Sell Rodwell To Move The Club On
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As much as I hate to say it, this is the simple cold hard truth, if we want a classy striker then we need to sell somebody on, who, is another matter.

If we had to choose I think Rodwell would be my choice for the following reasons:  

1) We have several players in that position who can all do a good job and at the minute Rodwell is only a fringe player so we shouldn't miss him too much:

2) His main competition in Fellaini for me is already where Rodwell will be in a few years.

In my opinion he has the ability to take his place amongst the best to ever pull on a blue shirt. He has got something like I have never seen in an Everton shirt before, probably more to do with the modern game but the lad is quality and for me if we have any European ambitions next season we need to keep our best here and now players rather than players that may take another season or two to come through.

If we get into Europe the season after next that alone will generate enough to buy a few decent players.  From what's been speculated so far clubs seem to be willing to pay silly money for Rodders and the money that is being touted is ridiculous for an unproven kid. We only have to look back at what the money from Rooney did for us.

All in all I would love to see Rodders stay as let's face it he is going to be a world beater one day, but if we have to sell then I think Rodders is the best option, along with Yak and Yobo.

Chris County Durham

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Comments about Sell Rodwell To Move The Club On
I don't know why people are saying: 'Sell Arteta'. He is class and you don't loose that with age. OK he has had a few injuries, but he will get back to his best. I agree with selling any player for silly money, as the sad fact is we need money to survive and progress. COYB IMWT.
Mark Hanson, Kent, 9:30 PM 25/05/2011
Sell Vic and Arteta. They have had there games now.
Declan, Wirral, 3:04 PM 25/05/2011
I think we should keep Rodwell and sell Fellaini. It would be great having a local wonder kid on the first team. And I think maybe Cahill or Arteta could go. They're getting old, and we need some money fast.
Ian, Indonesia, 1:56 PM 25/05/2011
I cant believe people are talking about selling Rodwell. The man has everything. He's playing a steady role in midfield and did great against Chelsea. Now he's over injuries and will get a full pre season in him he will be better again. He can be better than Fellaini, because of his pace and has a better shot on him. They could be one the best midfield partnerships in our history. Once Moyes takes the shackles off and allows him to break forward at every opportunity. Once he gains in confidence he will be unstoppable. If we want to be successful you don't sell on your best players. Also get off Arteta's back. He's played well since Arsenal away. He always gives his all, always wants the ball and tries to make things happen. If he takes a bad corner or free kick maybe someone else in the team should be man enough to stand up to him and take them off him. After all Baines is an international. He should be telling Arteta were to go when we get a freekick, like against chelsea on the right edge of the box. All you sellers desperate to get rid of people should just concentrate on the loanees Yakubu, Vaughan, Yobo plus £5m to £10m from the board and maybe Saha. Surely that will be enough to bring in a top striker like Daniel Sturridge. One top striker is all our squad needs to turn some of those 15 draws into wins. You people on here talking about getting rid of Rodwell or Arteta and buying Charlie Adam are crazy. You've been watching too much 'match of the day' and 'soccer am'.
Alan, Dovecot, 1:24 PM 25/05/2011
Sell Cahill!!! What utter nonsense. Cahill is essential (when fit) to play in Moyes' conservative 4-4-1-1 formation as the second striker. The guy scored nine goals and was an injured for nearly half the season! Most of the big four would kill for a player that is an absolute nuisance at any attacking set-piece. I believe we should command some decent money for Rodwell, then add to that Yobo, Yak, Vaughan and Billy. Should bring us to around 20-25 million. In my opinion we need a top quality striker to accompany Saha and the developing Beckford and a wide midfielder with pace. We have plenty of skill and graft in that area, but I sometimes think we lack pace and mobility with central midfielders playinig wide.
Mat McConville, London, 1:20 PM 25/05/2011
I watched Villa V Man City about 6 weeks ago and the best player on the park was a young Red haired lad called Bannon. He dosn't play regular for Villa but has just been picked for the Ireland squad. He reminded me of Peter Reid. I hope someone from Everton was watching. He was our Type of player.
Eddie, Northwich, 11:03 AM 25/05/2011
