Birds Eye View - A Female Perspective
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Birds Eye View - A Female Perspective

The Views Of An Evertonian From A Female Perspective

The Last Post (30-Jun-2015)
The first time I heard of Bluekipper was when searching Google for Everton info one particular transfer deadline day many years ago when Walter Smith was at the helm and we had Gemill, Ginola & Gascoigne playing f...Read More
I remember the early days, I came to know of you on My Dads Birthday March 14th 2002, I knew that was a good omen.  I knew little about you at the time though some of my friends had courted you prior t...Read More
I received an email early October from Everton.  I've started to pay attention to the emails I receive from them as these days they appear to be informative and interesting and not just the usual spam.  This...Read More
Away Days (12-Aug-2011)
Away Days...... OK, OK, I know this is a tad late but we have now got another week before our season starts! I'm sittin...Read More
Girls your in Primark, queueing in line, the girl in front of you doesn't have her purse, to your dismay you then realise you don't have yours. A solution is that your friend towards the back of the queue is o...Read More
I was delighted with Readings result over the site a couple of weeks ago for a couple of reasons. The first obviously being that I love them getting beat. It can turn a mediocre weekend into a far better ...Read More
What an extraordinary week for Everton and their fans! Last Sunday was that amazing day out in HA9. Don't think that works or ever will as well as SW1...Read More
MY SEMI DILEMMA (28-Mar-2009)
Ok guys and ladies!! Love the Blue Kipper website....but apart from the patronising 'pretty in pink' pictures (Yes I'm just jealous cos I never got a pink shirt!) it seems...Read More