Jack the Lad
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Jack the Lad is our new Royal Blue columnist. Aimed at our younger Blues, Jack's footy chit chat about the Blue Boys or anything soccer will no doubt stir some debate !

Many of you will be overwhelmed with excitement as the World Cup kicks off today. The non-sporting fans are put on hold for a month as we prepare to watch 64 games of the greatest competition on Earth. This is...Read More
World Cup Blues (01-Jun-2010)
Now the World Cup Squads have been announced, I am going to attempt to see how this World Cup can affect Everton Football Club. No, I don't mean the Everton team becoming deaf after sitting through a few World Cup gam...Read More
After another weekend of controversy with the Blues and Referees, could this be a news headline that will be extremely common in years to come? The best clubs want to buy the best players and the best players ...Read More
Whether you are sitting in the back of the Upper Bullens or on the front row of the Street End, your formation will be the formation that could take us into the top four and your team selecti...Read More