Details Of Ludogorets Razgrad Game
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We asked for any info on the game behind closed doors and we got this from Ivan Sotirov


I'm from Bulgaria and here we have some news about the game today:

Sorry for pure translation, but I have no time for more, this is Google translation...

EVERTON 1: 1 Ludogorets

August 2, 2012 15:00, Stadium: "Goodison Park", Liverpool

1: 0 3. Baines 41 '

1: 1 84. Marselinyo 69 '


24. Howard

3. Baines

4. Gibson

6. Jagielka

7. Jelavic

14. Naismith

15. Distin

18. Neville (k)

21. Osman

25. Fellaini

28. Anichebe


1. Mucha

5. Heitinga

8. Rodwell

22. Pienaar

23. Coleman

16. Browning

42. Forrester

41. Hope

Head Coach:David Moyes


91. Chvorovich

25. Minev

5. Bart

27. Motsi

80. Kaysara

8. Genchev

18. Dyakov

19. Bakalov

84. Marselinyo

73. Stoyanov

23. Gargorov (k)


A. Golubovic

30. Argilashki

20. Shoko

4. Mantua

14. Burgzorg

7. Alexandrov

33. Gul'dan

11. Kishada

6. Kostadinov

26. Dimitrov

77. Vitinya

3. Maremma

Head Coach:Ivaylo Petev


90 'End of meeting. Ludogorets record prestigious draw with Everton English elite

90 'Forrester puts the ball in the net of Ludogorets, but the goal was annulled because offside

88 'of Browning strekya volley but sends the ball over the door

87 'Emil Gargorov perform a free kick from the arc of the box, but put the ball right into the hands of Tim Howard

86 'left Bakalov

86 'Michael Alexandrov enters the game for Ludogorets

81 'followed him Marselinyo

81 'Left Kaysara

81 'Shoko also appeared on the pitch

81 'Double change in Ludogorets. Kishada enters the game

76 'Instead - Browning

76 'Jelavic was replaced

75 'Heavy rain poured over "Goodison Park"

74 'Ivan Stoyanov try diagonal shot from the edge of the box, but sent the ball away from the door

69 'for GOOOOOOL Ludogorets! Marselinyo equals results. After execution of learned free kick, the ball fell into Gargorov who shoots but his shot was blocked. Vposlestvie additive in Brazilian no mistake, however.

65 'turns scorer Leighton Baines

65 'Forester also comes on the pitch

65 'Naismith left

65 'Double change in Everton. Coleman enters the game

63 'Stanislav Genchev left

63 'second shift in the composition of Razgrad. Kostadinov enters the game

58 'Jelavic was very close to doubling the lead! Technically transferring Croat goalkeeper Ludogorets but at the last moment of decisive intervention Gul'dan clear the ball from the goal line

57 'Good Chvorovich intervention once the free kick from Gibson. Everton defender sent the ball over the wall, but the watchman of Ludogorets was in place and capture

48 'Good break Ivan Stoyanov ended with a blow to land on the edge of the box but Everton watchman caught the ball

47 'Bulgarians are most active early in the second part

46 'Osman Leo gave his place

46 'Change in the composition of Everton. Steven Pienaar enters the game for "Everton"

46 'In its place appears Gul'dan

46 'A vacation is made a change in the composition of Ludogorets. Bart leaves the pitch

46 'Home of the second part

45 'End of half, Everton and Ludogorets retire to rest at a minimum advance for "Everton"

44 'Ivan Stoyanov Marselinyo find a good position, the striker fired, but Howard saved

42 'Inaccurate shot Marselinyo

41 'Goal for Everton! Leighton Baines found results in favor of England after a penalty is accurate

40 'Anichebe Kaysara knocked her in the criminal field and the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of "drive"

37 'Dyakov was found naked on the arc of the penalty area but his shot with his left foot flew past the door of the British

34 'Stoyanov Gargorov find a good position in the penalty area, almond shoot with his left foot to the far corner but his shot came out

31 'Dyakov dangerous shot from the edge of the box, but then rebound the ball go in a corner

29 'Very swipe Jelavic

27 'Chvorovich Anichebe was worried about, but eventually the ball came out of the legs of Nigerian

26 'Bakalov again come face to face with Howard, this time the goalkeeper was even lying, but the Bulgarian shoot out

25 'Osman Felayni find a good position last shooting dangerous, but the ball met the crossbar

23 '"drive" pushed, but also several header from a corner, nothing more dangerous to Chvorovich

20 'Great Ludogorets attack on the left flank, but fed by Dimo ​​Bakalov to Gargorov was crossed by an opponent defender

18 'Gibson shot with a strong right foot, but very inaccurate and out

16 'Nice attack Everton Motsi handle foray folio

14 "Blood flows from the right eyebrow of Motsi, he received medical attention, but there will be no problem to continue

13 'Marsinyo shoot from distance, but near the door of the "drive"

12 'Leon Osman entered powerful in a penal Ludogorets but his submission was traversed by a defender of the Bulgarians

10 'After a goal annulled Ludogorets, gave the hosts the game in the forefront, but still not difficult Chvorovich

8 'Gargorov Bulgarians brought forward in the outcome after head detects a header from a free-kick, but the goal was annulled because ambush Badema

6 'Surprisingly Ludogorets more ball possession in the opening minutes of the match

4 'Bakalov was alone against the Marselinyo by Howard, but his shot came out

2 'The match is played to the camera, this is a decision of the hosts

1 'Start game

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Dyakov was found "naked".... isn't that a sending off offence?
Tim.G, A in M, 10:16 AM 3/08/2012
Think you fell for that hook, line and sinker Blue Kipper.
Macca, Huyton, 9:33 PM 2/08/2012
'Dyakov was found naked on the arc of the penalty area' hahahahahahahaha
AB, Lower gwladys, 9:01 PM 2/08/2012
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