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World Cup Blues
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Now the World Cup Squads have been announced, I am going to attempt to see how this World Cup can affect Everton Football Club. No, I don't mean the Everton team becoming deaf after sitting through a few World Cup games with the Vuvuzelas. What I mean by the World Cup could and probably will affect Everton is the increase in the amount of players involved in their respective countries squads. This is a credit to David Moyes and how good the squad is now. However, could our star players being given the credit they deserve, jeopardise next season for Everton.

You only have to look to the other side of Stanley Park, in Fernando Torres, to see that a summer without rest can cause major injury worries to a player's club football. David Moyes will most probably be biting his nails as each match passes that an Everton player plays in. If a country featuring an Everton player makes an early exit from this World Cup, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Obviously, every player will want to play in the World Cup and will probably not think of Everton while they are playing matches against the likes of Brazil and Spain. However, players like Mikky, Jags and Bainsey will be confident that they will be fit and raring to go when the new season starts. It is not like we already have a consistent injury problem, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

The problem of injuries is one of the biggest problems of Everton players playing in the World Cup because of so many games being played in a short space of time. Thankfully none of our players are as bad as Ledley King when it comes to injuries.

However, the possibility of injuries isn't the only problem that is likely to occur once the World Cup gets underway properly. Nearly every manager will watch the World Cup, especially with the transfer window open and that means that our players are on show to the World. It is evident how much interest there is for Everton players because of the amount that have been selected for their country and the players who are regularly linked with top clubs in the National newspapers.

With the likes of Peanuts saying that he will consider his future after the World Cup means that managers will obviously look at him as a potential target. However, the players who want to stay at Everton will surely be at Everton. Sadly, clubs such as Manchester City will try to tempt players away from Goodison with European Football and big transfer targets for the future.

Whilst keeping holding of your best players is difficult for a manager, trying to sign players who feature in the World Cup is even harder. Just think back to when we were close to signing Andrei Arshavin for a small amount of money and then he played very well throughout a major tournament, UEFA Cup 2008. As a result of his performance in that tournament, he was sold by Zenit St Petersburg to Arsenal for about £15 million. This shows how much a few good games in a major tournament can affect the price tag of a player. So if Moysey wants to sign a player, it is probably better to sign his transfer targets before he is noticed  by a club at the World Cup with endless amounts of money. Getting someone at the right time is something that Moysey has proven he is exceptional at with signings like Arteta.

If Moysey is able to keep hold of all his players then he is faced with yet another problem, the player's agents. I think most Everton fans have seen enough of the likes of Steven Pienaar's agent Ivan Modia. Whether players have a good tournament or not, the agents will be open to offers as they will see this as a chance to make more money than they will normally if the player is sold for a large amount of money.

The agent will want a player to move several times in their career so they earn more money and are not an agent to a player who is at one club all their life. Many rumours that are in the National Newspapers are created by agents who want clubs to be interested in their player. We take for granted that an agent is speaking on behalf of a players' best interest but that is not always true. For example, only recently has Zlatan Ibrahimovic's agent said that Barcelona Manager Pep Guardiola "would have to go to a mental hospital" if he didn't play the striker more next season. His agent must be a long lost cousin of Mr Modia.

Apart from all this, enjoy the World Cup and when you're watching England crash out on penalties, think about what unwanted problems this feast of football could bring to Moysey.

Comments about World Cup Blues
very true jack, whatever happens this world cup, if we loose players, we will buy more, and still be blues. IMWT COYB
toiletduck, on the throne, 10:40 AM 4/06/2010
Hope Peanuts stays after the World but he does need a new agent. Glad Bainsey isnt going the World Cup. Makes me think that we need signings before the World Cup starts. COYB
Stan, Huyton, 4:59 PM 2/06/2010
exactly right. ivan modia is scum. hopefully no~one gets injured like cahill. couldn't do with him out next season. have fun watching the world cup moysey. COYB
justin, netherton, 8:37 AM 2/06/2010
Capello you are a scream, are you suggesting that Carragher is a better centre back than Jagielka and Warnock a better left back than Baines? Leighton is better off getting some rest and being ready for next season rather than training all summer and hoping for a place on the bench as with all honesty if Cashley is fit he will start every game. He has time on his side anyway. As for the rest of the players if they want to leave let them. Moyes will always replace them with even better. We have lost better players than the likes of Peinnar and guess what? We have always survived. COYB!
Gareth Fieldstead, Gold Coast Australia, 4:12 AM 2/06/2010
Great heading...World cup blues...try being Irish...Thiery Henry is a c*nt!! COYB.
Ciaran, Dublin, 11:31 PM 1/06/2010
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