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Every Fan Has The Winning Formation!
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Whether you are sitting in the back of the Upper Bullens or on the front row of the Street End, your formation will be the formation that could take us into the top four and your team selection would make us go further in Europe.

How many times have you heard fans questioning Moyesy's' team selection and asking questions such as 'If he had just played a certain player instead of another player then we would have won', or 'If Moysey played 4-4-2 or whatever formation, then we would have easily won this game'.

This is a fool proof system because there is no way that your managerial tactics can be criticised or fail. The team you select will never lose because it is always the one that Moyesy doesn't pick.

This always makes for a great conversation when you are watching a mundane Blues performance, not that we have many and unlike the thrilling encounter at Ewood Park on Saturday.

For many, it adds to the excitement of the going to or watching the match to attempt to name the expected starting line up or more accurately the line up that you would like to see start. You can spend over an hour before the match arguing amusingly with your fellow supporters over who you think should start.

Maybe your formation or team selection could have won us the FA Cup Final last season or helped us to create more of a hope for Champions Leaugue football next season.

That is something that we will never find out. Sadly, my 4-2-4 formation has never materialised and Hibbo has never been given his chance upfront.

Remember, when he scores we riot !!

Comments about Every Fan Has The Winning Formation!
Agree with the last posts team. Bring Coleman back/
Davo, Glasgow, 1:40 PM 27/04/2010
Back four = Baines, Jags, Heitinga, Coleman! Distin is a liability (does he have a right foot????) and get coleman playing some first team football! He looks like he's got great potential! Look how well Baines is doing with assists getting down the line! Midfield = peanut, Cahill, Felli, Arteta, Rodwell... still not sure about Bily yet, at times he doesn't look interested. All we need to do in the summer is keep all our players!! We've got a great squad! COYB!!!!
Sean o, Telford, 6:14 PM 26/04/2010
was just saying the same thing to some kidda i was sitting next to at blackburn. still good tho. CYOB
frank, Toxteth, 1:07 PM 24/04/2010
joe liverpool, spot la !
mark, llanfairfechan, 10:20 PM 23/04/2010
howard-neville jagielka heitinga baines-pienaar fellaini arteta cahill rodwell- saha. Billy still hasn't won me over but think we can all see the lads potential and fingers crossed with peanuts. IMWT
Skyzer, Kirkdale, 9:16 PM 23/04/2010
Is right. good stuff this. not even going to attempt to pick a team. makes me think how hard moyseys job is
Mike, Maghull, 5:21 PM 23/04/2010
how true jack, well played and i look forward to more of your stuff
toiletduck, on the throne, 4:32 PM 23/04/2010
Made me laugh this one. reminds me of my brother and me arguing over who could start and then moaning when we see the actual starting line up. Hibbo striker. cant see it honestly. CYOB
Jonno, Huyton, 4:22 PM 23/04/2010
Amusing blog and so true! Funny how more often than not, "if we had started X" or "Why the bloody hell are we playing 1 up front" comes out regularly at games, but STILL we put at the end of our comments IMWT!!! I will try and name what I think could be our best team but what is of most importance now is the fact that we have a ridiculous amount of competition in the team now... just goes to show we are going from strength to strength.... Howard, Neville, Jags, Buzz, Leighton, Nuts (please stay) Billy (think he'll prove himself eventually)... Now comes the tricky part. Mikky goes in without doubt, yet somehow we need to fit in Jonny (2nd only to Bainesy in my opinion for P.O.T.S) Tiny and The big fella. I like Tiny up top playing off King Louis, so now the the choice is between Jonny and Felli. I am convinced Jonny boy's best position is holding in the middle and his range of passing is second to none. Felli offers us the aerial ability! God I don't envy Moyes, I haven't got the bottle to pick this team... COYB!!! Outfield players on the bench we aren't short of either! Hibbert, Jonny/Felli, Yak, Big Vic, Ossie (could well be a starter), Jack the lad, Big Phil S.... How have we not won the league yet!?
Joe, Liverpool, 11:37 AM 23/04/2010
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