I was told on Sunday evening that it's Rodwell to Utd & Baines to City, both in the regions of £20m and the latter being almost a done deal. There's also the possibility of an ex-shite signing for us. I doubt Moyes will see much of the money either seeing as we're £50m in debt with no other way of servicing it.
bluetattoo, walton, 10:27 PM 24/05/2011
Sell Rodwell, Bily, Heitinga, Yobo, Yak, Victor, Vaughan and do everything we can to get Daniel Sturridge to the club. He is class. Imagine him and Louis as a strike force with an improving Becks on the bench and a maturing Baxter waiting in the wings. If any money's left over, go for a left winger and I'd like to see Donovan back even if he'd only be good for a couple of years. For £4m. He's proven so it'd be worth it. Add loans and frees at left back, centre back and centre mid and we have a decent squad with twice the quality of this year and much more goals.
Paul, Wirral, 8:45 PM 24/05/2011
Rodwell will go to Man Utd for £18 million and that Irish lad. Watch this space.
NEED, Smoke, 1:20 PM 24/05/2011
I think people are forgetting that all the money brought in from transfers wont be going on new players. Everybody is talking about who to buy with the 20 or 30 million Everton will get from Rodwell. Moyes will be lucky to see half that....... Just trying to be honest about the situation
Austin O, Ireland, 8:58 AM 24/05/2011
I can't believe my eyes. Everyone wants to sell Tim Cahill. How quick we forget. This bloke has carried us for so long and has had an injury plagued season but may I remind you about his 9 goals (Big Vic would love them stats). If we had 11 Tiny Tim's we would be in the top 4. His name on our team sheet scares the shit out the shite, sitteh, chelski and more. I hope he gets over his injuries and has a massive new season.
Paul , North Queesland, 11:05 PM 23/05/2011
Sell Arteta and Cahill? Do any of you go the match? Cahill would have scored alot more goals if he never got injured and Arteta has had a bad injury. He will only get better and back to his best. Players that need to go are Yak, Vic, Vaughan, Billy and Rodwell. Rodwell is so over rated. What has he done? Scored that goal against Man U. That's it. Fellaini is by far a better player and only a couple of years older and with the money we should buy Defoe, Demba Ba and Charles N'zogbia and possibly Matt Jarvis.
Tom, Liverpool, 10:18 PM 23/05/2011
why does everyone seem to want Rodwell gone? Remember as a midfielder he will not reach his best for another 3-4 years and by then will be so much better than he is now and an England regular. Selling him now is not the way forward as we at Everton want to see are best youngsters come through. Nobody wanted Rooney to go so whats the difference with jack who actually wants to play for the blue shirt? Personally I'm sick of hearing people say that Moyes should sell him.
Craig , Ellesmere Port, 9:10 PM 23/05/2011
Les! It's Danny Sturridge.
John, Liverpool, 9:04 PM 23/05/2011
END OF SEASONS GREETINGS ! ! The Yak, Yobo,Vaughan, Bily and yes Cahill and Arteta can go ( the latter two are turning 30 and are on a slow decline),Heitinga may stay because he can play defence/midfield and with a small squad we need this type of player, also i think with a break he could get back to his first season form which was good (knackered after the world cup) No need to sell Rodwell, the hard bit will be moving these players on as well as finding replacements, but these player would generate 20m but would it all go to Moyes ? Oh for a younger less injury prone Saha, imagine him and Beckford, their pace would frighten any team. I think Moyes will bolster with astute freebies and maybe spash out big on one special player, simliar as to when signing Fellaini, as for the striker we need, Dean Sturridge if he gets his head right, young and very capable. Maybe Kevin Doyle, (oh no some of you may say ) nowt flash but works his bollo*ks of and can score in the Prem, interesting summer, no time for sunbathing you lot ! ! watch this space
LES, PHUKET, 8:15 PM 23/05/2011
In my humble opinion I think we should sell the players out on loan plus Big Vic, Arteta, Billy, Rodders, Johnny H and possibly Cahill too - but only if the price is right.. That could bring in around £50m or more.. Buy at least one decent striker, get Charlie Adam, get cover for right back, and also get a defensive minded midfielder who's job is to cover the left back area when Bainsey goes bombing forward--we do get exposed down there quite a lot..
Big H, Birkenhead, 8:10 PM 23/05/2011
Aye, I've been saying the same for months. Rodwell or Fellaini, plus the outgoing Yak, Yobo and Vaughan will fund two strikers and a replacement for one of the two CMs. But I do not believe it is our choice, which of the two goes. Fellaini's contract is up for renewal (ie, it has 2 years to run, so it must be renewed now or his value plummets). He has the decision to make, not Everton.
Roberto, London, 8:01 PM 23/05/2011
