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Credit Where Credit it is Due
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Cast your mind back to just over 12 months ago.

We'd started the season with a defeat to a poor QPR side, Bill Kenwrights meeting with the Blue Union was in the public domain and the transfer window had closed with the only real additions to a small squad being a loose-cannon on loan from Madrid and centre-forward, nobody had heard of or indeed could spell.

The club had become a laughing stock.

Fast forward a year and there is little cause for complaint right now.

Following a good second half to the season, a strong performance in the transfer market was key and thankfully the club delivered.

For a change we didn't rest on our laurels or worse take a step backwards.

Players were brought in with little fuss and the crown jewels retained, with the only real outgoing's two players it was probably the right time to part with.  

I've heard it argued that we've had to sell to buy and that the sale of Jack Rodwell was again a case of nurturing young talent only to sell on at a profit but the reality is, Rodwell won't really be missed. Whether it be absence through injury or an inability to fulfil his potential, the fact remains he has never been a key player for Everton. It was the right time to move on.

Yes it's another body gone from a small squad but if the alternative was to cash in on Fellaini or Baines et al, it's a no-brainer.

So credit where it is due. Bill Kenwright, his board and David Moyes have done alright this time and for that they should be applauded.  

I know for some that will be difficult to stomach. For some too much has passed for them to ever feel anything other than animosity to those in charge and if that's how you feel nothing I say will change your views. You're entitled to your opinion and I respect you for that. But give it some thought.

The summer spending was wise rather than extravagant. Shrewd rather than substantial.

We won't win the league this year or qualify for the Champions league and the aim will still be a top 6 finish and a cup.

But is that, really that bad?

Yes we are Everton and a club our size should challenge for top honours but the reality is, it takes billions not millions these days and that's the reality. You don't build a team anymore you build a port-folio.

The Chairman and the board in it's current guise won't ever lead Everton to a league title, of that I'm sure. But what's the alternative? You need not look too far to see what happens when you sell your soul to the devil, with promises of progress and glory.

Bill Kenwright's stance has always been he will sell to those best suitable to run Everton and not just drop his draws to the first offer that comes in. Some will argue he will only sell, when h makes profit. Perhaps only Bill and those closest to him will know the truth but for now, it is what it is.

We start every year hoping new investment isn't too far away. Nothings changed. But for now let's concentrate on what we've done well and get behind the club as a united front.

No campaigns this year. No chants. No protest marches. Let's leave that to others. 

We're doing ok and that'll do me for now. A decent performance off the field has been replicated on it (let's call West Brom a blip) and for a change in the first months of the season, the next game can't come quick enough.

You can accuse me of settling for mediocrity if you wish but right now, I'm happy with my football club. Jamie O'Rourke.

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Comments about Credit Where Credit it is Due
I couldnt agree more with Dave from Flintshire, and its reassuring to think that I am not the only one with these views also
Smigger, Lower Gwladys, 7:16 AM 5/09/2012
Here're Biff I believe Sir Philip Green is a Billionaire who's on the board of directors! Looks like we're getting Messi and Ronaldo next year!
Nuffsaid, Liverpool, 6:08 PM 4/09/2012
Biffa M8! I got some crackin news for you! Billionaire Robert Earl is rolling in it! And I believe he's on our board of directors too! He must be waiting for the right moment to let his wealth trickle down to Kenright and Moyes! Hope this answers your question!
Doug, Lverpool, 5:43 PM 4/09/2012
Sorry Jamie, dont want to piss on your parade, but the club's activities off the field will ultimately decide the level of success on it, and that falls squarely on the shoulders of Kenwright and Co. Answer me this, bearing in mind Moyes has not signed a new contract and this could be his last season, what happens when he goes? Who will guarantee that the next manager wont be fighting a relegation battle as potentially the players that Moyes has bought may follow him out the door? To my knowledge, there has been NO improvements made to Goodison in the last 18 years and we lag so far behind the rest,it's untrue. I was at little old West Brom on saturday, and guess what, not a pillar or obstructed view in site!! We continue to re-mortgage the clubs debt every couple of years as the overall debt grows and continues to strangle the club financially, until the next BIG player sale comes along. Were living hand to mouth on the strength of an outstanding manager. Watch the pack of cards collapse when he goes, then we will we see the supporters 'cuddle' up to good old Bill? Everyone enjoys it (including me) when the team is doing well, but FFS think about the long term future of the club.
Steve Logan, Chester, 5:06 PM 4/09/2012
I'm glad to read this positive piece, because I am sick to the back teeth of the moaners and the negativity they spread. Every single Blue ended last season saying they would be happy if all that happened in the summer was that we signed Pienaar and kept hold of Felli and Baines. Well, we did that. We said goodbye to a couple of old timers in Yobo and Tim, which nobody seems to disagree with. The only possible complaint could be about the sale of Jack. I was a fan of his and defended him on here when people said he couldn't play, but I accept that the sale made sense and we got a fair fee. We've used it quickly and managed to attract some exciting prospects with the dosh. To be anything other than chuffed to bits right now you'd have to be an incorrible whinger, constantly raging against the machine even when there is nothing to rage against. If you have ever tried running a business you will know that the books have to balance, and they don't do that by magic. I am proud of my club and what it stands for. I am proud that we have a chairman and a manager who have heart and passion, and never give up. I can't honestly say that I look at any other club and wish we were like them.
Dave, Flintshire, 4:30 PM 4/09/2012
Most people seem to think we have a go at Kenwright cos he's not a billionaire. This has never been the case. We cant blame him for wanting the right person to take over, once again thats never been debated. What I find unacceptable (and this is why most people I know hate BK) is because he and the board have not, and I repeat, HAVE NOT ran the club correctly. I dont expect us to spend £50million. But apart from this season, we haven't even managed to spend between 5-10 million (and I'm not including the Billy, Johnny and Buzz money or the Felli money as that was genarated through players sales). Man City and Chelsea are lucky, but clubs like Spurs, the RS (It doesn't matter if they spend it on the rubbish, my point is they have the money) even the likes of Stoke have had execllent investment because they are being run by proper businessmen. Whereas we have no assets apart from Goodison and the players, our kit sponsorship deal with Chang and Kitbag are a disgrace as we should betting more being a PL club. And thats not even an exageration: Villa get £3 million a year from their kit deal, we get less than a million. Kings Dock, Kirkby, FSF for gods sake. wait there Bill, I'll give you credit where it's due, we got £13 million from sales this year and spent £15 million, so £3 million profit spend in 6 years. Thanks Bill your the best!
Paul, Liverpool, 3:47 PM 4/09/2012
Great article Jamie !!! Anyone know whats happened to our new loan signing.
Anyone know some rich munter with a billion snotters to spare to build a new stadium and buy new players? No? Thought not.
Biffa, Kensington, 10:50 AM 4/09/2012
Good article Jamie! I'm happy too. I couldn't agree more with the Rodwell transfer. I think Everton have 15/16 players who can all do a job and get us high in the league and maybe a cup win. The problem may arise when we have 2/3 long term injuries. Then the moaners may come back, but at the moment its all good.
Gus, Walton, 9:18 AM 4/09/2012
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