Martinez v Moyes
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Roberto Brown Shoes
Roberto Brown Shoes
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After the game Moyes was insistent the result only happened due to players being unsettled over the Lescott situation. This brings me to his own contract situation. We all knew Moyes was out of contract at the end of last season & his future was uncertain. I believe if he knew he was staying he would have signed a new deal before the season had started to save the players feeling 'unsettled' during the course of the season so he could get the best our of them. This leads me to believe he knew a long time before about Sir Alex's plans.


Going on the theory Moyes knew more than we are led to believe about Fergie's retirement, I believe he started to play it safe at Everton with the Old Trafford hot seat always in the back of his mind. He played on the 'plucky little Everton' tag the last few years of his reign & I for one fell for it. The reason I believe he done this was simple... to keep the media onside! If he was perceived in the media as the underdog who was always punching above his weight the publicity would always be 'what a great job David Moyes is doing'. In reality we were stalling. This constant impression of Moyes kept him in contention for the United job throughout whereas other candidates fell away. The reason I'm now thinking like this though is down to one man... Roberto!


Moyes was always using Everton as a stepping stone to 'bigger things', Martinez believes it doesn't get much bigger. I'm well aware he has only been in the job 6 months & has a long, long way to go, but the starting signs are incredible. He's already blew Moyes' mentality out of the water coming out with quotes such as...


'The mentality at this football club needed to change. Why can't we go to Old Trafford & win? Why can't we go to the Emirates & dominate possession?'


The Moyes mentality to such games was always 'lucky to get out alive'. After such losses Moyes would play the 'finance' card re-affirming the point Everton were underdogs & any points from such matches were a bonus, with Roberto it's different!


He has changed the mentality of not only the players, but the fans alike. He's gave us all a belief that no matter whom the team or wherever the location the School of Science is coming... 4th round at Stevenage or an Wembley Cup Final we are turning up & playing our own style & brand of football. It's a known fact there are 6 clubs (at least!) operating in a different financial bracket to ourselves which Mr Moyes pointed out many a time. When Martinez was brought up on the same subject here was the response...


'I felt that the players didn't know they were representing Everton, a club that has won the league 9 times. You can't look away from it, we have to embrace it & win titles. Money is obviously a big part of the game but I always felt that as a football club you need to find a way to make up for the money & be creative so we can challenge for titles'


He has had photos put up around the training ground of past title winning sides saying we should embrace the history & players should be looking at these photos wanting to be on one themselves some day. This seemed to be something Moyes tried to hide as it never fit in with his plucky Everton tag.


My motivation to write this blog comes from visiting Goodison a few nights ago for Alan Myers 'tea party'. It wasn't so much hearing what Roberto had to say though, it's what others had to say about him. After listening to ex-players who know what it takes to make it at this football club it's clear to me the man in brown shoes is quite unique! He told Swansea he would get them Premier League football... With his foundations they did! He told Wigan he'd get them in to Europe... By winning the FA Cup he did! With Roberto Martinez at the helm, special things are going to happen at this football club... & I wouldn't bet against him one day bringing a league title back home to Goodison Park. The sleeping giant is waking up!


Danny Bostock. Follow Danny on twitter @Bozzy18



Comments about Martinez v Moyes
Ive been eating humble pie lately, as i was very worried when Martinez got the job. He wins me over with each interview & now the players seem to be getting use to & adapting to the style of football he wants to see at the club. He has given much more confidence with each game & that big black EFC cloud i have waiting for something bad to happen,floats further away & long may it continue!
Davidl, Liverpool 14, 11:36 AM 15/01/2014
I will be honest, when Martinez was appointed manager I thought, oh dear, Wigan have just been relegated. I then listened to his first interview, and he spoke about youth development and finding the talent from within, this really hit home with me, and he has been impressing more and more over the months. I believe the New Special One is being born here, and maybe he has found his stage, and we are lucky enough at the moment to be able to watch his performances. I don't want to tempt fate because we have all been through to many false dawns over the years. But maybe just maybe, as was said in 1984, Everton are a team of no stars, and remember what happened then, i do :-) Fast forward 30 years on, Everton 2014, a team with no money and not in the same league as the big boys, I wonder if they could be wrong again. History repeating itself anyone?
Michael McInerney, Childwall, 10:41 PM 11/01/2014
I've been farting rainbows since he got here! Hopefully there's a pot of gold at the end of season if not, I'll just have to settle for silverware. ...ok 4th then!
stu, Liverpool, 6:12 AM 11/01/2014
Danny Roberto apparently told Bill K when he was being interviewed he would get Everton in the Champions League, and Bill said 'That's when I knew he was the man to manage Everton". I wait with anticipation.
Kiwi, NZ, 3:10 AM 11/01/2014
@Les.Ive aways been amazed at RM dress sense,it must be a spanish thing.It also reminds me of 60 s and 70s films or tv series.
BlueBerry, Shropshire, 7:40 PM 10/01/2014
Every time I watch a press conference with Roberto i finish the interview and feel like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. He is class and the sleeping giant is awake once again COYB !
dave, stocky, 5:02 PM 10/01/2014
Roberto a fantastic manger and the team is playing a lot better and are more content even the fans are a lot happier and i havent seen bill kenwright smile in a good while until know love our manger hes got a lot to offer everton . The best thing to happen to everton was david moyes leaving
Sylvia beatham, Kirkby liverpool, 1:20 PM 10/01/2014
Here, here. It's a great time to be an Evertonian. Roberto is a class act. I would however say that, if it wasn't for Moyes and the way he steadied the ship, we could well be a shambles of a club like West Ham, Sunderland, Middlesboro etc. now. For that reason, I remain grateful to Moyes for what he did (even thought it was like watching grass grow at times).
Dogger, Stanley Park, 1:07 PM 10/01/2014
The difference as to how we are now set up is amazing. Under Moyes i was always uncomfortable playing the so called big boys, however under El Bob and when we play anyone, if we goal a down, "so what"! as i know with our tactics that we have every chance of scoring and going on to win it. I sit there in a total state of relaxation, such is my belief in the manager and how the team will perform. During the recent 2 part interview i am surprised no one asked El Bob if that coat and the soon to be famous tan shoes are a lucky omen ?
LES, PHUKET, 9:53 AM 10/01/2014
Roberto is a great manager! Fantastic characteristics and always seems to say the right things. Love the man. He will become a Goodison legend. IMWT.
banno, liverpool, 9:01 AM 10/01/2014
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