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Top European Ref Heading To England
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Liverpoo Fan Clattenburg
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After another weekend of controversy with the Blues and Referees, could this be a news headline that will be extremely common in years to come?

The best clubs want to buy the best players and the best players want to play in the best leagues. Cristiano Ronaldo has played in England and now plays in Spain. This is allowed to happen because Real Madrid wanted to buy him even though he was born in Portugal. However, there is a man who stands on the pitch when Ronaldo is playing who can only play in the country he is born in and that is the referee.

With FIFA stating that 'the door is closed' where goal line technology is concerned, why can't FIFA allow the best referees to play in the best leagues?

I regularly watch the Spanish League and their referees seem to have a lot more control of their games and are respected a lot more in their country because of the respect that they have earned with excellent refereeing.

They don't try and sell their life story after they retire or end up as a judge of referees on TV like our most treasured referees Graham Poll and Jeff Winter. I think there are too many games nowadays being decided on a decision that the referee gets wrong and that top Premier League referees are over protected.  Also, I think we have had our fair share of refereeing decisions go against us in recent years.

No thanks to referees like Mr Alan Wiley. I won't criticise him too much just in case I receive a letter from the FA for mentioning his name in a slightly negative manner.

Referees in Sunday Leagues normally receive persistent abuse whether there decision is correct or not and are paid thousands of pounds less than Premier League referees. However, if a manager or player voices his opinion in a diplomatic manner in the Premier League then he will most probably be fined.

If they cannot handle criticism then maybe they are not fit to referee in what has and will most probably be always known as the best football league in the World. I am against the abuse of referees by players on the pitch but if managers in the heat of the moment want to express their opinion on a person that they believe has influenced the game then I believe that should be allowed.

I cannot actually see many disadvantages to a rule like this being implemented by FIFA. Even if no referees actually moved countries, it would most certainly improve the quality of the referees in the Premier League because they would know that if they didn't perform in a run of games then they could lose their place in English football's top flight.

Referees would take more care when making decisions because they would be in danger of losing their job.

Even if this rule wasn't put in place, which I very much doubt that it will. There is one thing that I am sure many fans would like to see. Rooney is currently top of the Premier League Goal scoring leader board because that can be accessed on many sports and statistic websites. However, there is not a published referee's leader board. This would be positive for referees who could strive to become Referee of the Month.

As I mentioned before, there is one problem with Referees being allowed to referee in different countries.  We have had a taste of the crème de la crème of European refereeing in Pierluigi Collina and I think that puts a rule like this in serious doubt. 

What are your views on the refereeing situation?

Comments about Top European Ref Heading To England
just hearing clattenburgs name makes me want to punch a wall
tim, tuebrook, 4:26 PM 5/05/2010
fifa must be full of redshites aswell
stizzle, liverpool, 3:48 PM 5/05/2010
FIFA are to blame for all this. i have made a point of not moaning at referees anymore because there is technology that could help them but FIFA wont allow it.
Ben Dover, Litherland, 8:56 PM 4/05/2010
Sickening to remember that Collina decision, crippled our season. I had no time for the man after that. The Clatterburg derby was terrible too. Video replays would solve almost all refereeing gripes I reckon.
Sean, Litherland, 8:31 PM 4/05/2010
I think its in our own hands. If we stop playing crap football and start playing fast attacking football and bang some goals in, the refs can suck my left one because theres nothing they can do about that. Look at Tottenham, City even Birmingham play more attacking than us. We're getting left behind playing 90s football in the 21st century,
Tess Tickles, L3, 8:25 PM 4/05/2010
it is way too easy to blame the refs. sad excuse sometimes.
stizzle, liverpool, 1:43 PM 4/05/2010
re(dshite)ferees are normally bad and even if they Don.t support a the team there refereeing it will normally be biased because it will affect there team in some way
jimmy (osman), park end, 11:25 AM 4/05/2010
got that right. spanish referees are definitely better
teesy, halewood, 10:53 AM 4/05/2010
[webb]mark my words this person will be in trouble at the world cup
kharnan, widnes, 9:00 AM 4/05/2010
Since the 'big 3' and small 7th get the majority of decisions and referees most likely are rewarded by favouring said teams then turkeys arn't gonna vote for christmas and stop this mutually beneficial gravey train.
Chris S, Runcorn, 8:38 AM 4/05/2010
A similar incedent occured today at Wigan. The ref disallowed a Hull goal as a player was thought to be offside but when the linesman pointed out it wasnt the goal scorer he gave it, even though another player was standing next to the goalie!!! what have they got against Everton. Even the ref in the Womens cup final was anti Everton
Mick, Wirral, 3:20 AM 4/05/2010
Get a grip! Anichebe wasn't offside from the corner....he was offside from Jags header and standing right in front of the keeper. It that had been a St Stephen header with Ladyboy in front of Howard we'd have all been appealing like mad....would have been given as a goal though then of course! The linesman gave it offside and not Howard Webb anyway. We finished 8th and that what we deserved. We'll just have to live with it....and it's not the ref's fault we couldn't defend a late winner against Arsenal, West Ham or name but three!
degsy24, at home, 12:47 AM 4/05/2010
Just saw the title and was about to comment and say that couldnt happen. definetley food for thought though.
Mike Twiddle, Burnley, 8:27 PM 3/05/2010
Hate all the refs. there all redshites anyway
Bill, Huyton, 7:01 PM 3/05/2010
why did this shit webb give offside as he stated ??? was it not from a corner if so you cant be offside or have i got it wrong ????
kharnan, widnes, 6:56 PM 3/05/2010
hahah don. 'people woudl complain if they got english'. ah. fa too protective over their refs too allow something like that. some good ideas. i also agree with the idea of referee of the month COYB
Robert, Blundelsands, 5:53 PM 3/05/2010
Most if not all refs have an allegance to some team or other , it must sway them even in games not involving ;thier club; when the result affects them How about all euro countrys swop and rotate each year eg spanish refs in germany German in Holland etc rotateing we couldent loose as prem refs worse in world Even Scotish seem better,only snag would be complaints from whoever gets English.
Don, West Derby, 4:28 PM 3/05/2010
agree with you mate. it is good in theory but like you said it will never work. the referee of the month thing could improve them. most are shit though
thommo, walton, 3:57 PM 3/05/2010
Collina was bent as hell, i agree with harold from ramsay street, they are all shite and they think they are bigger than the match. Webb was shocking on saturday and everytime he has been to goodison this season. Best ref in the country we are avin a laff
toiletduck, on the throne, 1:16 PM 3/05/2010
It wouldn't make a difference mate. They're all as shite as one another and always will be without the extra technology that the game is crying out for. Remember how everyone was raving about the 'best referee in the world' a few years back? Well if it wasn't for Pierluigi Collina, we may well have made it to the group stages of the Champions League, had Big Dunc's goal been allowed. They're all shite.
Harold Bishop, Ramsay Street, 1:08 PM 3/05/2010
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