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Away Days......

OK, OK, I know this is a tad late but we have now got another week before our season starts!

I'm sitting here after a particularly crap day in work, it's August yet I have a strong desire to switch on the central heating as it feels and looks like October and the telly is on discussing those unfortunate people who have been the victim of the recent riots....all in all pretty depressing.

I started looking through the away game tickets from last season and smiled immediately remembering some of them.  What amused me most of all was that I seem to have a ticket for every away game attended last season though I lost phones, sunglasses, train tickets, money and friends I always managed to get the ticket home.

My away game highlight in terms of jubilation and being immensely proud had to be the Chelski FA Cup game in the Shed with extra time and then penalties, nearly as good as the semi against the Mancs in 2009.

Back to the Prem though and the highlights and lowlights and lowlifes!

First away game was Villa, a game best forgotten where we did everything but score, they managed that.  Maybe it was down to being sober and driving there!

Fulham in September was, was, I can hardly remember it apart from the fact that once again we failed to find the back of the net.

Along with the autumn came another visit to the Midlands, this time against unbeaten in 18 games, Birmingham.  I wasn't optimistic but came out elated after an og and then my first sighting of an away goal after 700 miles travelled blissfully finished by Tim.

It was a Christmassy affair in the capital next, Parsons Green welcomed the scousers....well they didn't welcome us they tolerated us!  Chelski were a little less tolerant when Bainesy danced through their defence, produced the perfect cross to Tim who nodded it to Beckford....1-1!

Right on top of Christmas when the snow lay all around there was a short trek up the Lancs to Eastlands where Anichebe saw red but Tim and Bainesy struck gold in the best Christmas pressie ever a 2-1 victory.  I really don't like footy on school nights though, sober and tiring!

Next up the day before Valentine's Day, I was not in love with Everton at all.  In fact I'd like this game erased from my memory of watching the Blues.  An abysmal performance saw us beaten well and truly by Bolton for God's sake.  It had started so well too with a mega brekkie in spoons and so much alcohol that I barely remember getting into the Reebok but remembered leaving, livid.

Spring and fair weather were upon us in March when we had a canny time in the North East ....a variety of wonderful pubs full of friendly people before amassing three points.  Goals from Leon and Jags after falling behind made Newcastle a top day out and a 2-1 away win.

Grand National Day, a glorious day and one of the best away days.  Once again, not feeling too optimistic and the first twenty minutes they were all over us, against the run of play Beckford scored, then Capt Phil, before running to the corner flag and punching, Cahill style!  I needed a drink and went down to get the beer and missed an absolute screamer from Billy.  Half time can only be described as total mayhem at the bars with everyone jumping round and singing 'Just can't get enough'.....Ale everywhere but what a laugh.  Most of us missed part of the second half, no worries though as the game had been won in the first half with ease.  The drive back included a stop at a country pub with Sky.....a lovely quiet place....until a double decker bus load of Evertonians turned up....Blues 3-0 win and a 16/1 win on the National.....Happy days!

April saw another trip up the Lancs to the land of Mancs and this time a dry stadium for the visitors L and we hung on as long as we could but sadly in the 85th minute we conceded and  came away void of any points, though we deserved one, at least.  We consoled ourselves by sitting outside a bar creature watching!

End of April in glorious sunshine was a trip to Wigan Pier, The Orwell to be precise before a disappointing performance but probably a fair result.  Bainesy slotted home a penalty late on in the game to equalise after Arteta missed one in the first half.  A great day out in the sunshine!

The final game, a disappointing final away game saw us back in the Midlands this time at West Brom and a £40 ticket for the privilege of being in that dump.  Again, it's one I chose to forget, it being a 1-0 defeat.  The after party well and truly made up for it, wandering around Birmingham until the last train home but managing to raid the cold wine in M&S in Birmingham New Street and annoying the hell out of all the passengers on the train...especially the ones who got soaked!

Observations on away ticket pricing, Bolton after being rip off merchants in previous seasons were the cheapest at £23 still far too expensive to watch THAT game!  The four Midlands teams apart from Birmingham £28 all £38-£ watch that shit....Wolves was well worth it though as I guess any game is if you win!

This season the plan is to start an away page which lists the teams, the ticket prices, the welcoming pubs, the crap pubs, anywhere decent to eat and any other worthwhile info for fellow supporters....I will be asking for your recommendations!

BlueLiverBird x

Comments about Away Days
Tremendous article. Very good reading. Just a shame our season doesn't start until next weekend. Can't wait for Z Cars to blare out and the hairs on my neck to stand on end ! COYB
Brother Smith, Wirral, 7:27 PM 12/08/2011
Quality article. It seems you went to the same aways as me. My highlight was City. Too be fair I had the day off the next day, so I could warm myself up with a few shandies! I'd be happy to contribute and I'm sure my mates will. You can get in touch with me on twitter @robertgavin11
Gav, Lower Gwladys, 5:54 PM 12/08/2011
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