, attentions are beginning to turn to the summer. Could be a big one for us.

11 years we've had David Moyes at our club and suggestions are there won't be a 12th.

There is no getting away from the fact that as a football club, we are in a far healthier position than we were some 11 years ago. Moyes' contribution to that improvement has been immense. For that reason I've always been a fan. Yes he can get it wrong but generally, I think we've been better with him that we would be without.

But as the season has gone on I've began to sway. I've tried not to but I have and I don't think I'm alone.

My irk began in November, when a generally private man such as Moyes became all too keen to discuss his future with the media. I don't do knee-jerk reactions and I don't believe Moyes does either. A very intelligent man, I fully believe he understands the implications and consequences of what you say and when you say it to the press.

Let's go back to November "I would probably wait until we have got over January and see how things go" said Moyes "I want to see what we're going to do, where the club are looking to move to in the future. And that's I'm really looking for."

The inference obvious. Sell any of my best players or fail to back me, I'm off.

From the outside looking in, it seems the board did OK. Nobody left and but for a medical issue, the squad would have been bolstered (and it can't be easy to convince anyone to sign to a club, you yourself are not prepared to commit to).

Fast forward to February and that's clearly not enough for Moyes. No, now he wants to wait until the summer to "...see if we've got a realistic chance of getting in Europe or if we can get to a cup final". Issues only himself and HIS playing squad could influence.

Moyes must have known what headlines would come from those comments and if it was his intention to remove distractions and allow people to concentrate on football, he was wrong. And I don't believe he's that daft.

As the old adage goes, if you've nothing useful to say, then say nothing at all.

In my opinion, Moyes has played the game. He's entitled to but it makes it non-the less palatable all the same. He's contracted until the summer and only has to make a decision then. That's his right. But do we not deserve more respect than the public flirting Moyes has indulged in this season?

He's been everywhere. Monday Night Football, Match of the Day, Goals on Sunday. I'm dreading this years I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here....

His comments to the media and their purpose are obvious.

"I'm committing to nothing here folks so why not make me an offer."

Moyes can then sit down in the summer, see what those offers are and if non-suit, sign a 12 month rolling contract with the club he's at now, who are so keen to keep him they'll probably agree to anything.

He holds all the cards here and my word doesn't he know it.

Of course the media will perpetuate their ridiculous myth that good 'ol Davey has done little 'ol Everton such a favour by hanging around as long as he has but at £4m year it's hardly missionary work he's undertaken and given that he's yet to deliver a trophy, you could argue he's not been too badly done to.

Everton were around a long time before Moyes and will survive long after he's gone.

Others have delivered trophies during Moyes tenure and whilst the cobwebs and mothballs in Kenwright's wallet don't help, we have had chances and we've blown them.

The Semi-final last year that we bottled.

Leeds away in the league cup, when against a Neil Warnock side on a wet and windy night, he decides to play Junior in the middle of the park...which is a little like taking your Grandmother bare-knuckle boxing.

And then you have Wigan debacle.

Maybe the time has come for Moyes to move on. Maybe he feels stale and needs a new challenge. Maybe we need a change. I don't know but what I do know is this season it feels like he's holding the club to ransom and that leaves a bitter taste.

David Moyes has been brilliant for Everton but the club haven't been too bad for him either and for that, I think we deserve more respect David. Much more respect. Jamie O'Rourke

