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Ok guys and ladies!! Love the Blue Kipper website....but apart from the patronising 'pretty in pink' pictures (Yes I'm just jealous cos I never got a pink shirt!) it seems a very male dominated website. That's not a criticism of the site per se, as I believe that if an article is submitted regardless of the authors sex and presuming it's something the masses find interesting, it's put on the site. I just don't think enough females; I'd like to improve that and encourage all the girlies to contribute!!

Am not even sure where to begin with this, but let's see how it goes! I'm an exiled scouser who's been an Evertonian all my life and had a season ticket in the main stand for many years. I don't claim to be an expert on footy....who is? I do have my opinion though and have never been shy in voicing that either at the game or to anyone who's had the misfortune to be on the train or in the pub after a game within 200yds of me!! So what I'm saying is that I will try to incite some interaction on this site, at the same time seeing my rants in print, which no doubt will come back and haunt me sometime in my life!!

Just had a call from a friend who's in charge of booking the transport for the semi. Train it is, from gutted though. I'm scheduled to be working in London Monday to Friday the week prior to and after and think it's pointless crawling up the M6 on Friday night to go back Sunday. I will therefore miss out on the hours of banter and fun of the train journey. I'll meet up with them in London somewhere and visit a few bars prior to the game, then be gutted watching them get back on the train back home, celebrating, while I head back to my Sisters or wherever I decide to stay. Memories of the 95 cup final when I ended up going on the Man Utd Pullman.......long story, involving getting the tickets on the proviso that I entertained some customers for the day.......see what I'm prepared to do for a ticket to see the blues??

Imagine an Orient Express type setting, curtains on the windows, antique reading lamps and obnoxious wannabe Utd fans who only ever saw a live game when they were taken corporately by lip biting employees such as myself! The stewards came round with a three course meal, programmes and rosettes; obviously I accepted the programme but declined the rosette and the beef Wellington which was served. Not just that I was nervous, which I was, but I'm veggie and no one had bothered to inform the crew of my dietary requirements. Couldn't even have a gin....dry train!!

Anyway, the point of this story, I eventually get there, is the similarity of the quashed celebrations having to get the Pullman back to Piccadilly with the bitter mancs and seeing all the Evertonians going mental waiting for their train. Arriving back at Piccadilly which was eerily quiet and subdued and wondering how the hell to get back to Liverpool was such a strange deflated feeling, though inside my heart was singing!

Similar, but ten times better, than sitting in the Reebok stadium in 2003 in the home end and Watson scores with a scissor know stifling celebrations, it's tough! I'd settle for all of those lonely horrible feelings again if it meant we reached the I accepted it in 95, because we won!! COYB. Think I've just talked myself into coming home Friday and getting that train!!

Blue Liver Bird x

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