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What Could Have Been An Utterly Depressing Weekend Turned Out To Be Just Depressing!
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I was delighted with Readings result over the site a couple of weeks ago for a couple of reasons. The first obviously being that I love them getting beat. It can turn a mediocre weekend into a far better place for me if they get beat. I don't lord it too much as our season hasn't been particularly brilliant but I do get a smug satisfaction all the same. Another reason was that they were so arrogant about the game assuming it was in the bag, even advertising details for the next fixture against Burnley. A total lack of respect for Reading who unduly punished them and that delighted me, in fact I was euphoric for days. Next day my phone was continuously informing me of another funny text, yes it was great fun. The other reason was that our FA Cup 4th round game could be played on Saturday afternoon at 3pm, THE day and time for a game of footy! I am not going to go into why on earth they took preference over the Saturday afternoon slot should they have managed to beat Reading or the fact that we are having to play our Europa League game on a Tuesday night at 5.45pm. I looked forward to this weekend through the bleak week before January pay day!

Saturday finally arrived and the day started particularly badly for a variety of reasons that I won't bore you all with but with hindsight there was also a number of rituals that weren't performed which obviously caused our team to not show up for the first half! Talking before the game over a beer everyone seemed very positive about the outcome of the game, taking into account Birmingham's unbeaten run, there was still an air of optimism after the magnificent performance the previous week against Sitteeh. It was a damp and dismal day but our spirits were high. Settling down into my usual seat and nodding to a few faces I recognised I was really looking forward to this. I was pissed off within minutes, not because of the team, even the week before, we took about 10 minutes to settle down and I thought that was what was needed today. No this was three inconsiderate fans sitting with their elbows on their knees preventing anyone on their right being able to view play toward the Gwladys Street. When asked politely to sit up they did for a second before the slouch returned and they became an S figure once again. Thankfully we came out in the second half with a want to win and I could clearly see the Park End without obstruction. I really thought we'd at least salvage a draw but it wasn't to be. I honestly thought that Moysey had put the Spanish Magician on the bench to boost morale and although he had him running up and down the line in front of us, I wasn't sure he'd bring him on. It was unexpected then but utterly terrific to see him stripped to his Kit and waiting to come on. The game seemed insignificant to the Everton fans at this point with everyone straining to look towards the dugout, whilst a rendition of 'Follow, follow, follow was sung over and over. One of those moments when you are mighty glad you were a part of that. For a few minutes people forgot the scoreline, their troubles and the dislike of the scrotes sitting next to them, all delighted, that he can still play (after the rumours) and that the best little Spaniard we know is back. I can't wait till he's back to full fitness but even in the time he was on you could see and remember how important he is to us......WE LOVE YOU MIKEL & WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK.

Ok so we're out of the FA Cup, no going to Wembley twice.....at least we were beaten by a team above us in the Premier League.......see you in Lisbon, Madrid and Hamburg!! Blue Liver Bird x.

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