Comments about Respect is a Two Way Street
Respect has been earned by all sides (club and manager) as Moyes made plain again in today's press conference. He gave his all and the club gave him everything they could while paying down the debt. If we had a bigger stadium we would have bigger revenues, until that happens we will be lucky to get further than where Moyes-Kenwright got us to today. If it hadn't worked so well we would be in the lower leagues now. Respect all round.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 4:46 PM 10/05/2013
Well I truly think that DM could not take Everton any further not because of the lack of money, I wonder if you need to be a special manager to cope with European football. He is going to be taking over a club who will expect big time from him, but most of all he will need the players around him to respond to him. I wonder if he will have total control especially with Ferguson becoming the Director of football at the club . Remember DM liked total control of the players, and no interference - I don't think that will be the case at United. I wait and see like everyone else, however, I thank him for what he has tried to do with our beloved blues. I hope we can have a fresh face come into the club and bring success that DM never quite accomplished.
Kiwi, NZ, 6:20 AM 10/05/2013
Can't blame him for going to Utd but at least be upfront about it. "I'll see in January,... i'll see end of the season" and now its all a done deal how long has he been talking to utd? I know he's out of contract so doesn't contractually have to get permission but be honest. Let him go now. round or lumsden in charge for last two games
m, flintshire, 9:45 PM 9/05/2013
The new contract for DM has been sitting in area 51 all season. He'll sign it on a grassy knoll. Gee Whizz what a bunch of whingers. If you are so bent and twisted by life, please seek assistance. The man has done a good job for us and can go with all respect due. Bill has acted honourably, unlike BU at times and wasn't necessarily shocked, more saddened, that the Glaiser empire have had to come out early, or lose serious dosh. The players that go would probably go anyway, and are aging assets anyhow. New dawn, new manager, new worlds to conquer. COYB, NSNO
Billys Boots, Portland St, 12:35 PM 9/05/2013
Don't forget that none of this would have happened or be known about now - it was the New York Stock Exchange that created the haphazzard way in which Fergie's retirement and the chase for Moyes became public knowledge. The business part of United had to tell the NYSE of any imminent changes. United and especially Everton have been caught with their knickers down and the apparent deceit about Moyes's relationship with United has unfolded. there's no wonder nobody from Everton wants to talk to the media and Bill's amazed and glazed interview with Sky last night would suggest he hasn't a clue .... will we ever know .... does it matter? Moyes should not be allowed back to Goodison - it's over!
Andrew, at work and sad, 9:20 AM 9/05/2013
United announced the retirement of their manager and while it has been on the cards for a while, it still came as a bit of a surprise to everybody (everybody outside the Old Trafford Board Room that is as they managed to keep it quiet). The next manager glides in smoothly. We have know for at least half a season that there is a real possibility Moyes may be leaving. So presumably Kenwright has known too. I really hope that he has had our next manager lined up for months also and that he too glides in smoothly. If so, then Kenwright keeping quiet is the right and propper thing to do (why involve all knobheads form the press?). Bill may be Brasic, but that doesnt stop him from making sure Everton do things correctly. On the other hand, if all these rumours are false and Moyes is in fact staying then... GET DOWN THE BOOKIES BILL!!!
Gary, Liverpool, 9:13 AM 9/05/2013
David Moyes has shown little respect for this club. On several occasions he has commented about the fans in negative ways. The whole 'People's Club' remark has always been a front for his true plan. If all is to be believed his move to United has been in progress for sometime. He has knowingly entered into an agreement to keep it stum. What respect has he been showing for Everton here? If he is announced as the new manager today in what way can he return to Goodison and mange the team? Whilst Kenwright appears to have been totally shocked by what has happened he is also now in the frame - because his 'cover' has been blown by Moyes leaving. What does Kenwright do now? If you look back at the way Moyes has admired Ferguson and United and been happy to sign their rejects it makes me wonder whether this has not been Moyes desire all along - 11 years at Everton to get the United job - won nothing, failed against all the top four clubs and little real effort to play in a style that matched Everton's history. Moyes is a traitor. he should not be allowed to return to Goodison. He should see out his contract on Ainsdale beach
Andrew, at work and sad, 8:40 AM 9/05/2013