No! Not Rodwell or Felli. I'd sell Billy, Yak , Yobo, Vaughan and sorry to say it but Arteta and Saha. All we need then is a 20 goal striker and good winger and maybe a few good free transfers. Seb Larsson! Arteta and Saha are probably the highest paid at the club and too injury prone but great! With Beckford, Anichibe, Vellios and Gueye add a 20 goal forward to that I reckon we would be sorted. We've got to keep these young lads and give them a chance, but they are the future of EFC! We must keep Johnny H as Distin will only last a few more seasons and having a world class defender in the squad is another plus.
Paul, Bootle, 6:53 PM 23/05/2011
Nice to see comments praising Moyes' scouting and transfers. I have always hated it when people have called him 'Dithering Dave', when in fact the word 'meticulous' as used by Adam from Mansfield is far more appropriate. He has no choice but to be careful. If Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City or even Spurs sign a dud, then they have the funds to sign a replacement. At Everton, even when we had a bit of money to spend, if a big money (in our terms) signing doesn't work out, we're stuck with them until they can be sold.
Grongy, Salford, 6:37 PM 23/05/2011
Hate me if you must but I wouldn't be too upset if we cleared out Rodwell, Heitinga, Bilyaletdinov, Arteta, Yobo, Yakubu and Vaughan. To be honest the hardest name to put in that list was Vaughany. I could see (with shitteh silly money for Rodders) easy 50m there. That could pay off some of Kenwrongs debt and 30m for 2 world class strikers. The youth could step into to gaps left. Would freshen things up.
Liam , Purgatory , 6:18 PM 23/05/2011
I never thought I would say this but I agree with point made about Arteta, as long as the money is spent on someone of equal or more ability. I think the problem with Arteta is in his head. He is scared of doing his knee again and is looking to protect it all the time, the result is that he isnt ever going to be the same player again. I love Arteta but you cant allow sentiment to get in the way of things.
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 6:03 PM 23/05/2011
What makes you all so sure any money received will go on new signings? I doubt it very much.
Billy, Liverpool, 5:44 PM 23/05/2011
Sorry guys but Arteta needs to be the one to move on as he's had his best days. His wage bill is to high & he's not done anything for ages, his corners & free kicks never get past the 1st man. I'm sure we could get £7mill at least & reduce the wage bill.
Ooberjoey, St.Helens, 5:28 PM 23/05/2011
Billy, Yobo, Yak and Vaughan will make about 15 million if we are lucky. Does my head in if every Everton fan put a fiver in a pot, we could sign a good striker. We should not need to, but I know I would.
Adi, Midlands, 5:26 PM 23/05/2011
Agree entirely with No1. Rodwell /Fellaini/Barkley and others like them,are the nucleus of the next generation of players at Everton FC. BREAK THIS FORMULA AND WE WILL BUGGER ROUND FOR AGES TRYIN TO GET IT RIGHT.
Tom, Waterloo, 4:53 PM 23/05/2011
Totally agree with the article. Fellaini's a year or 2 older and is absolute quality and we need to keep him at all costs. He is only getting better. Lets cash in on Rodders and get a quality striker an left mid. Just hope we actually buy someone this summer.
Big Sean, Swan, 4:44 PM 23/05/2011
If we can keep the younger players that would be the best option. I would sell the ones out on loan because they've all said they're happy with the arrangement. Looks to me like Bily and Johnny are on their way. There might be no reason to sell anybody else if we can afford to bring in a couple of mid priced ones. Plus it will be interesting to see if any of the none squad youngsters can make a break through.
Paul, Warrington, 4:09 PM 23/05/2011
It would be absolutely crazy and short sighted to even consider selling Rodwell. The guy is going to be top class. To even question him this season is ridiculous as he has been injured most of the season and has not played in his correct position once. I agree totally with you Neil. I think we should be building a team around Felli and Rodwell. Let him go now and we will regret it for many years to come.
Rob C, Liverpool, 3:50 PM 23/05/2011
I agree with Neil. Keep our best players sell the crap ones like Billy, Yobo, Yak, Vaughan, Big Vic. Imagine a midfield of Coleman and Arteta wide. Rodwell and Fellaini central. Cahill as back up with two real strikers?
Jones, Merseyside, 3:45 PM 23/05/2011
No need to add anything to this at all, I agree with the article almost entirely. I think he's shown enough to justify a high price, maybe not this season so much but last season certainly. Though he's by no means proven. If we do sell him, I have complete faith in Moyes to bring in quality players with the funds. As we know, Moyes is almost unmatched in being so meticulous when it comes to scouting and he'll already have several names of players he wants with any big money he receives. COYB
Adam, Mansfield, 3:29 PM 23/05/2011
Must disagree. Build team around Fellaini and Rodwell. Sell Yak, Yobo, Billy, Vaughan and possibly Heitinga. About £22m
Neil Egerton, Sevenoaks, 3:18 PM 23/05/2011
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