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I remember the early days, I came to know of you on My Dads Birthday March 14th 2002, I knew that was a good omen.  I knew little about you at the time though some of my friends had courted you prior to our meeting and they raved about you but were sad their relationship only lasted four years.  I could tell from their admiration of you that they'd wanted a more long term relationship but it wasn't to be.....You'd dumped them for a much better deal and they were gutted.

Our first date was wonderful, a sunny Saturday on 16th March you were introduced and I clapped my hands with delight but also with a little scepticism.  Having had five relationships in the last eight years, all bar one had been pretty disastrous and left me hurt, lacking confidence, afraid, indecisive and generally in a right mess.  In those first couple of months I expected so much from you and by May you'd saved me from my downward spiral into the depths of despair.  There was still much to do but I was healing.

The relationship continued to blossom and by the following May things were looking up and I was happier than I'd been since the treasures I'd been presented with back in 95.  Was this the one for me?  We went through turbulent times towards the end of 2003 and early 2004 and I thought I was losing you but after a massive effort on both parts 2004/5 was brilliant, just the best.  We even celebrated with our first summer holiday in many years with a trip to Valencia.  Brilliant holiday, all our friends came and I remember us all sitting together for the afternoon in that square we had to drive to, drinking and taking in the sunshine. We were all so gutted when that fella in black unjustly confiscated our passports!  We didn't go abroad again till 2007 but we had some great city trips and visited so many places in Europe. 

Things settled down a bit and we became really comfortable with each other, seeing each other more and more in 2009 with additional dates.  Two weekends in London, one fantastic and I will treasure forever, the other began so well but tailed off and we ended up coming home quite glum.  We holidayed again in Portugal and Athens before the year was out and though it poured down in Athens we danced in the rain was bliss....You didn't have a great deal of money but we were having the time of our lives.

After that, we became like Brother and Sister, nothing was wrong but you were always short of cash and the surprises were few and far between.  Don't get me wrong, it was better than being without you but we became stagnant and I think that's when we started to drift apart.  We still saw each other, probably more than we'd ever done but we'd end up bickering about things we didn't agree on.  To the outside everything appeared normal and people thought you were fab and we were in for the long haul. 

So today I sit here and think of what might have been.  I heard about your leaving via an email, a bloody email....after the whole world was talking about it.  You'd planned all of this behind my back, your move, your new life, away from here, away from me.  I feel sad, sad as I type this remembering all the good times, which you tend to do and not all the bad times when I wanted to throttle you over some of the decisions you made. I was in denial when I heard the rumours, wouldn't accept until it was official and now it is, I'm devastated, hurt, scared, all kinds of emotions. I hear certain songs that remind me of us, You're just too good to be true - Andy Williams, Give it up - KC and the Sunshine Band, Knowing me knowing you - Abba but now I'm just listening to I guess that's why they call it the Blues......

Good luck, I'm really going to miss you being there.  Thanks for restoring my pride, picking me out of the gutter and giving me the confidence to hold my head high, for all the great days and nights we had and generally leaving me in a much better state than I was.   I must now pick myself up, dust myself down and prepare myself for the next guy. Blue Liver Bird  x




Comments about My Affair With David Moyes
Well the main man's gone onto pastures new, good luck to him I say, he's been a loyal servant to Everton for a long time, lets not forget Everton been good to him too, very good. There were times I could of jumped out my seat and kissed his arse, other times I wanted to stare him eye to eye and ask what the fuck you doing? But over the years I've had more love for the fella than hatred and he's been good for us, Everton fc have been going since 1878 and we will be here for another 130+ years, so let's move on and embrace the new fella whoever he is who is lucky, privileged honoured, to take the reins of the most beautiful traditional football club in the UK, did I say UK I meant the WORLD. there's no one like us anywhere. AND if Moyes comes back to raid our club for the creme de la creme, if someone wants to chase the dollar let em go cus I dont want em here, I want genuine committed proffessionals who are committed to Everton fc, move on folks and lets look forward.
Mike Eds, Old Colwyn, 2:02 PM 11/05/2013
Dave Judas Iscariot Moyes was, one of the Twelve former mangers of Everton FC Judas Moyes is infamously known for his kissing of the badge and betrayal of Everton football club to the hands of the red devils in exchange for a payment of thirty three million silver coins. Though there are varied accounts of his death, the traditional version sees him as having hanged himself / shot himself in the foot out of remorse following his betrayal. or was he suffocated under the pressure of the former manager old whiskey nose.
Peadar, Wolverhampton, 10:01 AM 11/05/2013
"It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it" Never thought I could dislike Moyes like I do right now, couldn't even be given the last 2 games in peace before the inevitable, presumably to satisfy Utd's needs.....You've sold your arse mate..... Utd fans will blame you if you fail and give Ferguson the praise if the team is successful, and if you come back to take players on top of how you've left then the dislike will be permanent for me anyway..... Good look old boy
Mickblue, Hell, 5:03 AM 11/05/2013
Christ Almighty! I feel sick in the pit of my stomach!! I feel like theirs been a death in the family!! Shitting myself with the thought of were do we go next?
Shepo, Liverpool, 11:42 PM 10/05/2013
Cheers Davey, what do you expect on Sunday?
James, Hayling, 8:33 PM 10/05/2013
Loved him when he was here, but as soon as it was official my view changed. Still have respect for him and good memories of his time here but all my attention will go to the new guy now. Moyes is past tense, let's just hope the next manager can keep us as stable, but also have some more attacking nous about him which will hopefully mean we don't bottle it on the big occasions.
alpha1, England, 12:52 PM 10/05/2013
Moyes didnt want to sign a contract he wasnt going to fulfil. he was trying to do the decent thing although people can always twist things to suit their agenda.
Alan, Liverpool, 11:38 AM 10/05/2013
Moyes has known about this or a while, that is why he never signed a new contract. He has left us with no claim for compo, no agreement that he will not come back and rape us for our best 2 players, whch is a lovely way to treat somebody you were supposed to love!!!
Bobby, Upper Bullens, 10:09 AM 10/05/2013
We have been screwed and left in the rain...
Sam, Singers, 9:33 AM 10/05/2013
Brings tears to my eyes
Blueboy, liverpool, 8:41 AM 10/05/2013
Blimey! Everton have been stitched up by Moyes and United and everybody's gone mad!! What about Everton Football Club who now have to find a new manager?
Ben Grant, Speke, 6:59 AM 10/05/2013
2nd time I've been choked up today! IM SUCH A GAY! Good luck Davey. Love you
Paulie Pow, Oxfordshire, 10:38 PM 9/05/2013
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