Post 21, yes he has had loads of money, also where are all these young payers he has nurtured? Self publicist? don't believe the hype. Done a great job for us. Good luck Moyes, you will need it.
Russ J, St End, 8:37 AM 9/05/2013
Moyes wont walk away from this with his head as high as it could have been either. He has always promised honesty and he has certainly known about ManUre's approach for some time and he has remained tight lipped. Yes he has earned a shot in the Champions League but he owed us what he promised and that was always being open and honest.
Rico, Goodison, 8:21 AM 9/05/2013
Ali, do your research. Yes Moyes has had money, but its where the money came from. Sales of our own top players. That's not how you build. It's a state of constant rebuilding. And @Spectator, if Kenwright had found the investment that he has been promising Moyes for the last 11 years then would we be losing Moyes now? I personally don't think so. You can carry on supporting Bill as we fall back to where we were. If Moyes is so happy with Bill then why has he been getting more vocal in the past few seasons about having no investment. That is not a manager who is happy. Blue Bills short interview last night gave it all away, Moyes is gone. The media's wording of it all today says it all, Moyes is gone. Moyes has always said he wants to build his own legacy, but a move to ManUre does not do this as just continuing Fergie's. Moyes could have used this as an opportunity to break ManUre's dominance (similar to the wha Fergie did to the Old Firm with Aberdeen). I think its obvious that Moyes has been told since before this season started that the coffers are STILL empty and if that is not the case then I think that Moyes has bottled it. So who do we go for? Laudrup will cost a pretty penny (which we don't have), Martinez teams can't defend, Poyet, the jury is out, Zola - why? So we can groom another coach for a top 4 team. We have no money to attract a top manager and Moyes has not groomed a successor so are we staring down the barrell of a Hughes or a Big Sam?
Rico, Goodison, 8:18 AM 9/05/2013
I've come to the realization that this could be good for us. DM to Manure, so within a short time van Persie stops scoring. They draw away against average opposition. Refs finally start giving stuff against them and play to the correct timings. Manure drop out of the top 4. We take their place. Sorted
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 5:35 AM 9/05/2013
Answer to John #25, quite simply YES ! You can win trophies and be successful without being loathed,if you do it with style and grace. I believe its only a matter of time before we are successful John
LES, PHUKET, 3:16 AM 9/05/2013
With Regards to post 17. I have to ask - would you rather be 'respected' and 'liked' by the neutral fans for your admirable and wonderful way of running a football club, the proper way so to speak. or on the opposite of the scale loathed and win everything I would prefer the latter
John Smith, Liverpool, 11:58 PM 8/05/2013
Good article this mate. I agree with most of it, but think that if he goes we will have lost one the main assets we have in attracting an investor.
Trebnik, Ormskirk, 10:24 PM 8/05/2013
Well i've had a good drink today (been one of those days), one things for sure i'll be at the match on sunday to give Moyes a farewell clap,(good luck to him) and i'll carry on supporting my beloved BLUES as i've done long before Moyes came and do long after he's gone,we are in a better position than when he was appointed so ta Davey,whoever we get we need to get behind him from the off,NSNO
daz.m, st.helens, 10:13 PM 8/05/2013
D.M. can walk away from E.F.C. with his head held high , if he can hack it at the biggest club in the world( money wise ) im not so sure , thinking its a bad move for him, but wish him well , he saved us from ..... well who knows where
Tommy , Liverpool, 10:09 PM 8/05/2013
Bad move for man u. it will be ok for us as long as we go young and ambitious. I think zola. If anyone tells you Moyes never had money take some time to google who he has signed and you will realize he has had money!!
ali, st helens, 7:56 PM 8/05/2013
Personally I think Moyesy is a cert to join ManU. Too many tell tale signs for him not to be. Ferguson has always been very vocal in his admiration of Moyesy and has publicly stated that he has recommended him to the ManU board as his successor. He wanted him as his No2 whilst he was at Preston. They are cut from the same cloth. Despite ManU being a massive successful club both domestically and in Europe, they are also a family style club and have local traditions. They want someone who understand the meaning of stability. I cannot see them appointing someone like Mourinho who would not be there longer than 3 years of his own volition. I think this evening/tomorrow it will be announced. That will give us all the opportunity to say good bye and pay our respects against the hammers on Sunday. Also the bookies very rarely get it wrong. I think that Moysey and Fergie are close enough for Fergie to have told him what his intentions were. I think that is why Moysey has not signed a new contract. If he knew he was going to manu, then he would not have been able to say or hint it. That is why he has said he would wait until the end of the season. I don't blame him for that, I just wish he would have signed even a short term contract, so that we would have least got some compensation. I don't think he has disrespected us in any way. He loves Everton Football Club to much for that and respects BK and us fans to much to do that. I wish him all the best, I agree that the club have not been able to meet his ambitions. BK would give Everton his last penny, but sadly he is not the multi-millionaire/Billionaire that you need to be to own a modern day football club. Yes on occasions, with his negative tactics he got it horribly wrong. But he did it for the right reasons and tried his heart out to win us a trophy. Farewell and good luck David Moyes and thank you for 11 years of tireless hard work, dedication and respect.
Kevin, Waterloo, 6:22 PM 8/05/2013
It's a good article, because it is balanced. I think the underlying theme of what JoR is saying is that is Moysey really up to a challenge like Manchester United? Moysey has been brilliant for us, but there is little doubt in my mind, too, that he has bottled. This is not because of lack of money; in fact, it's not really clear why! At Old Trafford, he'll be expected to win well in excess of 30 games a season, in the 4 different competitions - can he deliver? Don't get me wrong, I wish him well, not necessarily Man Utd, though!! Thanks, Moysey, for all the highs, for the likes of Gravesen and Tim, for the hope you gave us!! You leave the Club in a lot healthier state, and nobody in their right mind would question that!!
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 6:15 PM 8/05/2013
Well done all you Moyes haters. It looks like you got your way. Who's your next VICTIM?
Gaz, Deeside, 5:39 PM 8/05/2013
You only have to ask the neutrals about clubs that they respect, and I have no doubts that EVERTON are nearly top of the list. No frills, honest decent club, great fans/ heritage, now known all across Asia with the Chang deal, as well as Europe thanks to the power of broadcasting, well run and well managed! David Moyes has had a massive part in this resurgence of our status. We all have our dreams and ambitions and should he go to Utd then good luck to the bloke. Moyes owes us little. OK we haven't had a trophy, but our league standings are top 6, before he tookover we were bottom 6. He has worked tirelessly under very tough circumstances and deserves his shot at the big time should he go.
LES, PHUKET, 5:34 PM 8/05/2013
Best Wishes to David Moyes although Ferguson has picked a good time to leave because there will be no big money to move them forward to challenge the best and most wealthy in Europe. Like Swansea we should try to appoint somebody who will enhance the current legacy and respect the club for the opportunity. Sadly Laudrup to costly for us now but Poyet should be within our grasp. Martinez too would be a sensible appointment given our resources. Expect board to look for non compensation appointment to secure our tenureship in Premier Leafgue as the big TV money rolls in . Will need to widen the dug out for Big Sam.
bluehawklord, Wirral, 4:57 PM 8/05/2013
Good luck Moyes! Great manager and you deserve Man U! I personally hope you go because it feels like the right time for you and for Everton. Lets get behind BK and the rest and try and bring in a young exciting manager so we can build on what we already have. I am tired of all the negative comments on here by so called supporters. What do you reasonably expect these days from a club like Everton and from BK. The guy was on Coronation Street! He is not a Russian gangster or an oil tycoon! But I would take him over any because he loves the club and knows what it takes for us to compete with the best - stability! I am personally excited about the future and Everton giving someone else the platform. Martinez for me!
Neil, Newcastle, 3:40 PM 8/05/2013
My lad is a Manure follower,his Mum spoiled him rotten,and he is dead against DM going to them. If he does go,we'll know in a few days apparently,I wish him good luck and a heartfelt thank you. But, please don't let the fucking Blue Union raise their heads again and start berating Blue Bill. Moyse has worked exceptionally well with the Chaiman and constantly praises him.I personally think he let BK in on the possibility of this event months back and if he does stay it will be more about BK than any love for the history and traditions of Everton.
Billys Boots, Portland St, 1:50 PM 8/05/2013
Don't panic...Rafa is free at the end of the season...erm...
Chris , Ipswich, 1:49 PM 8/05/2013
Look on the funny side. If he does go to the theatre of screams & wins the league first time, just imagine the amount of howling that'll be coming from across the park ... at very least it'll make them foam at the mouth :-) Best o'luck Moysie .... (if you go that is).
Kev, Walton, 1:08 PM 8/05/2013
Isn't it ironic that there are a group of Evertonians who don't think Moyes is / was good enough for Everton but he is now favourite to take over at Man Utd, one of the biggest clubs in the world? Clearly they don't have an issue with his tactical ability.
Richard, Cape Town, 1:02 PM 8/05/2013
It was only a matter of time before they were flushed out of the woodwork as @ 9. Moyes has been here eleven years, has had TOTAL control of ins and outs, been provided with Finch Farm and has had all the money we could afford, and has managed brilliantly, everyone says he gets on brilliantly with Kenwright and the board. Now along comes the usual whiner saying it's Kenwright's fault he wants to leave! After he's been here eleven years with full backing he has acknowledged time after time!! You couldn't make these idiots up though you can bet they'll come whingeing again if Moyes does leave. It's one of the opportunities they've been waiting for. When the club gets sold you can bet as well the same moaners will say it's been sold to the wrong buyer. These people aren't happy unless they're whining their stupid heads off. This is just the latest example.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:54 PM 8/05/2013
Tosh. Moyes has ambition. The club have been given 11 years to do something in terms of investment and push on. They have failed. Moyes and his staff have had to pull out all the stops in order to be a club that fights for European Football and they have done it better than anyone without a big fat wallet. The manager hasn't deccided to leave,the club have failed to match his ambitions. Why should he stay here and tread water or wait for the ship to sink a little? He can move onwards and upwards to where HE wanted us to be. Far too many Everton fans always vent their venom in the wrong direction for me. The best thing to happen to our club in 20 years is about to leave and yet Kenwright can just sit there and tell you allwhat a fan he is,"I sat in the boys pen" and all that tripe and far too many swallow it. ONE reason why Moyes is going and its the boards failure to get investment or the club sold. Yes Everton were here before Moyes but only just! You have a seemingly short memory Jamie. Wake up.
Rico, Goodison, 12:38 PM 8/05/2013
Everton have made Moyes a very wealthy man who came to our great club as a manager with not much of a C.V. If he goes that C.V. wont be much improved. Stability to the club(OK I'll give him that), but what else? Nobody remembers also-rans they only remember winners, and EVERTON need someone with a winning mentality. If OLD TRAFFORD is Moyes' next adventure i wish him good luck, coz they are massive shoes to fill and i can't see him getting the same pressure-less environment that we have gave him in 11yrs. The show will go on though because EFC was here before Moyes and will be here long after he's gone. COYB
Daz.m, St. Helens, 12:33 PM 8/05/2013
Respect has to be earned. Moyes has definitely earned it, which is more than can be said for some of our 'supporters.'
Spectator, Crosby, 12:24 PM 8/05/2013
Don't be such a whinger. Moyes has been brilliant for us and if he is going - which I really hope he isn't - then we should give him all the appreciation he deserves for transforming the club we support with virtually no money. I can't think of another manager in the game who has the integrity and dignity of David Moyes. Hope our fans don't act like spoilt kids if he does decide to go after 11 years with us. He deserves better.
L, London, 12:21 PM 8/05/2013
Lets not start just bad mouthing the best manager we've had for years. I think people take it for granted that we finish in the top 8 (minimum) and genuinely have a chance of winning a trophy every year. A new manager wont necessarily build on that, it could go downhill.
Alan, Liverpool, 11:57 AM 8/05/2013
Chill out Jamie! He's been with us for 11 years now! What? Are we married to the man? He's done great for the club and vice versa. He has fulfilled his contract, so what more can u expect out of him? Relax! Mourinho is on his way here! :-D
AJ, Dubai, UAE, 11:55 AM 8/05/2013
I don't feel its fair to call Moyes for everything. He's regularly appeared on TV every year he's been at Everton so no point in making out that's anything different and I think we've known him long enough to recognise he's a decent honest man who's always done the best for Everton.
Tim, Liverpool, 11:53 AM 8/05/2013
Can't argue with you Jamie. Moyes does hold all the cards and knows he will be at Everton next season IF he wants to be. But do we want him to stay just because he hasn't got the better offer yet? If I was BK I would have had a meeting with Moyes months ago along the lines of 'here's your new contract David. Sign it now or you won't be offered a new one.'
Richard P, Dubai, 11:39 AM 8/05/2013
Spot on, what will upset me most is that we won't get compo for him, and we can't put a clause saying he cant come and raid us for players or more importantly Baines. Saying that if he goes to utd I wish him best of luck. Honestly i cant see him being successful there though. Following Fergie is almost an impossible job and I cant see utd fans putting up with 'Rio, play it down the wing Rio'. 'Robin drop back help your defenders'.
Joe, Liverpool, 11:38 AM 8/05/2013
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